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8+ Best WordPress Directory Plugins of 2024

Best WordPress Directory Plugins

If you are looking for the best WordPress directory plugins, you have come to the right place. Directory plugins help to create a directory for business organizations, places, services, people, listing,s and many more. If you add a directory plugin along with the right set of plugins, your website will have very enhanced quality. In the following, we’ll be showing you the best free & paid directory plugins with which you’ll be able to create a directory using WordPress.

1. GeoDirectory

geo directory WordPress Directory Plugins

GeoDirectory is considered as one of well-known WordPress directory plugins. GeoDirectory mostly has the free version of it that you can install from In order to gain additional features and options, you can add a few premium add-ons to get the maximum result out of this tool. One of the most important features that GeoDirectory has is you can have a directory with millions of listings. This will not compromise the overall quality.  GeoDirectory is best suitable for creating a listing of the places and locations.

Key Features of GeoDirectory

Not every directory plugin is feature rich. There are merits and demerits of these plugins. In the following we will note the key features of this directory WordPress plugin.

  • With the free version, you can create a directory for a single location and with the paid version you can create a directory for unlimited locations.
  • In the paid version, it will allow visitors to submit information about the business and get enlisted in the directory. In the paid version of the plugin, you can even charge business who wants to get listed on your website
  • The plugin comes with a built-in form that can accept the reviews users are giving in regards to the individual listings.
  • With this directory, you can search with specific features. It also includes a filter option by proximity, reviews, and ratings of the listings.
  • By adding a few paid add-ons with the directory you can integrate Google Maps with the listings.

There is a positive outlook toward the plugin among the different users. Due to its feature richness, it is gaining more popularity day by day.

2. Business Directory Plugin

Business WordPress Directory Plugins

Business Directory Plugin is another widely used plugin to create listings for businesses, restaurants, service providers, and many more. This plugin has both a free version and you can get additional features by including premium add-ons with the plugin.  In the following, we will illustrate what are the key features of this plugin.

Key Features of Business Directory Plugin (free version)

  • Create a directory of business organizations, service providers, real estate, address book and staff directory.
  • Integrate a customizable form at the front end. Individuals can submit their listing using this form. However, there are scope to monetize the directory. This plugin comes with the necessary payment gateways to ease the process. You can monetize by charging one time pay-as-you-go or you can charge for upgrades for additional features.
  • You can import listings from CSV to make the process faster.

These are features that come with the free version of the plugin. In addition to this, by integrating premium add-ons with it, you can get the following features as well:

  • Integrate your listing with Google maps
  • With the paid version, you will have access to more payment gateways.
  • If any listing has multiple locations that can be listed too with the premium add-ons.
  • With the premium add-ons you can also accept reviews given by users.
  • It will help the users to have a better experience while they search for the required listing.
  • Along with that, the users can claim listings with the premium add-ons with this plugin.

You can also purchase from eight different templates of the directory. The point to be noted is that these templates are only related to the plugin. It will not have any effect on the existing WordPress theme

3.Crocoblock Multivendor Directory Solution

Crocoblock Multivendor Directory Solution

Multivendor Directory Solution by Crocoblock consists of four plugins: JetEngine, JetSmartFilters, JetSearch, and JetReviews. Each plugin has a set of tools you can use to develop a fully functional website. But when combined, these four plugins make an insanely powerful solution allowing you to build a multivendor directory platform.

Key Features of Multivendor Directory Solution

The Crocoblock Multivendor Directory boasts a wide range of features. Here are the topmost ones:

  • The Custom Post Type feature allows you to create any type of content, posts, and pages in WordPress and manage them properly. To categorize the created post types and assign different tags, you can use the taxonomy feature.
  • If you want to display the details of one CPT item, use the Listing feature. It pulls the data from the meta fields to the frontend. Advanced Listing settings allow you to style meta fields, order them, etc. 
  • You can create a registration form and design a personal user account using the advertiser account & user profile functionality. 
  • You can add popular payment gateways (PayPal, WooCommerce) to the forms using the payment integration feature and secure money flows through your website. 
  • You can create a custom search tool and indicate whether it will search by category, custom fields, location, keyword, or other parameters. 
  • Using JetReviews, you can build sections with reviews and comments and assign ratings to single products. Reviews and comments can be managed in the dashboard. 
  • You can create front-end forms to bridge the gap between you and website visitors, collect feedback and bookings, for instance. Level it up: build multi-step forms, allow attachments, add a progress bar.
  • There are pre-coded dynamic templates that you can use to develop a multivendor directory website with no sweat. All dynamic functionality is pre-set, all pages are pre-designed – you take a template and customize it as needed. 

