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5 Ways You Can Build Brand Authority In Your Field

5 Ways You Can Build Brand Authority In Your Field

Brand authority refers to the way your business is perceived by customers. When you are able to establish good brand authority, it means that people see you as an expert in your field and trust you enough to do business with your company.  

Trying to establish brand authority isn’t always the easiest thing to do so, to help, here are 5 tips that can help you become more established in your field. 

Use On-site Content To Show You’re An Industry Expert 

Publishing high-quality content on your website is one of the most effective ways to show you know what you’re talking about. There are different kinds of content that can work well for this.

For instance, you could create ultimate guides that provide a lot of advice and information about a specific topic, or you could publish tutorials that show people how to do something new.

Detailed product round-ups or buying guides can also show that you want the best for your customers and that you understand what’s out there.

You can discuss the pros and cons of similar products, outline what people should consider when making a purchase, and compare and contrast similar options.

This will demonstrate that you know your market well and that you only want to help your customers to make the best investments to suit their needs. 

To give you some inspiration and help you to show off your expertise, we’re going to introduce you to a few companies that are already using content in this way. 

optinmonster plugin

Here’s an example from OptinMonster, a provider of lead generation software. They have an ultimate guide to the best content marketing practices for businesses. 

The article explains what content marketing is, what kinds of content creation tools are out there, and how to create an effective strategy. 

Because this content is so helpful and comprehensive, it helps to position OptinMonster as an expert in the digital marketing and content space. This, in turn, helps to build their brand authority.

To do the same for your business, come up with a topic you’re truly an expert in that you could fully explore with a detailed article.

Then, start creating an ultimate guide that will provide your readers with all of the information they could possibly need about your chosen subject.

This will boost your SEO, attract more qualified traffic to your website, and increase your brand authority. 


When it comes to effective tutorials, let’s take a look at an example that comes from Venngage, a company that specializes in helping people to create infographics.

They’ve put together a guide to creating a timeline infographic guide that outlines the step-by-step process someone should follow.

They’ve even added a video tutorial to serve those who prefer to learn visually. This is great for building their brand authority because it helps readers to see that the company is incredibly knowledgeable about this subject.

If you would like to replicate this for your company’s website, consider what tasks you can help your ideal customers with.

Then create both a written and video guide to help them solve their problem.

This can help you to earn their trust and build up your brand authority so, the next time they need your products or services, they’ll come straight back to you. 

best value schools

Finally, let’s take a look at a detailed round-up from Best Value Schools, which shows the company is an authority in the education field

They have put together a high-quality and helpful round-up of the most affordable MBA programs for prospective students.

They provide information about different schools, their tuition fees, the amount of time it would take to complete an MBA program, and more. 

This piece of content is filled with so much detail that it’s obvious the organization is an authority in this sector. They know everything about all of the schools and courses they’ve mentioned, so internet users will be very likely to trust Best Value Schools when looking for information to help them make a decision about their future. 

A helpful and thorough round-up like this can be great for showing that you know your sector inside and out, which is great for earning authority in your field.

So, if it aligns with the kind of work you do, it’s well worth creating a resource like this for your prospective customers. 

Guest Blog For Authoritative Websites In Your Niche 

Guest blogging for relevant and authoritative websites can help to get your name out there, allow you to make connections, and even boost your website’s SEO. 

To find and secure guest blogging opportunities, you can simply try searching Google for high-quality websites in your niche that accept guest posts. Consider leveraging the capabilities of an AI writer to craft compelling guest blog content tailored for high-quality websites in your niche, ensuring a strategic approach to enhancing your online presence.

Another way to find these opportunities is by looking through the social media posts of your competitors to see if they promote guest posts they’ve written for authoritative websites.

Doing this will give you an idea of websites that you can guest post for. If you spot one, get in touch to see if they’d be interested in sharing a unique piece of content from you. 

To get the best results, you won’t want to publish your content on any website that will accept it — you’ll only want to write for high-quality websites that are going to really boost your SEO with a backlink.

Loganix’s free domain authority checker can help you to assess the quality of each site you’re considering reaching out to. 

Apply For Industry Awards 

Being nominated for an industry award can help to get your name out there, and winning will do even more for your brand authority.  

If you’re not sure which awards you should be applying for, look at what kinds of awards and accolades your competitors have already collected.

You can also check industry publications for news about award ceremonies that you can aim to be a part of next time. 

If you enter and win industry awards, you’ll then want to display them on your website in a subtle but effective way.

This will build trust with people who land on your website and help you to establish more brand authority in your field. 

Use Social Proof To Show You’re Great At What You Do 

Social proof offers one of the most effective and trustworthy ways to show you’re great at what you do.

It will tell your prospective customers that there are plenty of people just like them who have really enjoyed working with your business.

You can demonstrate this by displaying reviews, testimonials, media mentions, or even qualifications that are relevant to your industry on your website.

This can also help you to establish more brand authority and earn the trust of your website visitors. 

Let’s take a look at some examples of websites that do a great job of showing off their social proof so you can get some inspiration. 

Gina Corena & Associates

Gina Corena & Associates is a law firm that specializes in a wide range of practice areas.

And, on their homepage, they have a “recent client reviews” section, where prospective clients can read rave reviews about how the firm has helped people in personal injury cases and more.

It’s clear from these reviews that the company really does fight for its clients, and they strive to take a lot of stress off their customers’ plates.

People who are about to embark on a legal case are sure to have a lot of concerns when hiring a lawyer — they’ll want someone who’s personable, determined, and skilled at what they do.

After reading these reviews, a website visitor will be confident that’s what they’re going to get with Gina Corena & Associates. This can do wonders for the company’s brand authority.

When you’re looking at establishing more brand authority for your own business, take a leaf out of the firm’s book and reach out to previous customers and clients to ask them for feedback.

If you receive any great reviews, add them to your website as soon as possible to prove you’re wonderful to work with and have authority in your field. 

Grow Your Social Media Presence 

Social media is one of the most powerful tools people and businesses can use to establish their brand authority. You can do this by publishing posts consistently and engaging with your followers to build trust.

When people see that you post relevant, informative, and trustworthy content, they’ll begin to trust your brand and view your company through an authoritative lens.

You’ll also be able to attract new people and grow a bigger audience on your social media platforms over time. 

To make sure that you keep your social media profiles updated regularly, use a bulk scheduling tool to ensure a consistent output.

For instance, SocialPilot has a great round-up of the best LinkedIn tools that will help you keep your profile up to date, and many of these tend to work with a lot of other platforms, too. 


Building brand authority in your field can help you reach more customers and build trust with them. This will then lead to an uptick in sales for your business.

In this article, we outlined how you can do that by guest blogging for authoritative sites, applying for industry awards, using social proof to prove your expertise, and growing your social media presence.

If you aren’t already using these strategies, now’s a good time to start!