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Appland Theme Review – WordPress Theme for App & Saas Products

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Appland is one of the emerging themes for apps, saas products, software and startups. In the following we will discuss the different features of Appland and how you can be benefited from this theme. We will shed light on the different aspects of the theme to give you a clear idea about the overall features of Appland.

Who should use Appland?

Appland is best suitable for apps, saas products, software companies and startups. The overall look and feel of the website resonates a modern and creative look. The creative design and overall presentation of the website is suitable for apps and saas products. If you want to create a website for a saas product you have or to display the app you have worked on, Appland can be a good choice for you. Another good thing about Appland is that you do not need to know coding or have technical knowledge to get started with this theme.

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In the following we discuss the different features of Appland.

1. Fully Responsive and Retina Ready

Appland is designed to fit every screen size. This full responsive theme can be accessed from any device without compromising the quality of the website. As the majority of traffic in any given website is derived from mobile devices, it is important to have your website ready and accessible across all devices. Responsiveness is an integral feature of themes to ensure it has the same presentation irrespective of the device used. There are many reasons to pick a theme that is super responsive. Retina readiness of any theme will ensure that the quality of the user experience (UX). If a theme is not responsive, then if a visitor visits the website from a tab or mobile device, he will not have a smooth navigation experience. Thus it is crucial to ensure your website theme is fully responsive. If you pick Appland as the theme for your website, be assured that it will be super responsive and retina ready across every device.

Fully Responsive and Retina Ready

2. Gutenberg Compatible

If you are a fan of Gutenberg, we have good news for you. Appland is fully compatible with Gutenberg. If you want to design, modify and customize the theme, you can easily do it with the help of the Gutenberg. Along with that, as it is fully compatible with Gutenberg you will be able to enjoy many additional features that come with Gutenberg. In Gutenberg compatible themes, the customization, navigation and overall designing process of the website gets easier.  The amazing part of this theme is that you do not have to be a technical person or a tech savvy to get started with your website. You can easily customize the website from the available options. Appland comes with the latest visual composer. This will facilitate your overall process of designing and customizing your own website. The Gutenberg compatibility of Appland is indeed a good feature of the theme.

3. Built in Demos and Elements

Appland comes with a total of 10 built in demos. These demos are creatively crafted with diversity in focus. There are different creative thought processes behind each of the demos. Appland’s demos are crafted with a design in the focus. The clean, modern and creative designs are good enough to get you started with your website. If you want to create a one page website or multi page website, Appland can serve both of the purposes. Along with that, Appland comes with many elements. You can use these elements to paint a wonderful picture that resonates the message of your stories. If you like any of these demos that are already pre made, you can import the demo with one click demo importer. With the one click demo importer you will be able to import the theme as it is. However, if you want to bring some customization on the demos that can be done super easily as well. The design materials of Appland is creatively and professionally designed to get you started with your website in no time.

4. User Experience

Appland is famous for its user experience. The designs, color combination and overall presentation of the website is very eye soothing. The visitors’ can easily navigate through the different pages and do what they need to do. Appland comes with a very direct, creative and simple interface. This makes it super easy for the visitors to navigate through the different pages and make decisions accordingly. Along with that Appland uses different tools to ensure a smooth and simple user experience (UX). If you are looking for a theme with slick look and even slicker user experience, you pick Appland with closed eyes.

5. WooCommerce

With the passage of time e-commerce is becoming an integral part. If your website is compatible with WooCommerce you can do a lot of things, add tons of features and ensure a seamless experience for your customers. If these are your requirements, Appland can surely meet these needs. Appland comes with WooCommerce compatibility. If you have any plan to turn your current website into an online shop or start an online shop from the scratch Appland is here to save the day. Connect WooCommerce with your theme in a few steps and enjoy the features and perks that come with WooCommerce. If you are looking for a theme that is cool to look at and also serves your purpose of launching your own online shop, Appland can be the accurate choice for you. You can easily display your saas products, apps etc. on the website and kick start your journey.

fully woocommerce compatible

6. Get Started in One Click

Appland comes with a super easy installation process. It has 10 built in demos with diversified designs and creative expansion.  If you like any of the pre-made demos you can get started with your website in a few clicks. With the once click demo importer you can import the pre-made demo you like. After importing the demo, you can do the necessary customization to make it suitable for your website. If you do not have any technical knowhow or coding skills, it is not a matter at all. With the built in visual composer, you can easily customize the website as per your preference without having any coding knowledge. The one click demo import will easily enable you to kick start your website within a few clicks. 

7. WPML Compatible

Appland is compatible with WPML. If you want to have a website with the need of translation, Appland can serve that purpose too. Appland is 100% translation ready and you can easily translate the website to the language of your preference. If you work with saas related products and have a global market, this feature will help you translate the website to the required language. Appland and its WPML compatibility makes it easier to translate the website to different languages. This will come as a handy feature if you are into creating a multilingual website.

multipurpose wordpress theme multi langual supported

8. Detailed Documentation

A good documentation is a part and parcel of every theme. Whenever you purchase a theme or download it from somewhere. You are supposed to have a detailed documentation of the theme. The documentation is full of steps and processes that can help to set up the theme on the website. Based on the documentation, you can set up the theme very easily. In the case of Appland, this WordPress theme for saas comes with full and detailed documentation. With the help of the documentation, you can easily start setting up your website. For beginners, a proper documentation is a good asset for any theme. It makes the journey of an individual easier. Thus the detailed documentation of the WordPress theme will be super helpful for you.

9. Speedster

Among many WordPress themes for Saas, Appland stands out due to its flash like speed. Even though the theme is feature rich, loaded with elements and creative illustrations. However, the speed and loading time of the theme is very fast. This fast WordPress theme is a good pick for apps, saas and startups because of its speedy loading time. A website with less speed is likely to lose more visitors as it takes longer to respond. This is one of the notable features of Appland. Themes that come with good features and also maintain speedy loading time are rare and essential. So if you are looking for an app and saas focused WordPress theme that has good speed as well, Appland can be at the top of your list. 

10. Support

Appland comes with good quality support. To avail their support you have to submit a ticket with your issue. The support team has a good knowledge base and can solve your problem in real time. A good support team is always necessary because it will ensure you are operating smoothly. Appland and its customer support is good enough to meet the needs and ensure quality within a short span of time. If there are some issues that cannot be resolved, then they offer a refund within 14 days of the purchase.

To summarize we can say that Appland will be a good choice if you are looking for a theme that has good design quality, outstanding features, easy customization option and speedy loading time, then Appland can be a good choice for you. These features are notable for a theme focused on app and saas related products.