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10 Minimalist Tumblr Themes for Your Tumblr Website

10 Minimalist Tumblr Themes for Your Tumblr Website

Demand of Minimalist Tumblr themes are growing massive since the user experience on any webpage comes into play in search engine optimization (SEO) industry. People are getting serious about delivering a better user interface to the visitor coming into any website. Website theme developer like us ( is also developing different minimalistic themes for WordPress CMS.

Less is more! It is the core belief of individuals who like minimalist designs in everything. The beauty of minimalist designs is that it can express a lot of meaning with very few elements. With that thought in mind, we are presenting to you minimalist Tumblr themes that you can use to design your blog on Tumblr. Let’s get into the details and know more about 10 minimalist Tumblr themes for your blog.

Minimalist Tumblr Themes for Tumblr Website [10 Themes Review]

Tumblr is one of the most popular blogging platforms, and it’s growing ever since. Most blogging people are using this platform for various purposes. After using this platform for many days, we’re thinking about Tumblr themes for newbie people. We understand that everyone wants to make their blog so beautiful, interactive and eye catchy. So, here is our take on 10 minimalist Tumblr themes. Check them out now.

1. Indy Minimalistic Tumblr Theme


Indy is a simple Tumblr theme that is designed with clarity and quality. The tumblr Indy theme is easy to understand and navigate. The designs are artistically crafted to ensure it holds the attention of the reader. Overall layout of the theme is easy to navigate and understand. From the perspective of the blog creator, it is also smooth as silk when it comes to creating a blog using the Indy theme. 

Among the key features of Indy is the responsiveness of the theme. If this theme is applied on your blog then it will have the same seamless experience from mobile as well as from desktop. It is important to have a retina ready website because website traffic can come from many sources.

Along with that the theme is designed in a specific manner. You can not only write your blogs but you can also display your creative work with these minimalist Tumblr themes.  If you feel interested to know more about this theme, you can easily download this minimal Tumblr theme for free here.

2. Wicked Tumblr Theme (Minimalistic)


Wicked is one of my personal favorites. This free minimalistic Tumblr theme is very artistic yet simple in design. Like many other Tumblr themes, this theme is also focused on the less is more approach. It creates the overall website in an artistic manner that you will feel captivated while you are navigating through the website.

The best use of the Wicked Tumblr theme will be in displaying creative artwork. If you are an artist looking for themes to display your creative works, Wicked can serve your purpose. 

Among the features of Wicked, the one feature that gets to the top of the list is the easy to customize feature of the theme. You can easily customize the website as per your preference and design a stellar website as per your preference.

The overall layout of the website is very creatively expressed, making it one of the top choices for creative and minimal Tumblr themes. If our expression of the theme triggered your interest, why don’t you get to know more about the minimalist Tumblr theme from here?

3. Ten Toes Tumblr Minimalist Theme

ten toes

Ten Toe is an embodiment of clarity, elegance and simplicity. This minimalist Tumblr theme is a good pick for individuals who want to showcase their creative work to the readers.

If you express your creativity through photos then you are in for a treat. Ten Toe can be a perfect match for you if you are looking for Tumblr themes for photographers. You can also use this theme to illustrate any form of creative work.

It can be digital paint, design and more. Ten Toe comes with the super cool infinite scroll feature. This infinite scroll complements your infinite creativity. 

Along with that, Ten Toe is a responsive Tumblr theme. It will look equally beautiful irrespective of the device. You can create visually stunning websites with Ten Toe.

With a flexible customization option, you can use many color variations and even a logo to design your beautiful website into an abode of creativity.

You can easily get started with this artistic and minimal Tumblr theme and have your own website in no time. Download this artistic minimal Tumblr theme from here.

4. Salvia Minimalistic Tumblr Theme

Salvia Free Tumblr Themes

Salvia tops in minimal design. This Tumblr theme is designed eloquently to ensure it is super minimal in every aspect of the design. It is creatively crafted to be a favorite tool for photographers, digital artists, graphics designers, and whatnot.

If you have any of these, you can easily use Salvia to create a Tumblr presence for your work. With the stylish and simple layout, it displays the work very clearly. In addition, the easy to customize feature of the theme is a cherry on top. 

One of the extraordinary features of this minimal Tumblr theme is the hidden menu. The menu is there and gets visible when you hover around. Once the menu is hidden, it gives a super minimal view of the website.

You can design your website as per your preference with options to customize the different colors to ensure the readability of your website. If you think Salvia can be the theme you must get your hands on, you can get it here.

5. Basic Tumblr Theme (Minimalist)

basic Free Tumblr Themes

Basic is just as the name suggests, it is clean, simple and easily customizable to meet the requirements of any blogger. The theme of the website is developed with a simple and artistic nature.

It helps the writer and reader to have an easy experience while navigating through the website. If you want to create a blog with diversified media such as texts, images and videos then Basic is the right theme for your Tumblr blog.

Basic is one of the minimalist tumblr themes that you can use also to add audio files within the blog. You can easily integrate your SoundCloud files in your blog, create a playlist and much more with the help of Basic. 

Among the unique features of Basic is the image zoom feature. If you want to display any image that requires a more close up and up front visibility, you can pick this minimalist tumblr theme for your blog.

You can also utilize the blog to create a website with varieties of options from fonts as well as colors. In addition, the theme is responsive and retina ready.

The readers will have a very easy and friendly experience when they are going through the website. If you like what Basic has to offer, check out the preview and details of the theme here.

6. Hipster Tumblr Minimalist Theme


It’s a great day for bloggers when a theme company decides to share some of their premium content as free, Hipster is one such theme that achieved that status of becoming a free premium theme.

