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20 Best Responsive Travel Agency WordPress Themes 2022

Best Responsive Travel Agency WordPress Themes

Travelling is all about experience. From the very first butterfly in the stomach till the last goodbye, travelling should be hassle free. To ensure a seamless experience for your customers, your website needs to give a similar look and feel.

With the help of WordPress, you can easily create a website with ease. Plus, if you have a responsive website, your customers will have the same seamless experience from mobile, desktop or any other device. If you get a responsive WordPress theme, that will do the job. In order to do that, you need to figure out which WordPress theme is best for travel agencies right?

Have no fear, we are here. To make it easier for you, we are presenting the list of 20 best responsive travel agency WordPress themes in 2022. 

1. Travel Tour Booking

Travel Tour Booking

Travel Tour Booking is a complete theme for your travel website. You can get all the necessary features under one umbrella. With the help of this popular theme you can create the website your organization needs. Travel Tour Booking is fully responsive. Your customer will get the same experience irrespective of the device they use. With the help of this theme your website can have the entire experience smoothly. The universal booking from will enable the customers to pick travel time, pricing method and type of room. Along with that, you can display group pricing and advanced search options within the theme. There are built in demo pages. You can select any of these demos and start your website. Plus, you can edit your website with the built in page builder as well. This theme is feature rich and sufficient as a travel agency WordPress theme.

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2. Altair


Altair is a creatively designed responsive WordPress theme. With its 7 years+ experience, the theme has become quite popular over the years. Altair has a very eye catchy outlook. The grid display of high resolution images creates an eye soothing experience for the customers. Altair uses the unique booking form. This makes the process of booking rooms by picking travel date, arrival time and approximate budget. Along with that, you can display the different offers that are present. The theme is compatible with WooCommerce as well. If you are looking  for a creative theme for your organization. Altair will meet your needs. 

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3. LeadEngine


LeadEngine is a clean and stylish multipurpose WordPress theme. It comes with 35+ pre made websites. You can pick any layout you prefer. They have a built in demo website ready for travel agencies as well. You can import from the demo or you can create your own design with a little help from the WPBakery page builder. The theme is high resolution and widget ready. The overall user experience is smooth and friendly but the built in booking form is just a simple contact form. However, you can edit and customize as per your preference later on. If you are looking for a well reviewed and clean theme for your website, LeadEngine can be a good option for you. 

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4. Love Travel

love travel

Love travel is a creatively designed responsive theme. With the high resolution images and parallax scrolling feature, Love Travel is a very neatly designed WordPress theme. The theme comes with a quick search bar as well as advanced search options. Customers can navigate through the advanced search bar and can look for many packages and options. This theme is very popular for their speedy support. It is easy to use, elements rich and editable with a built in editor. If you are looking for a creatively designed theme with all the necessary options, Love travel can be a good pick for you. 

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5. Kalium


Kalium is a lightweight responsive multipurpose theme. If you want to go creative yet remain super fast with the website of your travel agency, Kalium is a right option for you. The theme is super fast and creatively designed. The design interface of kalium is simple yet sophisticated. It is easy to get started with kalium as they have many pre made demos to pick from. The one click demo import will make it super easy for you to propple your website into existence. If you want to be creative, you can make the most of the WpBakery page builder. You can craft your own website as per your preference. It is also SEO optimized, adding more points as an advantage for  the theme. With the universal booking from, customers can search for deals easily.  If you are looking for a light and fast theme with a stylish interface.

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6. Ekko


Ekko is one of the emerging multipurpose responsive themes suitable for travel agencies. Ekko is well known for its design driven interface. This multipurpose theme comes with 50+ full pre made websites and 250+ template blocks to choose from. It has WPBakery page builder to help you customize your website with ease. The overall layout of the theme is easy to navigate and provides a seamless experience. It comes with a clean and composed design that will be appealing to the visitors of the website. If you want a clean, stylish and well designed website for your travel agency, you can definitely give Ekko a try. 

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7. Book Your Travel

Book your travel

Book Your Travel is an exclusively designed responsive theme best suitable for travel agencies. This travel agency WordPress theme is extremely vibrant and upbeat in terms of design. Navigating through their website will remind you of the colorful beach of the Bahama. The theme comes with 24+ pre made websites. You can choose the one you like most and your website will be up and running in no time. With the one click demo import, you can get to start with your website quicker than ever. This theme is Gutengerb compatible and also has WPBakery page builder built in for easy customization. With the help of the advanced search menu you can get detailed information about your travel. They have a cool live availability checker that shows the availability of rooms in your desired location. If you are looking for a full stack theme for your travel agency, Book  Your Travel can save your day.   

Get Book Your Travel

8. Traveler


Traveler is a popular travel agency WordPress theme. This theme is fully retina ready and super responsive across all devices. Traveler comes with 20+ demo websites. If you like any of the pre made websites, you can start away with your website very easily. This theme has WPBakery page builder, which makes it seamlessly easy to customize and design your website. The overall outlook of the design is very clean and simple. Along with that, it has a booking form that you can easily customize, integration with a flexible online payment process. If you are in the search for a travel agency WordPress theme that is exclusively built for the purpose, you can give Traveler a try. 

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9. Embark


Embark is an interestingly designed WordPress theme for travel agencies. This theme is retina ready, your users will have the similar experience irrespective of the device they are using. The experience focused design of  the theme emphasizes on a specific experience. Ther 25+ templates caters to different travel and adventurous experiences. Your visitors can book, make payment and schedule using the website. It has WooCommerce compatibility as well. If you are looking for a website that will focus on a specific experience, then this WordPress theme can be a good option for you.   

