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10 Best Multi Vendor Ecommerce WordPress Themes In 2024

10 Best Multi Vendor Ecommerce WordPress Themes

E-commerce multivendor WordPress themes are your gateway to get you started with an online marketplace. If you want to develop a marketplace online, having multivendor ecommerce WordPress themes will make your life easy. Because it is flexible to create a marketplace and get started with a multi-vendor WordPress theme. However, there are a few key features that make specific multi-vendor WordPress themes different from the rest. Based on these features, you can pick the theme that is most suitable for your requirements. In this article, we will try to list down the best multi vendor ecommerce platforms in WordPress. With these themes, you can create a stellar marketplace and get started. There can be many other themes that you might find intriguing, but here we are listing the themes that have good features and popularity among users. Without much delay, let’s get into the details of the multi vendor marketplace WordPress themes in 2024. 

Coro – MultiPurpose WooCommerce Theme With MultiVendor


Coro is a beautiful, business-driven WooCommerce Theme! It is a modern website building tool that comes with 100+ element blocks, features, and options so that you can build your online shop effortlessly! Coro has 20+ Premade Niche Demos that are perfectly aligned with specific businesses.

Using the one-click demo importer import them in just a matter of minutes and get started right away! Using the Elementor Drag & Drop visual builder. Coro is fully Optimized For Major Mobile Devices. Fast loading pages, ajax based actions that enable products to be added to wishlist or cart instantly. So, awe your visitors by building your website with Coro, give them a pleasant journey and convert them to paying customers!

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Electro is one of the popular multivendor eCommerce WordPress themes that is a perfect match if you are working with electronic products. This theme has exclusive features that are suitable for multi vendor ecommerce websites from a bird’s eye view. This responsive multi vendor theme comes with 11 prebuilt demos. There is a lot of variation in the overall design of the theme. Plus, the theme has a very stylish layout and easy to grasp user interface. Ease of use is a very essential element because a marketplace is a host to different users belonging to different walks of life. Thus, it is immensely important to keep the website navigation simple and easy. As the theme is compatible with WPBakery page builder, so customization of your website will not be any hurdle. This theme is compatible with WooCommerce, thus ensuring a full-throttle experience of a marketplace. With a whopping 16K+ sales, Electro indicates the overall efficiency of the theme. 

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Martfury is a growing multivendor ecommerce WordPress theme. The reason it is one of the best multi vendor ecommerce platforms is because of the features that are included with the theme. With these features, creating an online marketplace is very easy. The features of the theme not only ensures necessary features; instead, it gives a lot of room for improvement for the marketplace as well. They have six prebuilt demos. These demos have different features that can ensure creating a marketplace for different genres of products. This theme is responsive, so your users will have a similar classy experience from mobile devices as well. The theme is very versatile and creative with designs. If you look at the review of the users who have used the theme have acclaimed the theme for good quality designs. The theme has total 8K+ sales so far and is an award winner from Envato itself.

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Flatastic is a fantastic modern designed WordPress theme. If you are looking for a multi vendor ecommerce WordPress theme, you will not be disappointed with Flatastic. It has very creative and modern design. With the advanced WooCommerce feature, the theme is suitable for creating a stellar online experience. It will help your organization to create a super online experience with ease. With the overall features of the theme, you can create an outstanding multi vendor ecommerce website. This responsive theme comes with 4 demos. If you like any of  these demons, you can start your website with the one-click demo import easily. Along with that, as it comes with a page builder, you can customize and edit the theme as per your requirement as well. The theme provides 31 PSD files, you can use these files to create a creatively designed multi vendor website. 

The theme has quite a positive response from the users. The theme currently has 1.1K+ sales and counting. 

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Marketo is one of the emerging multi vendor eCommerce WordPress themes. We have included this theme in multi vendor marketplace WordPress in 2024 because of the overall quality of the features. This theme is totally responsive. The designs are compatible with devices such as laptops, tablets, desktops, and mobiles. The theme has nine home pages, each with a different style and layout. With the help of a one-click demo import, you can import the demo you like the most. As the theme is compatible with Elementor as well as Gutenberg, so customizing the theme will be very feasible for any user. This multi vendor marketplace WordPress theme is compatible with WooCommerce and Dokan as well. If you look at the review of the users who already used Marketo, you will find positive remarks regarding the customer support. 

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Multivendor Template - Astra

Astra is a versatile WordPress theme that can be a great fit for any e-commerce business. It’s fully customizable and comes with pre-designed templates, including ones specifically tailored for e-commerce websites. 

With the Astra theme, you can create a stunning and functional online store that will help you grow your business. The theme is fully optimized for speed and performance, so your customers won’t have to wait long for your site to load. 

