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10 Best WordPress Footer Plugins for Your Website

10 Best WordPress Footer Plugins for Your Website

While 90% of WordPress users neglect the footer area the rest of the other 10% utilize WordPress footer Plugins and rule on the conversion rate.

The footer is the most neglected area. However, it has a great chance to make a good impression on your website visitor and also generate an outcome for your website. 

But why is it? Because, the footer contains the site map, legal boring stuff, and other junks that a visitor never scrolls down and clicks on.

But what happens, when you are representing your brand logo on your footer area, add your portfolio, or add your accreditation from your previous clients? Won’t these be capable of bringing more conversion? With that thought, we want to write about how you can make the most out of your WordPress footer. And the good news is there is a ton of plugins to save your day.

The WordPress Footer Plugins You Might Use

Big brands and marketers know how to give importance to every corner of their site. They never leave any stone unturned to maximize their conversion and make their website more profitable.

Therefore, we will talk about the most ignored space on your WP site and let you know which footer plugins work best in what condition. After taking a short review on them, you will find yours, so let’s get into the details.

1. Monarch


Social Sharing footer Plugins for WordPress makes your content easy to share. With Monarch, your social sharing can be made a lot effective and efficient. If your Website is based on the content marketing and you want more social traffic, then the Monarch will rule on your business. Investing in these plugins, you will get a variety of benefits.

So what’s about the variation of Monarch plugins?

It delivers the 20 social share networks at 5 different locations, and all these happen under just $70 for a year.

However, the only issue that comes with Monarch is with the slow-paced loading time. Yes, it may somewhat slow down your page speed.

But it doesn’t mean it will stick your website so your readers fly away from your site. We are pointing out this plugin as a profitable investment to those who want to maximize more sharing on the social network. Finally, it is a responsive plugin for you that suits on any screen.

2. YITH Footer Banner

YITH Footer Banner

If you are passionate about boosting up your email marketing then the best choice for you is the YITH Footer Banner. It adds an appealing banner that enhances the advertisement of your product. It also allows your client to know what your current offer is.

This Footer plugin adds more value for the footer segment with an advertisement including newsletter and thus, you may expect more conversion.

It comes with the versatile offerings to your website as you can customize it with the following aspects:

  • Bottom border colors
  • Message
  • Title
  • Background
  • Logo
  • Typography
  • Newsletter form

And, now the surprising matter is, you are getting this plugin free!

3. Royal Footer Bar

Royal Footer Bar

The Royal Footer Bar comes with the best deal for generating leads and conversion. It will increase your CTR (Click Through Rate) as it comes with such responsive feedback with its amazing design that hooks the customer for you.

Interestingly, it offers a number of themes with versatile designs so you can optimize the plugins with any of the best-suited designs for you. For example, any of the designs come with a vivid background and the other one looks transparent.

Furthermore, you can set it up with either activated form since it will be visible to your site or you can deactivate it and put there Advertisement as well. There is no hurdle for you to keep it for good at the footer area. Again, you can set it up with your desired number of seconds that time later the footer comes to be visible to its visitor.

The main reason for its popularity is to have the A/B split testing features. That means you can put different designs and see which one works great then finally keep the best one with a better CTR. Besides, it plugs a different footer bar for one of your specific posts or pages as well.

Finally, using the footer plugin you can count or track the number of clicks, view and get a comprehensive report.

4. Genesis Footer Builder

Genesis Footer Builder

With the Genesis Footer Builder, you are getting fully responsive, quick and thus SEO-friendly WordPress footer plugin. The main gem of it is to have hassle-free editing especially the credit text on your footer section or you can fully optimize it as a copyright area. Moreover, you are going to add the important links to it and get more specific responses from it.

5. Header and Footer

Header and Footer

Do you want to inject the advertisement either using the HTML code or the Google Analytics Code at your footer section? Then Header and Footer plugin can be the good pick for you as it comes with all its superb features for you. Because, it makes sure the ability to have never lost the footer code, especially when you are changing or developing your WP theme.

Furthermore, to keep it on your theme, it comes with either on the upper section or you can keep it at the bottom. So, here you are getting the ease with posting your banner at two different locations.

6. Header, Footer & Blocks for Elementor

Header, Footer & Blocks for Elementor

Now Elementor page builder is one of favorite choices and it levels up your website to a great extent. Header, Footer & Blocks for Elementor plugin especially combines with your Elementor page builder to increase the overall integration of your website. 

It is a nitty header as this pro footer doesn’t require any coding and a best friend of your Elementor. This footer comes with an amazing layout and easy fix to your website design.

It fits on any target-oriented location according to the template placement on your website. Also, the template will automatically fit on to this plugin as well. So when you want to showcase the template on top of that just you need to copy the code and showcase it anywhere you want. The whole new customization is easy to sort out even though you don’t know about coding.

7. JetBlocks

JetBlocks footer plugin

Another Elementor based footer plugin is JetBlocks that works in a different way than the above one we’ve already mentioned. The main reason to get your hands on this footer plugin is to free up your website space. Furthermore, the design looks great with the widgets collection. You can also add a logo, registration form, shopping, and search cart with the footer as well.

It creates more space with its simple add-on and keeps the footer sticky to your site, for that it seems good with its layout crafting. It might be the best suited for someone, who is looking for creating an E-commerce site.

8. HayyaBuild


When you are looking for a footer plugin that works on your individual page or posts then you must try HavyaBuild. It comes with intuitive features like drag and drops plugin with its unlimited number of headers and footers. Surprisingly, using it would be great ease as you don’t need to think about the coding. Also, you can set it on with some readymade modules which come with lots of effects as well.

Finally, the main, especially of it, is to have easy to import and export the content and keep them exchanging from one of your pages to the other. In addition it works great regardless of the WP themes you have.

9. Woody Ad Snippets

Woody ad snippets

Woody Ad Snippets is specially designed for integrating Google AdSense in the footer of your WordPress website. The benefit of this plugin is it allows you to put snippets not only in footer but also in any location of your web page. Along with placing ads on your footer, this plugin allows you to put Google Analytics short code to track the insights from those ads. In addition, if you want to add any widgets in any area of your website, you can do that too.

The specialty of this plugin is not limited to footer only. You can use this plugin for many other options too. With the Woody Ad Snippets you can design your footer with relevant ads and widgets. Overall, this plugin has multiuse and can be a very good tool for your website.

10. Sticky Footer Nav

Sticky Footer Nav

Finally, we have to come to the last pick of best WordPress footer plugins. Sticky Footer Nav stays on the bottom and displays the number of contents according to the grid style. When you have a site that will showcase the number of images to let visitors know about your service or product then this will be the best pick to set it up.

The flexible grid-based footer is a responsive one and you can easily enable or disable for your theme. The visitor will scroll down to the bottom and the scrolling of the page will continue for a few seconds when you will add the number of content on the grid stylish footer. The columns are set over there and they have aligned from left to right.

Overall, this WordPress plugin is a good fit if you are into displaying some contents on the footer section of your website.

Wrapping Up

We showcased the ten best WordPress Footer Plugins each having different features and qualities than the others. The best practices of any of them will bring more conversions, generate more leads from email marketing, display the advertisements and many more. Now all you need to do is to make your mind regarding which plugin you want to have and go for the best one accordingly.

For more such contents, follow our blogs.



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