If you are looking for a powerful multivendor directory solution, the one by Crocoblock might be the right choice. It lets you build everything from meta fields and CPT to forms and payments, not to mention cool designs.

4. HivePress


HivePress is an all-in-one free WordPress directory plugin that allows you to create a listing website of any type. Whether it’s a business directory, classifieds website, job board, etc. – HivePress has got you covered. 

It’s a highly customizable plugin that has no hardcoded fields, so you can create your own custom listing fields and search filters according to your niche and requirements. Moreover, you can add vendor profile fields and filters as well.

By the way, if you want to monetize your directory website, the free version of HivePress is already packed with monetization features that allow you to make money in at least three different ways. You can charge users for adding new listings, make listings featured for an extra fee and charge business owners for claiming listings.

Key Features of HivePress:

  • Custom listing fields & search filters – create your own listing fields and search filters according to your niche;
  • Custom user fields & search filters – add different details to vendor profiles easily;
  • Listing categories – add categories, category images, and create category hierarchies hassle-free;
  • Listing bookmarks – allow users to have lists of favorite listings;
  • Ratings & reviews – allow users to rate and review listings;
  • Geolocation features – enable the location-based search on your website;
  • Private messages – let users communicate with each other and send attachments via messages;
  • Paid listings – create listing packages and charge users for adding new listings;
  • Featured listings – charge users for making their listings featured;
  • Claim listings – take a fee from business owners for claiming listings;
  • reCAPTCHA – enable bot protection on your website.

5. Connections Business Directory 

connections WordPress Directory Plugins

Connections Business Directory plugin is a directory plugin specializing in creating a directories of people. You can use this theme to create a directory of members, students, and teachers of a school and also a directory of websites. These are the different implications for which this specializes.  Like other plugins, this plugin also has premium add-ons that increases the functionality of the plugin. However, you can still design the directory for listing the business organizations but it is preferred for listing individuals and websites.

Key Features of the Connections Business Directory.

In the following we will discuss the key features that come with Connections Business Directory.

  • With this directory you can show a list of blogs when you create a listing of people. If the authors have their blogs, it can be integrated and shown via using this plugin. 
  • With the help of this form, you can add a contact form for each directory listing.
  • You can also create a directory for internal use only. Only allowed individuals will be able to enlist.
  • This plugin also allows you to link listings. For example if you are creating a directory of local gym trainers, you can link similar listings with it.

Even though this plugin comes free but there are few additional features that you can avail with the help of premium add-ons. Along with that, they provide different templates to design and customize your directory.

6. uListing

ulisting WordPress Directory Plugins

uListing is one of the creatively designed WordPress directory plugins, You can create a visually attractive directory of organizations, real estate, jobs, events and even courses. This plugin comes with very flexible customization options. You can add customized fields if needed. With the built in drag and drop page builder it makes the entire process much easier. You can have full creative freedom on how it will look like at the front end.

Along with that, you can create separate front ends forms where individuals can add their own listings and modify when necessary. In the following there are many features that comes with the paid version of the theme. Let’s have a look at the following features that comes with the paid version of the plugin.

Key Features of uListing

  • You can monetize your directory by implementing a subscription system to the users who want to list their business organizations in the directory.
  • With the paid add-ons you can assign roles to multiple users or to a single different user.
  • The visitors will have the freedom to create a “Wish list”. The wish list will consist of the places where the users always wanted to go.

You can use this plugin to have a creatively designed directory that is easy to use and navigate.

7. Advanced Classifieds & Directory Pro 

advanced CLASSIFIED & DIRECTORY WordPress Directory Plugins

Advanced Classifieds & Directory Pro is one of the prominent freemium plugins for setting up a directory on your website. With the help of this plugin you can create classified directories and traditional directories as well. With the help of this plugin, the users will be able to create accounts and from the account they will be able to manage, edit, modify and delete elements.

Key Features of Advanced Classifieds & Directory Pro

In order to control the listing pages, you can add many custom fields and categories. Along with that, if you want to add locations, integrate Google map etc. can be easily incorporated with the website. This plugin also allows you to monetize your website. You can try monetizing the website in the following ways:

  • You can charge for making their listing featured on the page.
  • The users can create one listing for free but will be required to pay for adding new or additional listings.

