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Provide your audience an eye soothing user experience and make them spend more time on your website. Ensure more user satisfaction, skyrocket engagement and boost conversion up to 300%.   

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Admin Dashboard
Dark Mode

WordPress admin panel/dashboard can be set to dark mode. Now you can spend as long as you need in your dashboard without irritating your eyes. Just a one click switch and you are on!

Front End Dark Mode

Make the front end (i.e. the view your website visitors see) dark and give your visitors a pleasant experience that will enable your visitors to stay longer on your website, increase engagement and skyrocket conversion. Happy times!

Time Based Dark Mode

If you want to set your website or dashboard to dark mode at only night or at any specific time you can set that from the plugins admin panel. How cool is that!

Ready Made Color Presets

Choosing a suitable color scheme for the dark mode can be tricky and time consuming sometimes. Jumpstart your WordPress dark mode with the beautiful pre-made color presets and get a high contrast, professional dark view instantly.

Full WooCommerce Support

A dark view can add a refreshing, different flavor to your WooCommerce shop and can even boost engagement and conversion. Droit Dark Mode WordPress Plugin is fully compatible with WooCommerce, you can set dark mode for your whole shop or even specific products or categories – gives you real flexibility on your online shop. 

Popular Page Builder support

Versatile Compatibility

Droit Dark Mode Plugin is compatible with thousands of WordPress themes and plugins by default. However, we have fine-tuned each element for the most popular WordPress themes and plugins.

Get Started & Boost Your Conversion

Get started with Droit Dark Mode by either trying the free version or purchasing the pro and give your audience the pleasant experience they deserved.