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BuddyX Theme Review – The Best Community Theme

buddy x review

As the world of WordPress themes has been constantly evolving and expanding, the introduction of the BuddyX theme comes as an advantage to add more functionality to the social networking plugin BuddyPress.

The theme has been made keeping in mind the multidisciplinary approach of online media markets and communities and to provide a better spin to existing strategies of social media communications as a whole. 

What is BuddyX Pro Theme? 

BuddyX Theme It is a free WordPress social networking theme that was created keeping in mind the layout and setup of new social media like Facebook and the comprehensive websites like Facebook.

The BuddyX Theme is fully compatible with the BuddyPress plugin that will create a website out of scratch similar to the elements of Facebook or any other online community where users can chat, communicate, add friends and do much more than the average social media platform. 

The BuddyX Theme is supported by major WordPress plugins such as Woocommerce, bbPress, WC Vendors, LearnDash, BuddyPress, Droit Dark Mode and Elementor to make the theme more approachable and reach wider exposure for experimentation and implementation.

The support of WooCommerce and Dokan will include marketplace features within your social networking website to exhibit overall productivity and efficiency. 

BuddyX – Free Community Theme

BuddyX Theme Features

Create Unique Social Networking Sites Exclusively for Brands & Businesses. 

Using BuddyX Theme, brands can create a community or a website exactly like Facebook to increase their credibility and attain more followers.

With such layout and design, a growing community can make the brand’s image to be globally recognized with additional features to make your online community prosper more and more. 

BuddyX Encourages Social Learning in a Community

With the BuddyX theme, customers can have engaging conversations and posts online through this social networking, which in turn will transform into a social community where users are engaged in fun banter and exchange of media and communication.

Thus to make a community prosper and fun, BuddyX theme comes with an added idea on how a social community can be built with additional integration on online courses available where users can buy packages of courses to learn and explore their knowledge and understanding.

People of all age groups can make use of this feature to learn unique insights on various subjects and gain skills for life. With the extended support of plugins such as LifterLMS and LearnDash, users can make engaging learning communities and have interactive skill development sessions.

With the additional support of Sensei, the learning communities can have polished udemy-like learning websites catering to vast educational purposes such as online quizzes and assessments, certification, and regular course updates. 

A Safe Community for Non-Profit Organizations

The BuddyX Theme, with its unique approach, can also be converted as a community serving the nonprofit organization.

Due to being an extremely flexible social media platform, BuddyX encourages and adapts into varied streams to adhere to and comply with their norms in full.

Therefore, any volunteers, fundraisers, and stakeholders can get connected using this BuddyX Theme and seek well-established communication to proceed further in their business dealings and transactions. 

Customizable & Trendy

BuddyX comes with incredibly trendy roots to adhere to the current global levels of online resources.

The theme is highly customizable to an extent where brands can make, develop, and experiment with a plethora of features and functions to seek benefit from and prosper in the long run.

The customization lets the brands express their ideas and vision and merge their ideals with integrated BuddyX features to seek the best of both worlds.

A live customization tool that comes with this theme enables every minuscule change to be administered with much ease ranging from tweaks in page builders or individual page settings, BuddyX handles it all with distinction and grace. 

Responsive & Lightweight

BuddyX is an extremely responsive and device-friendly theme. The dimensions have been curated with perfection to fit normal mobile and desktop screens without any hassle.

The small bite size enables the responsiveness of the theme and decreases the loading time of the page making it more fast and convenient for further access and usage. 

Buddyx Responsive

Modern Design and Eye-Catching Visuals

By integrating stunning visuals and graphics, BuddyX is designed to appeal to the eyes of the masses by making the site more lively and beautiful.

The enhanced color management with WordPress design coding standards makes the website stand out and appear distinguished among its competitors.

The modern design lets the users hooked and assists in building a more stable community of friends and acquaintances. 


The BuddyX Theme comes with tonnes of unique approaches and ideas that can make the brands and businesses carve their own niche and make their identity more distinctive and diverse.

If you want more advanced features for your community try BuddyX Pro.