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6 Best Elementor Image Carousel Addons for WordPress in 2023 (List of Most Efficient Addons)

Best Elementor Image Carousel Addons for WordPress

If you are searching for the best Elementor image carousel addons for WordPress, you are in the right place. In this article, we are going to present the most precious Elementor addons for you. Image carousel on Elementor is one of the best addons for creating beautiful looking sliders on webpages in no time.

And likewise, using a drag-and-drop builder like Elementor is one of the best ways to do this in the shortest amount of time, and that too with zero code! We can all agree that Elementor makes creating eye-catchy websites so much easier.

Image sliders are one of the best additions to a stylish and minimalistic designed webpage. It adds a dimension of visual appeal while also becoming the element for conveying useful information, such as – displaying photos, focusing on the USPs of a website, information, client testimonials, call-to-action button, and much more. But, despite the upshots of using sliders, the point of using it on a website is pretty much debatable.

Let’s Check An Statistical Analysis

Research conducted by the Baymard Institute states that 52% of all US-based ecommerce websites have at least one photo carousel on their landing page. And a staggering 56% of mobile websites at least have one carousel image. Even though it comes with a strong backlash despite having such positive implementations, let’s take a look at how you should use an image carousel WordPress using Elementor in 2023 if you should use it.

So, in this topic, we are going to talk all about the 5 best Elementor Image carousel WordPress, the pros and cons, and more. If you like creating websites as I do, stay with me for now, and you will not regret it when I tell you everything I know from first-hand experience.

What Are the 5 Best Elementor Addons for Image Carousel in WordPress?

These are the top 6 image WordPress image carousel addons in Elementor. We are putting them in the order of their popularity and the best user experience:

1. Droit Image Carousel Widget for Elementor

Droit is the last of all our recommendations and for good reasons. Even though the website seems fairly new because their pro subscription is yet to arrive. You can still test some of their unique widgets for free for a lifetime. Here are some of our observations.

Check Demo: Droit Image Carousel Widget for Elementor


  • Image carousel is one of the 23+ promising and uniquely designed carousels you would find in the market
  • A total of 73+ presets to choose from and customize the look of your widgets. The more presets, the better
  • Image carousel widget has 4 presets, and more updates are coming soon.
  • Free version of the addons is free for life with unlimited updates
  • Free version is lightweight and fast

Price: $0

N.B. – There are no premium packages are available. However, the developers are working together to offer some cool features and widgets as their premium version for you.

2. Ultimate Carousel for Elementor

The huge archive of customizable widgets is what makes the Ultimate Carousel a user favorite. You can install cards, icons, portfolio carousels, and lots more. If you visit the Ultimate Carousel library, you can see tons of carousel designs and widgets at your disposal.

Live Demo: Ultimate Carousel


  • Access to 800+ widgets
  • Easy to use widget creator
  • Customized attributes and interactions
  • Access to the source code
  • Inter-conversion of widgets
  • Zero bloat files
  • Collection of unique widgets
  • Easy to understand


Yearly SubscriptionNo. of websites
Lifetime SubscriptionNo. of websites

3. Prime Slider Image Carousel for Elementor

Prime Slider for Elementor Page Builder is another drag and drop image carousel maker that is popular for its trendy and minimalistic design with a touch of modernity. The cool thing about Prime Slider is that you can access about 20 different widgets for a lifetime, and that too for free!

Demo Link: Prime Slider


  • Completely free access to a huge archive of widgets
  • Free widgets are compatible with other page builders like – Visual Composer
  • Free WooCommerce Widget
  • Regular update for free products
  • 30-day money-back guarantee if you have purchased a pro version
  • 24/7 Premium live chat support (for Pro version only)
  • Easy to customize


Yearly SubscriptionNo. of websites
Lifetime SubscriptionNo. of websites

4. JetElements Image Widget for Elementor

JetElements is one of the most popular addons in the Crocoblock suite of plugins that you can use to extend Elementor either in the free or pro version. If you visit the JetElements website, you can readily find 46 plugin categories ready for use.

Check Demo: JetElements


  • Huge collection of 46 widgets to choose from
  • 10k+ user community and growing
  • Live chat and video support
  • Available product tutorials
  • Intuitive dashboard to manage all Crocoblock products from one place
  • Easily customizable


Yearly SubscriptionNo. of websites
$130.00Avail all JetElements Plugins

5. Premium Addons for Elementor

Premium Addons is all about efficiency with a stylish and minimalistic design that is popular among many WordPress users. The plugin has two different versions – Premium Addons and Premium Addons PRO. Both of these versions are compatible with Elementor and Elementor PRO.