Leading features that keep people attracted to Hipster include: sticky content, ability to navigate content with keyboard, Instagram integration for displaying your latest pics, a sidebar for displaying the most important details.

Check out the premium version of Hipster for an even more overwhelming list of modern features.

Hipster can be regarded as one of the free premium quality themes because of its features. The theme has a very artistic look and feel with the ability to create blogs that will win the heart of the readers. Hipster has a premium version of the theme as well.

This free version of the theme is also containing many features and has the required designs. Hipster has features such as sticky content, easy navigation, navigation through keyboard, social media integration with platforms like Instagram and more. 

This theme can be a good choice for any type of bloggers. You can display your blog in visually artistic format and communicate your message with others.

You can also include high resolution images with your blog to create a uniqueness in your blog than others. It will help you to stand out from the other bloggers.

If you are looking for a modern and premium free theme for your website, you can get started with Hipster. If you like the features and facilities that Hipster has to offer, you can check out the details here.

7. Oscar Minimalist Theme for Tumblr


Oscar is yet another minimalist tumblr theme that can meet the purpose of bloggers. The Oscar is well known for its creative design and easy to navigate user experience.

The theme ensures that it showcases the blogs in a very creative way, the overall design of the theme is simple, artistic and vivid in nature. You can create your personal stories, add images and create a blog that will be soothing to your readers.

It supports the majority of the media types and supports high resolution images as well. You can customize the blog with different background colors, font’s sizes and more. 

Another interesting feature this theme has to offer is the integration with Google Analytics. You can easily integrate the theme with Analytics and get the required insights from your blog.

It will help you to promote and grow your blog in the long run. In addition, you can add a comment section with your blog to foster a discussion with your reader and more.

The blog design will ensure that it looks good on every device your readers are using. It is very important to have blogs that are retina ready and can be visible from every device.

With the Oscar theme, you can easily ensure your blog is visible and on point from every device. If you think Oscar is worthy of a pick, you can have a look at the details here.

8. Chale Minimalistic Tumblr Theme

chale Free Tumblr Themes

Chale will set a dent on the mind of the reader with its overall look and feel of the website. It comes with a split screen feature making it a unique experience for the readers.

Even if it does have a split screen feature but the readers can read the blog without any complexity. You can use this theme to blog and at the same time use this as a portfolio of your personal achievements.

The overall look and feel of the overall theme is absolutely different from others, it is compatible with recent trends of web designing and it has all the required compatibilities.

For example, you can use the theme to create a website that will be adaptable with all modern devices. Irrespective of the device being used and the screen size, the theme can provide a seamless experience to the readers who are reading the blogs. 

In addition this minimalist tumblr theme comes with an infinite scroll feature. It enables the reader to scroll and keep on reading if there is content on the website.

Along with that you can integrate social media, a logo of your own and background image to design a creative website for your readers.

The customization process is also very easy and thus making it a great choice for bloggers who want to express themselves creatively. Click here and have a look at the live preview of Chale.

9. Minimalism Tumblr Minimalist Theme


Just as the name suggests, minimalism tumblr theme is made with minimal designs in mind. This blog is your oyster if you are an avid fan of minimal design and layout.

In spite of being totally minimal with the design, this simple Tumblr theme comes with a custom header, custom background, tons of colors and content grid management system.

The customization of this theme is super easy and you can use this for your website to create an overall experience for your blog. The readers will not only like your content but also will be a fan of the creative display of your content. 

In addition, this minimalist tumblr theme is retina ready and responsive. Making it super easy to read and access from any device and screen size.

Along with that, it is compatible with the majorities of the browsers and thus making it a good pick for any blogger. Along with these features, it also has the option to integrate social media icons with your blog.

You can make your blog more presentable by using these social share buttons. With the infinite scroll quality, the readers will be having an immersive experience with this creatively designed minimalist tumblr theme. 

In addition to that, the readers has the flexibility to translate the website into their language and enjoy your content. If you are happy with the features that the theme is offering through it’s Minimalist design, you can check out the live preview here.

10. PopGallery Lite Tumblr Theme

Pop Gallery Lite

PopGallery can be considered as one of the cute tumblr themes you can get your hands on. This responsive Tumblr theme is designed to be a best suit for individuals looking for a portfolio website.

You can present your work with individual circle pops and use them to guide the readers to your content. This is a creatively designed yet minimally displayed Tumblr theme that can come handy to your projects.

You can use animated visuals to display on your home page. The readers can interact with your content easily. 

Along with these, the theme comes with additional features such as an editable color scheme, you can paint your Tumblr blog just the way you want it to be.

You have the luxury to pick circular thumbnails and present your website in a different style. Plus, you can add Google analytics to your website and get insights to build your website accordingly.

With the option to integrate with different social media this cute tumblr theme can be a great pick for you like what PopGallery has to offer. This is the light version of the theme. You can get more additional features with the premium version of this cute tumblr theme.

If you want to have a look at the cool display of circular thumbnails, check out the live preview of the theme here.

Final Words: Minimalist Tumblr Themes

We hope after going through these 10 minimalist Tumblr themes, you can make your mind to pick any of those and get started with your own blog. Choosing one of them can be difficult if you don’t read them carefully, because every features we have mentioned about each theme are important for you.

Most of the time, people does mistakes while choosing the right themes for their Tumblr blog. However, to make it easy for you, we have collected the best and the most minimalist Tumblr themes for you. It will help you understand the features and choose which features are essential for your blog according to your preference.

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