There are many additional features that come with the paid version of this plugin. Once integrated you can make the most of out of this plugin to create a multipurpose directory.

8. Directorist 

Direcorist is also a freemium plugin that has stellar design and creatively crafted interface. With the help of these designs, they have developed a commendable front end outlook for its users. With this plugin, you can add many custom fields to have more control over your listings. This will also allow you to charge its users by featuring their listing. However, the monetization option gets a leverage in the premium version of the theme.

With this feature you can listings with a specific expire date. The user can renew the listing, thus keeping the listing up to date and authentic. This theme has 17 different premium add-ons that you can integrate to get a better experience from the plugin. You can get the following features from the premium add-ons of the theme.

Key Features of Directorist

  • You can increase more monetization option and also integrate WooCommerce with your plugin.
  • Live chat feature to bridge between the visitor and listing owners.
  • Social login.
  • Integration with map to showcase listing in a more structured way
  • Ranking feature listings
  • The authority to claim listing feature

This directory plugin for WordPress can be your pick if you are looking for a creatively displayed, up to date directory plugin for your theme.

9. Everest Business Directory

everest directory losting WordPress Directory Plugins

Everest Business Directory is another premium plugin that can come handy for your website. This directory plugin has the necessary features to serve your purpose. If you want a plugin that is lightweight but is efficient in use, this plugin is the right pick for you. This premium theme comes with many different templates that you can choose from and use. The users can have direct access to the front end and submit listings. In addition to that, with the access to their dashboard, they will be able to oversee their listing too.

Key Features of Everest Business Directory

This premium plugin includes the following features that you can enjoy.

  • This plugin is well fitted for listing business organizations.
  • With the advanced filter option, the visitors can filter the listing based on location, keyword, tags, category and more.
  • Google map integration is seamlessly easy with the help of this plugin.

The one drawback that comes with this plugin is the unavailability of a built in payment feature. That makes it hard to monetize your listing with the help of this plugin. If you are looking for a plugin to monetize your listing in the long run, this plugin might not be the right option for you.

10. Directories Pro

directory pro WordPress Directory Plugins

Directories Pro is a well-known plugin that has been in the market for quite a long time. This plugin is best suitable for listing physical business organizations. Along with that, this plugin can be used to list websites, service and non-physical entities as well. With this plugin, you can add many custom fields as per your requirement and reorganize them using the drag-and-drop editor of the plugin. Customization of the plugin is made super easy with the help of this display editor.

Key Features of Directories Pro

This directory plugin comes with the following features included:

  • The users can enlist their submission via a front end form.
  • The users can manage the listing and other related information from the dashboard at their end.
  • In addition to that, there is an option to claim the existing listings as well.
  • In the premium version of the plugin, you can integrate WooCommerce with your website and facilitate the payment process. Through this option, you can monetize your listing.
  • This plugin also includes advanced search options and also has an autosuggestion based on the preference of the users.
  • You can integrate the listing Google Maps and OpenStreetMap with the help of this plugin.

If you are looking for a feature rich plugin that is sufficient enough to create a directory of business, service, websites, people and more. This is the right pick for you.

11. Formidable Forms 

formidabale WordPress Directory Plugins

Among the best WordPress plugins, Formidable Forms can be considered as one of the prominent plugins that can serve the necessity of a directory. This plug in is one of the best WordPress form builders that you can use to tailor made forms and include them in your website with ease. This plugin comes with many templates, you can select the real estate listings template, modify the template and add that to your website to have your directory ready in no time. 

Key Features of Formidable Forms

The plugin has the following features:

  • Customize your form with the available options in the plugin. 
  • Users can submit their listing from the front end of the directory.
  • You can easily integrate many monetization option with the listing to get the most out of this.
  • With its compatibility with many other important plugins, you will be able to create a better experience for the users.

If you are looking for a plugin that needs customization and can serve your purpose well, Formidable Forms can be a good choice for you. This WordPress directory plugin has the necessary features required for a functioning plugin for a directory website. These are the most effective directory plugins for your website. By using these plugins you can create and manage a directory website just the way you prefer. Along with that, with some premium add-ons you can increase the quality and features that are coming along with the directory.



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