Check Demo: Premium Addons


  • Access to 33+ advanced and unique PRO widgets
  • Available 22 free widgets with lifetime update
  • Premium Addons are 100% modular that allows you to keep the required features and disable the rest for faster performance
  • Available premium templates and animations
  • Fast and lightweight
  • Responsive across all devices and web browsers


Yearly SubscriptionNo. of websites
$199.00 (Lifetime)Unlimited

6. Happy Addons Image Slider for Elementor

Happy Elementor Addons has one of the most uniquely designed widgets and plugins in the market. If you go through the website, you’ll find the rich features, presents, abundance of widgets that are ready for use.

Check Demo: Happy Addons


  • 80+ feature-rich widgets available; 40+ in PRO version and 35+ in free version
  • Shuffle through a library of 400+ presents
  • Cross-Domain copying, section nesting, site sync, preset – these are some of the unique features exclusive to the Happy Elementor Addons only
  • Seamless user experience
  • Ability to disable unwanted widgets from the dashboard, which makes the page builder tool work faster
  • Fast and lightweight
  • Responsive across all devices and web browsers


Yearly SubscriptionNo. of websites
Lifetime SubscriptionNo. of websites

What Makes A Top-Notch WordPress Plugin?

A top-notch quality WordPress addon in 2023 requires the following things:

  • Functionality: Does the plugin do what it’s supposed to do?
  • Coding: Coding should be uncomplicated and easily understandable so that it can be changed if it’s required.
  • Speed: Good speed depends on the code composition. A good plugin is lightweight, free of bloat files, and never reduces the performance of a website.
  • User experience: UX is important to retain customers in the long run. The features should be instantly understandable and locatable within the system.
  • Customer Support: Seamless customer support for solving problems, general guidelines, and etc., are important for customer satisfaction.
  • Security: Plugin security is the most important aspect to retain a customer’s trust. So, a well-composed and regularly updated plugin tackles these security flaws before they are exploited on any website.
  • Quality Control: Manual and automated testing of the plugin before releasing it is one of the most important attributes of a good quality plugin.
  • Addon Marketing: Good marketing does not always ensure the quality of the product in hand, and contrarily, marketing of good products ensures the product reaches to the right users and retains prolonged services.

Which One Is the Most Useful & Attractive Image Carousel Addon for Elementor?

By all honesty, every single one of these 5 Elementor Image Carousel Addons is fantastic. But, if we are to judge from other aspects such as – unique features, available presets, animation features, unique icons, and other fine detail-oriented offers, then I would definitely pick Droit Addons over all others.

Here’s why…

Droit Addons have 4 unique features that will satisfy you over others – Cross-Domain copying, Section Nesting, Site Sync, 73+ and updating Presets, and more on the way. Such offers are yet to come to other addons too. But we believe Droit Addons will still be above others when it comes to providing unique features for free. Droit Addons has offered this addon free for a lifetime.

Frequently Asked Questions: Best Image Carousel in WordPress

1. What is a carousel Widget?

The carousel widget is a special block of specifically designed content that you can use to design an image carousel on your webpage. Using the carousel widget, you can customize the height and width, set autoplay, change toggle buttons, and more. You can think of it as Lego blocks where each block is interchangeable with another block of a separate shape or color.

2. Does Elementor Have An Image Carousel?

Yes, by default, Elementor has an image carousel that you can use to showcase photography, convey useful information, and more. However, if you want to make your carousel widget more stylish, then there are bundles of plugins available to use that readily support Elementor.

3. How Do You Make a Carousel in Elementor?

If you’re new and still exploring Elementor, then follow these steps:
> Go to your homepage and create a new section.
> From the widget sidebar, scroll down to find the Image carousel widget.
> Drag the widget to the newly created section to place the carousel.
> Default carousel has no selected image(s), so you have to choose some images from the ‘gallery.’
> Select the images and click Insert Items from the bottom of the screen to place the images into the carousel.

4. What is the Best Image Carousel Addon for Elementor?

Happy Addons provide the best image carousel alongside Ultimate Elements. However, the best image carousel is actually subjective – meaning that it totally depends on which one you use and how well you like the features or get adjusted to it.

5. What is the Difference Between Elementor Canvas and Full Width?

The Elementor Canvas template removes the header or footer sections and the sidebars (if any) for your current page and displays only the chosen Elementor content. Contrarily, Elementor’s full-width template allows the user to override the default margin and padding, which allows you to use a full-width design on any theme you are working on.

Final Thoughts

In all honesty, judging between the 5 Best Elementor Image Carousel Addons for WordPress is really not possible because each of these plugins has its own library guided by a unique set of features. And so, we leave the judgment as subjective to one’s choice and preferences.