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10. Trendy Travel

trendy travels

Trendy Travel is an emerging travel portal WordPress theme. This theme is fully responsive and retina ready from all sorts of devices. If your customer visits your website from PC or mobile, they will have similar experience. The theme overall has a very simple and clean design. The overall vibe of this website is not modern and vibrant like the other similar websitem but this one has a very structured travel management system. The visitors on the website can navigate through a filterable advanced search option. They cna book and schedule their plans accordingly though the website.   

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11. Grand Tour

Grand Tour

Travel and tourism agencies need to be bold and upfront. Grand Tour comes with a bold, upfront and loud design interface. This responsive theme has a huge customer base due to its overall presence and friendly user experience (UX). Grand Tour is exclusively designed to increase conversion rate through the website in the long run. The Grand Tour comes with 8 pre made styles and demos to choose from. In addition, the theme comes with free premiums that can help you to up the game of your website. In addition, it has versatile booking options. You can pick any based on your requirement. It is also very flexible with payment options. 

Get Grand Tour

12. Bridge


Bridge is an award winning best seller WordPress theme. This multipurpose WordPress theme can be utilized for travel agencies, tourism companies and related organizations. Bridge is super responsive and retina ready from mobile and PC. It comes with 510+ demos to choose from. You can easily import these demos and get started with the website without knowing a single line of coding. With the help of Elementor page builder you can customize and design your website without any hassle. This theme is also Gutenberg compatible. The demos of Bridge is creative, colorful and up to date. You can easily launch your website in no time. This theme can bridge the gap between your dreams and you.

Get Bridge

13. Kallyas


Kallyas is a good fit as a travel agency website theme. This super responsive theme has a wide array of templates. You can pick from the 70+ templates and easily kickstart your website in no time. Along with that, this theme comes with a built in builder called the Zion builder. Your website can be designed and customized easily with this built in page builder. This theme will allow your customers to see availability and book accordingly. This theme has a specialization on hotel booking with detailed information features, reviews and high quality galleries. If you are a travel agency that focuses on hotel booking, Kallyas can be a good pick for you. 

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14. GoTravel


Go Travel is one of the emerging travel agency themes. This WordPress theme tops when it comes to the responsiveness of the website. Go Travel is very well designed and resonates a creative and modern vibe from the website. It comes with many customizable elements that can be modified in order to give a new look to the website. With the help of the advanced search option in the theme, your visitors can search for the deal they are looking for. The overall user experience of the theme is also very friendly. If you are looking for a creative and modern WordPress theme for your travel agency, go with Go Travel. 

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15. TravelTime


TravelTime is a uniquely designed responsive WordPress theme. It is super customizable with the built in templates and pre-made demos. You can easily customize and design the website just the way you want. Along with that, this theme has been designed as a SEO friendly theme as well. It has special features such as filterable search and WooCommerce integration. Thus making it a good choice if anyone is looking for  a creative and simple WordPress theme for travel agencies.  

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16. Adrenaline


This theme will give you an adrenaline rush with its unique blend of features. Adrenaline comes with stellar design and works like a speedster. This responsive theme is fast and furious from personal computers and mobile devices alike. Adrenaline is visually stunning and design focused. On top of that, it has flash like speed that does justice to its name. With the help of the drag and drop page builder you can seamlessly create and design your website with ease. If you are looking for a visually exceptional but speedy theme for your website, get a dose of Adrenaline.  

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17. SetSail


SetSail is one of the booming WordPress themes for travel agencies that has huge future potential. There are different layouts that SetSail comes with.You are just a few clicks away from having your own website, thanks to the one click demo import! SetSail is also gaining popularity for its easy to navigate user experience. This responsive theme is WooCommerce compatible. You can turn your website into an online shop in no time. With the search option, your visitors can easily look for different options and packages. SetSail will be soon making headlines because of its modern, upbeat and visually appealing presence. 

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18. Massive Dynamic

Massive Dynamic

Massive Dynamic is a unique choice for travel agency websites. You should keep this theme on your list when you want to have a professional and corporate touch on your website. Massive having a strong website builder tends to be very flexible when it comes to customization. As a result, Massive has super customization features. Massive comes with 70+ pre-made demos. You can get started by choosing any from these demos or get creative with their strong page building tools. If you want to bring a unique touch on the presentation of your website, go big with Massive Dynamic. 

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19. Adventure Tours

Adventure Tours

Adventure Tours is specially designed for travel agencies. This creative WordPress theme is a good choice for travel agencies because of its ease of use. It is easy to set up and it is also easy to navigate for the customers. Adventure Tour is retina ready from any device. It comes with a very easy payment process that everyone can easily get used to. Adventure Tours is also SEO and speed optimized making it a good choice for a travel agency website. In addition, Adventure tours have a very vibrant and creative design interface. If you are looking for a speedy, easy to navigate creative website for your business, get on an adventure with Adventure tours. 

Get Adventure Tours →

20. CityTours


City Tours is one of the promising WordPress themes for travel agencies. City Tours gets an added advantage because it has been specially built for hotel booking. Many travel agencies can benefit from such an approach. City Tours has many pre-made demos. You can use these ready to use demos and start your website on the go. In addition, City Tours has a very user friendly booking system and flexible payment process. These overall features make City Tour a good choice for any travel agencies. 

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These are the different responsive WordPress themes that can come handy to travel agencies and related organizations. If you pick any of these themes, you can easily get started with your website in no time. 

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