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25 Paid & Free MailChimp Email Templates 2023

Paid & Free MailChimp Email Templates

Email Marketing is the most effective advertising tool to create a better relationship with your customers. Since traditional advertising is losing its grip, and digital platforms are creating more opportunities for new and old businesses, email marketing has become mandatory.

This is where Mailchimp comes in. This platform allows you to create a list of your existing and potential clients and reach out to them with tailored communication.

You can communicate regarding new products, discounts, build a community, and so on. With MailChimp, you can create creative and up to date emails with the help of built-in templates and more.

In addition, you can use other email templates to stand out differently.

They have many free and paid email templates to choose from. Below we are listing our top choices for email templates.

Free MailChimp Email Templates:

1. Restaurant Newsletter Email v1

Restaurant Newsletter Email

This one is specially made for the restaurants and food chains that are ready to increase brand awareness. These free MailChimp templates help to circulate newsletters, special promotions, and even new deals and offers. It can be called one of the best templates offered by MailChimp. This one is a complete package.

2. Colorlib Email v2

Colorlib Email v2

This template is more suitable for agencies and service-centered businesses. This free MailChimp template is most powerful when it is combined with imagination.

You can link your blogs and also create this landing page themed outlook for your business. This template is future proof and compatible with all sorts of devices.

3. Colorlib Email v3

Colorlib Email v3

This creative template is sophisticated and very minimalistic. Included with a subscription box, this template allows you to collect email and keep them updated with all offers and events. This one is also compatible with all devices, and it will present them in a visually stunning way to the reader.

4. E-commerce Email v6

E-commerce Email v6

Now here I’m breaking my character as this one is my most favorite MailChimp template because it saves a lot of time and energy. Not only that, this template is equipped with state-of-the-art CTA’s (Call-To-Action). Doesn’t matter which device you are on, this template will work and look stunning from any device. This is my personal favorite best free MailChimp template till now.

5. Email Verification Template

Email Verification Template

If you’re looking for a template that gives you a confirmation/verification mail to avoid spam, then look no further as this free template will quench your thirst. This free MailChimp template is so nifty and complete that the only thing you might need to change is the text box and the CTA colors and that’s it.

6. Colorlib Email Verification v11

Colorlib Email Verification v11

This one is just like its predecessor, but this one is best if you want to build a community website or even an application. It’s a really simple template but the power is in your hands. You can use this as it is or you can also change up and tweak the performance as it fits you.

7. Shopping Cart Email Template

Shopping Cart Email Template

This one has a beautiful trick. For example, one of your potential customers went to your website and added some products to the cart, and left without checking out. Well, this template will create a personalized email for them so that you can win them and close the deal. Once you setup everything, there is absolutely nothing to do but watch from your end.

8. Travel Email Template

Travel Email Template

This MailChimp email template will certainly do the trick, whether you run a travel blog or a tourism agency. This free MailChimp template is very image-focused, meaning that everyone’s attention is stimulated right from the get-go. If you want to try something new with your email newsletters, use this template, which is free of charge anyway. It comes with the best email newsletter designs. You can customize it to your needs and test the impact it has on your subscribers with just a few tweaks.

9. Colorlib Business Email Newsletter v14

Colorlib Business Email Newsletter v14

Newsletters for company emails should not be dull. You can use Colorlib Business Email Newsletter v14, and take it to a different level immediately. This MailChimp email prototype ensures that everyone can enjoy your content through the roof with its incredible, tidy, minimal, and sophisticated design. Of course, while you can use it exactly as it comes out of the box. If necessary, you can make some additional tweaks. You can create a newsletter with little work that will be quite engaging for a CTR boost.

10. Monthly Contest

Monthly Contest

For channels and websites that use the power of social promotion to gain customer interest and additional readership, the Monthly Contest templates are a great solution. The Monthly Contest theme, built as a two-part prototype, can be used to announce important news and invite newsletter subscribers to take part in a contest that you’ve created. You can edit the colors and appearance of fonts for all the elements using MailChimp. It offers the best email newsletter designs. It should be noted that MailChimp also incorporates features such as social media sharing and general social media information so that subscribers can still share their latest updates with their friends and associates despite it being an email. Since this free MailChimp template comes from MailChimp’s own pick, it’s going to be simple to change and get it up and running.

