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Extract Text from PNG: Best PNG to Text Converter for Ease

Extract Text from PNG

A PNG to TXT Converter is like a smart tool that changes words in pictures (PNG images) into editable text that you can easily work with. Imagine you have a picture with some important words, and you want to use or edit those words. 

The converter helps you by turning the text in the picture into a simple text file (TXT). It’s like magic for making words from pictures so you can do things like editing or sharing them easily. It reads the words in the picture and turns them into text. 

Why might you want to change a PNG into TXT? 

Why the Need to Convert PNG to TXT?

Turning PNG into TXT can be beneficial for several reasons. One primary reason to turn PNG into text is the need to extract and work with textual information present within an image. For example, converting a PNG picture containing critical information to TXT makes it simple to update and modify the content. When you wish to edit the information without changing the image itself, this is quite helpful.  

Additionally, converting PNG to TXT facilitates the sharing of textual information. It simplifies the process of handling and managing text.

This is where Cardscanner PNG to Text Converter steps in. 

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Convert PNGs to TXT with Cardscanner: A Step-by-Step Guide

The converter offers a user-friendly experience to turn PNG into text. a step-by-step conversion guide to help you:

PNG to Text - cardscanner

1. Access the Website:

  • Open your web browser and visit the “” and get its png to-text converter

2. Upload your PNG:

  • You have two options:
    • Drag and Drop: Drag your PNG file onto the area in the center of the page.
    • Browse and Upload: The PNG file can be chosen from your device’s storage by clicking the “Browse” button.

3. Initiate the conversion:

  • Once you’ve uploaded your PNG, click the prominent “Convert” button and Turn the png into text.

4. Choose your output:

There are two ways to get the extracted text:

  • Copy to Clipboard: Select the “Copy” button and paste the text into other programs by copying it to your clipboard.
  • Download as TXT: The extracted text will be downloaded as a plain text (.txt) file once you click the “Download” button.

Additional features: 

  • You may submit up to 20 PNG files at once for batch processing.
  • Other image formats the converter supports include JPG, JPEG, PDF, BMP, HEIC, and WEBP.
  • Use of the basic functions is entirely free.

The tool extract text from PNG images and provides convenient options to copy or download the results. Remember, the files and extracted text are automatically deleted from its servers after the conversion, ensuring your data remains secure.

While Its Ease of Use Remains Its Defining Characteristic, Here’s a Quick Recap of Its Key Features to Consider


  • Drag-and-drop or browse to upload files.
  • Three-step conversion process.
  • Intuitive user interface.


  • Up to 20 files can be converted at once using batch processing.
  • image formats the converter supports include JPG, JPEG, PDF, BMP, HEIC, and WEBP.


  • Download the content as a TXT file or choose to copy it. 


  • Securely encrypts uploaded files.
  • Automatically deletes files from servers after conversion.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is using a PNG to Text Converter free?

Many converters, including online tools, offer free services for converting PNG to Txt. It’s essential to check the specific converter for its pricing or free usage details.

Can I access PNG to TXT converters on different devices?

Yes, to give consumers access across several devices, the majority of PNG to Text Converters are made to work with a variety of operating systems.

Are there file size limitations for conversion?

Converter tools often have different limitations regarding file sizes. It’s advisable to check the specific converter’s guidelines to ensure your PNG file falls within the acceptable size range.

Can I edit the extracted text after conversion?

Yes, once the conversion is complete, you can typically edit the extracted text as needed. It becomes a regular text file that you can modify using any text editor.

Are there additional features offered by PNG to Text Converters?

Some converters may offer extra features like language settings, text formatting options, or batch processing capabilities. Explore the specific converter’s interface to discover any additional functionalities.

How can I convert the edited text back to PNG?

Many converters provide a reverse process, allowing you to convert edited text (TXT) back to PNG. Look for features like TXT to PNG conversion or explore the converter’s documentation for guidance.


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