Failed Your WordPress Updating Here Is The Solution For You
WordPress Updating Failed? Easy Solution for You!

New releases not only come with fixing issues but also, they may cause trouble too. Being eyewitness with so many hot releases, now these issues don’t make wonder to many experts. They quickly figure it out easily, but when it comes to the newbie, they need help indeed. WordPress is changing its colors frequently and […]

Web Security Tips to Protect Your WordPress Website
Web Security – 11 Tips to Protect Your WordPress Website

After making your website with WordPress and making it live, the most important thing to think about is its security. As hacking is increasing day by day, providing strong security to your website has become a must-do thing nowadays. Follow these 11 steps to protect your WordPress website from any security breaches. What is Web […]

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The 9 Skills You Need To Have To Become a Kick-Ass Web Designer in 2020.

Today, when it comes to the success of your website or product, UI/UX is the deciding factor. Don’t believe me? Check these stats out. Research suggests that 75% of people base their trust in a brand from their website user experience. Over 38% of visitors will cease to interact with a website if they find […]

Digital Collaboration is Part of Modern Business
Digital Collaboration is Part of Modern Business — Here’s How it Can Benefit Your WordPress Project

One of the great things that the digital world has done for designers is that it has made it easier to collaborate on projects. Once upon a time, someone doing creative design work — from customizing electronic components to planning skyscrapers — essentially had three options: work alone, work with a team in person, or […]

Why You Choose WordPress for your Agency Website
6 Reasons to Choose WordPress for your Agency Website

Launching a website is always a hard task. Even if your website is built by a professional, if you wish to manage it with your own after the developer delivers the ready website, you will then need to use a content management system (CMS). And we all know the most popular and easy to operate […]

Simple WordPress Themes for IT or Tech Startup
Simple WordPress Themes for your IT or Tech Startup

Have you just started an IT startup and searching for some simple WordPress themes for your business website? You are then in the right place as the first thing you need to do before spreading your tech startup over the internet is: setting up a website of your IT or Tech Startup, and for that, […]

10 Tips to optimize WordPress themes and website
10 Tips To Optimize Your WordPress Theme and Website

Since you’re here, you probably own a WordPress Website, and you’re seeking a guide on how to optimize your WordPress theme. Well, WordPress offers a plethora of options when it comes to optimizing your website. It is considered as the most powerful Content Management System [CMS] that arguably powers up 30% of the internet, as […]

Choosing best font for WordPress website is very importent nowdays
How to Choose Best Fonts for Your WordPress Website?

When the internet is flooded with websites, it’s hard to overstate the importance of every minute detail of website design. Despite having the most beautiful design imaginable, your WordPress website or blog can fall short, if it lacks a readable font. In contrast, the right font pairing – depending on your business or niche – […]

Preview Image for How to Make a WordPress Website–Step by Step Guide for Beginners
How to Make a WordPress Website – Step-by-Step Guide for Beginners

Making a website with WordPress is comparatively easy. But without a proper step-by-step guide, most people get confused and seek expert help. However, we have made this guide in a way that you can easily create and customize your WordPress website if you follow the steps and practice properly. We all know that WordPress is […]

Yoast vs Rank Math – Which One Would Be Your Best Bet
Yoast vs Rank Math – Which One Would Be Your Best Bet

With 5+ million active installations Yoast has become the most popular and most used SEO plugin for WordPress. This statistic proofs that it performs really good and people really love using this plugin. But what about its competitors? Do they really so much lag behind that nobody talks about those plugins as the competitors of […]

featured image of most popular plugins for wordpress website
11 Most Popular Plugins for WordPress Website

Among 55,000+ plugins in the WordPress plugin repository officially, not all the plugins you wish to use. Here, we’ve shown you the most popular and effective WordPress plugins for every newbie to advanced users. WordPress is the most popular CMS and has been used worldwide vastly for mainly two reasons: it’s convenient customization and wide […]

what Is a saas business model and how does It work fea
What Is a SAAS Business Model and How Does It Work

SaaS market is becoming saturated fast. Most of the organizations operate their operations using SaaS services or applications, and the statistical number is more than 51% in late 2019. To get the incredible offers from SaaS and succeed in it, you need to know at least some basics about this business model. Software as a […]

Featured image of the blog post about Saasland Multipurpose WordPress Theme on Droitthemes
Saasland – The Best Multipurpose WordPress Theme for Agencies & Startups

A beautiful, modern, complete theme for building next-generation websites. What if you are planning a startup, or you are an agency wants to build a website to express yourself on the worldwide web but have to worry about lots of things at a time?  It would be frustrating!  And the frustration rises when you have […]

This UX factors are very importent for wordpress site
7 UX Factors You Should Know About Your WordPress Website

Useful, usable, findable, credible. Desirable, accessible, and valuable – these are the main things that make a website’s UX design and praiseworthy. Let’s learn all about this in this article. A large number of people choose WordPress for their personal or corporate website for several reasons. But one of the main reasons we have found […]

droitthemes is an elite author on envato marketplace
DroitThemes is now Elite Author in Envato Marketplace

DroitThemes is the product business wing of DroitLab, a full service digital agency. DroitLab is a specializes in UI/UX Design, Web Design, Mobile App Design, Web Development, and Premium Theme Development. For creating beautiful, useful premium products like web templates, themes, plugins and distributing them to users worldwide, we created DroitThemes. In DroitThemes we design, […]