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8+ Free Elementor Landing Page Templates in 2023

Free Elementor Landing Page Template

Landing pages are very crucial for marketers because if you choose the wrong landing page, your campaign may not generate leads or sales. A landing page is different from a typical web page. Landing pages are those where you navigate the visitors directly from the search engine or third-party websites. You can choose from our list of free Elementor landing page templates for building easy & customizable landing pages.

The landing page has one specific goal, grabbing the user for a call to action. All the necessary information is provided on the pages for the user to take action.

In this article, we have gathered the 10 free Elementor landing page templates.

Elementor is a page builder with an immense customization option. It helps you create landing pages very quickly and comfortably. The workflow gets even quicker when you use some addons like Droit Addons for Elementor. It adds more features to the Elementor’s available customization options.

We will be looking at the free Elementor templates. Then at the end, we will discuss a free method to create those professional designs and achieve more with the combination of Elementor page builder and Droit Addons for Elementor. By combining these two, designing becomes much more manageable.

Why Do You Need a Landing Page?

Landing pages are essential for digital marketing agencies and also for those who work on lead generation. In addition, it can be handy to gather user data to familiarize them with the latest updates, news, and subscriptions.

It aims at increasing the conversion rate of your services or businesses. When you place a landing page for your business, you will see a rapid increase in engagement.

They play a significant role in promoting a product or subscription at a special event. A well-crafted landing page is what you need for your website.

Free Elementor Landing Page Templates

We have 10 free and well-crafted Elementor landing page templates here. This list will help you to choose the best-suited one for your Agency. If you can not select one from the list, you can get an idea of the design language from here and make the desired one with the combined help of Elementro page builder and Droit Addons.

Sierra Nature from Astra

Sierra Nature from Astra

Sierra is a free Elementor template kit that comes with the Starter Templates of Astra theme. This kit is a gorgeous-looking one for any business.

The color combination is beautiful with a modern interface. The design is responsive across all the devices. Moreover, the essential elements like FAQ, contact form, and other important information fit with the overall layout comfortably.

This kit a suitable one for Elementor page builder.

Digital Agency Kit – Free Elementor Landing Page Template

Digital Agency Kit - Free Elementor Landing Page Template

This template is a suitable option for web and graphic design websites. Although it is specialized for these two categories, it still suits all the businesses.

You will get a highly customizable layout and top-quality loading speed. In addition, the elements on the Digital Agency Kit have a rounded corner. Which makes the design look more smooth and attractive.

It would be best if you had Elementor Pro to work with this free WordPress landing page template.

Ocean Free Landing Page Template from FUTURIO

Ocean Free Landing Page Template from FUTURIO

In this landing page template, you can immediately grab customer’s attention with a good background image at the top area.

The Ocean is suitable for a lot of business agencies. This template offers you to use relative images to make the page more attractive.

The interface gives you a fluid-like experience with the color combination of blue and white. This design looks natural and vibrant. You can give this free WP landing page a try.

Skyscraper from OceanWP

Skyscraper from OceanWP

The elegant look of the Skyscraper makes it look very professional. This template is best for architectural and designing websites. The layout is highly customizable.

You can make good use of photo elements in the background and sections. In addition, the dark appearance gives you a great design aesthetic.

You get a professional look from top to bottom.

You can also use the template for a nice homepage if you want. But, again, lightweight size gives a good page loading speed.

Outdoor Free Landing Page Template from Astra

Outdoor Free Landing Page Template from Astra

Outdoor is another template kit you get free with the Astra starter template. Again, the color fits well with the background. Its font, colors, buttons, and backgrounds are good enough to catch anyone’s attention.

This one is more image-focused. If you have a gathering of pictures that replicates your company’s story, this will help you do visual storytelling.

Real Estate Land from Elebuilds

Real Estate Land from Elebuilds

This one is different from the others. It stands out for its unique cartoonish fonts and looks. This template has a gorgeous and minimalistic design that gives you a simple webpage feeling.