Plus, Astra is compatible with all major e-commerce plugins, including WooCommerce, so you can easily manage your store and track your sales. 

With the Astra theme, you can create a professional and modern e-commerce website that will help you stand out from the competition.
Whether you’re selling physical products or digital downloads, Astra has the tools and features you need to succeed. So if you’re looking for a powerful and flexible e-commerce website template, Astra is definitely worth considering.

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ReHub is one of the multi vendor ecoomerce WordPress themes that can come in handy if you are looking for creating an online marketplace with multiple vendors. This responsive theme is very dynamic when it comes to features. As it is a multipurpose theme, you can include many features and create a very unique marketplace experience for your customers as well. The theme is very much updated and they keep on introducing new demos very often. The theme is compatible with Elementor and Gutenberg. As a result, it gives you a lot of freedom to customize and modify your website. There are two additional features of the theme that makes it stand out from the rest. The theme has a very speedy performance. So you can be assured that the overall performance will not be a slowpoke. Along with that, the theme has a wonderfully designed user experience (UX) that is crafted to drive more conversion. As you are planning to create a multivendor ecommerce platform, this feature will be an added advantage for you. Currently, the theme has 22K+ sales and counting. 

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Claue is a fully responsive multi vendor ecommerce WordPress theme. This theme is unique and made to the list of best multi vendor ecommerce platforms because of its diversified features. As the theme has 10 demos, it gives you an opportunity to pick the demo you find most suitable. If you want to get started with your online marketplace quickly, you can use the one-click demo import to import the demo you like and kick start your website. Plus, if you want to be creative and modify the website, the WPBakery page builder will give you a hand. In addition, the theme is compatible with related features such as the Insta Shop and Ajax shop. With a pat on the back for design quality and feature availability, Calue is growing with 2.7K+ sales and more in the pipeline. 

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Metro is yet another super WooCommerce supported theme that can come in handy for you. This multi vendor WordPress theme will help you to create awesomely creative websites with ease. The best thing about this theme is the overall design and layouts of the theme. The theme comes with different creative layouts. With the help of these layouts, you will be able to create stellar websites with ease. Along with that, these layouts are unique to give you an upper hand over the competitors. This minimalist responsive theme has 7 home pages and related designs. If you like any of them, you can get started with the one click demo installation feature of  the theme. However, you have the full flexibility to customize your website with the Elementor page builder. 

The theme currently has more than 4.86+ rating and has a growing number of sales.

Get Metro



Rigid is one of the design rich multi vendor WordPress themes. It is listed among the best multi vendor ecommerce platforms because of the design features of the theme. This theme got an award because of the overall design elements of the theme. It gives you the flexibility to create a minimalist as well as a vibrant website easily. You can create an online marketplace and be creative with the design features. This responsive theme has ensured that the designs are responsive across all devices as well. Rigid is compatible with WooCommerce. In addition, this theme provides free lifetime updates as well. With awesome design features and style variation, Rigid is one of the best multi vendor ecommerce platforms. Currently, the theme is growing with 1.1K+ sales and positive reviews from the users.

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 If you are looking for multi vendor marketplace WordPress themes, Revo can serve your purpose. With the help of Revo, you can create good quality multi vendor websites. The theme comes with 25+ demo pages. You can pick from any of these demos. With the help of a one-click demo import, you can get started easily with the help of this theme. You can import the theme you like and kick start your website in no time. This theme has made it to the list of best multi vendor ecommerce platforms because it was one of the best selling themes in the ecommerce category. In addition, this theme is SEO friendly. It will function as an added advantage as SEO is a major factor for multi vendor ecommerce platforms. With 1.4K+ sales and counting, this theme is a good pick as a multi vendor ecommerce WordPress theme.

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Zass is yet another multi vendor ecommerce WordPress theme exclusively designed for handmade products. If you are planning to create a website with handmade products, this theme will come in handy for you. With the help of this theme, you can create multi vendor marketplace easily. The uniqueness of this minimal WordPress theme is the overall design. It comes with very clean and minimal designs. The design quality complements the type of product that is being displayed on the website. The theme is compatible with Gutenberg; you can customize and modify the blog without having coding knowledge.

Along with that, the theme comes with WPBakery page builder. It will make your life easier. The theme currently has 1.5K+ sales and is growing.  

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These are the best multi vendor eCommerce WordPress themes that you can utilize and create a multi-vendor marketplace using WordPress. We have listed the themes based on the overall features and popularity of the theme. You are advised to go through all the details of the themes listed here and make your decision by comparing what features the themes are offering and what is your core requirement.  

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