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5 Most Frequently Asked Questions about JavaScript

5 most frequently asked question about javascript

JavaScript is a common term used in the world of programming. If you are somewhat related or interested with this similar field, you must have heard the word JavaScript once in a while. There are many questions regarding JavaScript in the mind of many. Clarification regarding these questions will have them to understand JavaScript better. With that note, we have written the following article to shed light on the most frequently asked question on JavaScript. 

What is JavaScript?

If you are wondering what JavaScript is, you have clicked on the right article. JavaScript is a programming language. This programming language is in alignment with ECMAScript specification. The purpose of the ECMAScript specification is to standardize the programming language on an international scale. JavaScript conforms to these specific specifications. JavaScript is a programming language that is simply based on text. There are different programming languages with different purposes. When it comes to JavaScript, it works with the overall interactive side of a website. With the help of this programming language you can tweak the interactive paradigm of your website.

For example: you want your web page to act in a different way when a visitor hovers on a specific button. You can use JavaScript to design the interaction your web page will do with the action of the visitor. JavaScript has the capability to implement more complex features than these, we drew this example to make it easier for everyone to understand. JavaScript is a high-level programming language and is multi paradigm. The programming language includes elements such as curly bracket syntax, dynamic typing, object orientation based on prototype and first class functions.


In simple words, JavaScript is a text based programming language that gives interactive elements on a website which each visitor can interact with. 

Can Anyone Learn JavaScript?

The answer is yes..but. Anyone who has an interest in learning JavaScript can eventually learn JavaScript. However, if you have background experience or knowledge on other programming languages such as HTML and CSS then it will be an added advantage for you. Even Though there are not many similarities between JavaScript and HTML, however there is always a common ground that you can build on.  If you have an understanding of HTML, and CSS then learning JavaScript will become easier for you. Recently it has become very easy to learn JavaScript. With the help of various tools such as development tool, JavaScript debugging tool, and platform, now anyone can learn JavaScript easily without much hassle.

We always recommend platforms such as w3schools. You can easily learn JavaScript with w3schools javascript course and tutorials. W3schools javascript courses and learning materials are designed in a way that even a novice can get started with learning JavaScript. W3schools javascript courses have made it easier for everyone to enlighten themselves with the working knowledge of such an important programming language.

As JavaScript is comparatively harder to learn than the other programming language so it is important to get a learning platform that makes the complex task easy. So to summarize, w3schools javascript and many other similar platforms make it easier to learn JavaScript to everyone.

How Long it Takes to Learn JavaScript?

In general JavaScript is more complex than other programming languages. For example, if you are planning to learn HTML and CSS programming language, you can get started with basic working knowledge and skills within one month. Given that you have put regular consistent effort. However, when it comes to JavaScript, it might take months to learn the entire programming language.

Now you might be wondering why JavaScript will take more time than the rest. The reason why it takes longer to learn JavaScript is the overall complexity of the programming language. It includes many elements, and a paradigm that is not easier to grasp. Based on your learning style, your learning curve will differ.

How Long it take time

When you are writing anything based on JavaScript, you are giving input of each and every action that is going to take place on the website. As a result, it takes longer to get hold of the process of creating anything using JavaScript. Along with that, as JavaScript is complex to learn, not everyone can pace up with it equally. Individual learners have their own pace and growth speed to cope with the learning curve when it comes to JavaScript.

Thus it is important to figure out the details of the programming language and hence it takes longer to learn JavaScript compared to other languages. Even if you do not have any prior experience of learning programming language and if JavaScript is your first programming language, even then learning the language will not be much difficult if you are consistent. However, it will take around 6-9 months to get a good hold of this easy to learn programming language.    

From Where I Can Learn JavaScript?

There are many ways you can learn JavaScript. You can go to different platforms to have a more structured way of learning and fasten the learning curve. However, if you want to learn by self-taught approach you might learn at your own pace but it might take longer time to get a complete understanding of the process. As there are resources available that can ease and fasten the process of your learning, why not utilize them right?

W3Schools is one of the most prominent sources from which you can easily learn JavaScript. w3schools JavaScript learning materials includes free courses, reading materials, examples, learning resources and certification diplomas that you can avail to fasten the process of your learning. w3schools javascript resources are designed in a very structured way that helps you to learn at our own pace.

Along with that the platform consists of different practice sessions and assignments where you can practice what you are learning. Through the process with the help of w3schools javascript resources, it gets easier to learn JavaScript. You can have access to these resources for free and learn from them easily. Along with that there are many resources and platforms apart from w3school.

They offer different courses, materials, assessment and certification as well. You can do your research and see which platform suits you the most in terms of ease of understanding and budget. Based on that you can make a decision regarding where you can learn JavaScript.  For a more self-paced learning experience you can use the resources of w3schools javascript. Along with that, there are other platforms such as Udemy and Coursera that provide courses on the topic as well. There you can have more customized and personalized training material.

These platforms at times have more opportunity to interact and create a better learning experience. You can go through the different sources and based on your expectation, pick the one that suits you the most.

Is it worth learning JavaScript in 2022?

Yes. It is absolutely worth learning JavaScript in 2022. Because JavaScript is one of the prominent programming languages that works with user-website interaction. Along with that, JavaScript is the only programming language that can be used on a browser. Even though many might raise a point that JavaScript is an old school programming language and it is not relevant to learn such an old school programming language, the point is invalid. Because JavaScript is continuously developing and bringing necessary updates in the programming language and other features of it. As a result it has been able to cope with the necessary changes that are needed with the change of time.

Along with that, JavaScript has a very handsome pay scale all over the world as well. There are available job opportunities for JavaScript experts. Not only that but also there is room for solo practicing of JavaScript. You can work as an independent worker or freelancer and earn a good amount of money if you are good at JavaScript. As digital transformation is booming, thus the skill sets related to digital transformation will also boom in the near future.

We hope you have gathered a basic knowledge about JavaScript and its overall implication. Apart from these most frequently asked questions, there are many more room to explore. Overall, JavaScript is a prominent programming language that anyone can learn by giving regular consistent effort. With the help of platforms such as w3schools javascript resources, you can learn about this language at your own pace. And after learning and gaining adequate expertise on the topic you can become an expert on your own or get into a job that pays well.