It comes with a contact form in-built, placed on the header area and also at the bottom. Thus, there is enough room for information in text format.

The cartoonish font styles stand out indeed. It catches the visitors’ eye at first glance.

Although it is a real estate focused, it is more of an agency template.

Vasilios Stavridis form Elementor

Vasilios Stavridis form Elementor

If you are among those who like a dark theme, this is for you. This template is more blackish than any other on the list.

You can place videos. It has its own font style.

This dark template looks nice, but not everyone is fond of the color black. So it may rely on your personal preference whether you like it or not.

Event from PHLOX PRO

Event from PHLOX PRO

This template is suitable for conferences, seminars, and other events.  This template is more blackish than any other on this list.

You might want to gather user information for a conference or meet-up. This template is specialized for any event.

You can showcase the event schedule with the speaker, add a testimonial, photos, and sponsors.

Ebook 3 from Elementor

If you want to grab your potential client’s attention by giving them the necessary information, Ebook 3 is an excellent option for you.

Ebook is a minimalistic designed landing page template. Its neat and clean look keeps the user away from unnecessary distractions. You can add all the necessary information and fit them easily. And you will also get a neatly laid Call to action.

Responsive design made it a cross-platform kit. There is also the image parallax effect which looks incredible. If you want less distraction and help the client focus more on the intended Call to action, Ebook is the right option.

It requires Elementor Pro.

Free Method: Creating Landing Page Templates with Elementor + Droit Addons?

First, you need to integrate the Droit Addons for Elementor. To do that, you can directly go to Add Plugin option from the WordPress dashboard and search for Droit Addons For Elementor. Now install and activate the plugin.

Once activated, you will see the options integration with the Elementors collection.

With Droit onboard with Elementor, let us move forward.

Now let us look into the essential elements for creating a landing page.

A landing page usually consists of these Elements:

  1. Headline
  2. Supporting Headline
  3. Hero Image
  4. Contact Form
  5. Call to Action
  6. Overview
  7. Features
  8. The Benefit of the Action

A professional landing page contains these elements.

So, where to start?

First, you have to think about your intention for that landing page. Then you have to conceptualize the page outline in your head.

Usually, a landing page starts with a Heading along with a supporting headline. In addition, there can be an image on the header area.

Necessary information like overview and features should be on the page, so the client doesn’t have to leave the page to gather info.

As your target is increasing conversion rate, you must include a contact form and Call to action.

Make sure that there is less distraction for your customer. For example, you can hide the navigation bar atop if you place the landing page on your website.

If it is a standalone page, then you can skip the header and footer area.

Using Elements from Droit Addons

So why are we using Droit Elementor Addon?

The reason is creating the landing page at zero cost, as we mentioned earlier. All of the templates mentioned above require Elementor Pro page builder. So, they do not work on the free version of Elementor.

You get 80+ widgets with 250+ presets in Droit Addon for Elementor at zero cost. These professional elements can come in handy for your custom landing page. There is more on Droit Premium.

Then again, Droit has Contact form 7 integrated on its free version.

Elementor limits the feature in its basic version, so you have to fully purchase the premium one to access the template library and other features.

Professional design is challenging in the basic version. So you can add the Droit Elementor addon, which gives you all the necessary features for free. There is more on the premium version, but here is the thing. No one gives that much at zero cost.

And on top of all that, you get 9 out of their 10 WordPress landing page template free to use.

This seems crazy. Right? No one offers this much on their free version. So grab the deal. This isn’t a hoax. This is real.

You don’t need to purchase Elementor Pro, and you do not require any premium theme or look for a free template online. You can import, create and customize your free Elementor page templates with Droit.

Final Verdict

Sometimes it is hard to find and use free landing page templates. The truth is, somehow, there is an amount of money involved to get that free offer. For instance, most of the premium-looking free templates require you to have Elementor Pro.

There are a few that offer templates completely free. You don’t see a free landing page download a lot. We hope that now you have a good overview of free Elementor landing page templates from this article. We also intended to introduce you to a method of creating, using, and customizing landing pages for free.