11. Cutout


E-commerce is a booming industry in which e-mail is becoming the standard form for product announcements, promotional deals, and general discount offers. So, focus on professional and well-made themes that reflect your own brand is a key issue. Cutout can be a helpful addition to those email campaigns where you plan to award exclusive deals to loyal, long-term customers, and the text block below the deal can be used to throw in some additional news about what you have been up to lately. Such a simple email template would attract interest without doubt, and consumers will not have to hang on to the deal for long because it is so simple to use.

12. Invitation by Terris Kremer

Invitation by Terris Kremer

Giving your current user base an email newsletter update to let them know that it is time to prepare ahead for the event you are hosting is your best bet to get genuine and engaged individuals to attend your events. This template allows you to do this easily. Invitation makes the process of sending an invitation incredibly versatile because you would not be able to cram the registration form into the email, you can write a fast announcement summary of what your event is about and include a registration button as shown in this template. It comes with the best email newsletter designs. Simple, but ultimately versatile and convenient.

13. Color Tab

Color Tab

This one is a special one for the writers and minds that want to share their long stories. Best suited for journalists and writers, this template allows them to share their stories in the middle with additional links below to support the main writeup. Newsletters following up with such kind of work is a treat for its users. This MailChimp mobile template comes with the best email newsletter designs.

14. Email on Acid

Email on acid

This template includes an email editor feature that allows you to customize the appearance without needing to use an external platform. But you can still easily import these designs into your MailChimp account and use them for sending campaigns upon completion of the design of your choosing. Email on Acid offers a suite of templates that have been extensively checked to work with the smartphone and tablet devices that are most widely used. This also comes with a subscription offer that you can unsubscribe at any moment but till then you will be getting all the tips and tricks to get a genuine response from your clients.

15. Creating a Simple Responsive HTML Email

Creating a Simple Responsive HTML Email

In order to structure a template that would appeal to any device type, this beginner-friendly tutorial takes you through the steps of learning how to use media queries. The end result is an innovative application of modern styles of design interface while retaining a reader’s ease. It comes with the best email newsletter designs. This MailChimp mobile template helps to create a better understanding of the whole template and how it works. who knew how a little bit of CSS and HTML can also take you a long way?

16. Responsive Email Template

Responsive email template

Designs are always changing, and it’s not new that one requires certain media queries but this one allows the user to get the same type of output with no media queries required. With this MailChimp mobile template, you can create amazing email designs. This kind of technique uses grid and table designs to better grasp the dimensions of the system that views the specific template, these tutorials can take slightly longer to complete, but the final results are nothing short of spectacular. 

17. Kreative


Kreative works with MailChimp, but it can be incorporated easily into other email marketing systems, such as Campaign Monitor, Litmus, and more. This one allows you to import custom HTML templates. The impeccable attention to detail makes Kreative stand out so far from other models. To reflect truly sensational design standards, each of the content layers and widget areas was carefully optimized.

18. Fabulous


For those people who love simplicity, this template is best suitable for you. In order to announce news and share blog posts, this simple design uses colored grid blocks to sew together a newsletter. In addition, an eCommerce or WooCommerce newsletter could also be easily complimented with a little bit of improvement.

Premium MailChimp Email Templates

These templates that are going to be mentioned below are actually premium templates that we can get from MailChimp. These are packed with more add-ons and also filled with more improvements and better optimization. These templates are:

19. Dolley


This template does the job of combining comprehensive business and innovative modules together to produce the best newsletters. The modules of Dolly are programmed so you can share about your business. You can use Dolley to highlight the functionality of your product and to provide standalone widgets to show updates to blogs and content. A beautiful concept primer is used by the portfolio module to show off your best work. The ability to show your team members in a newsletter is included in additional modules. In an actual FAQ type widget, Dolly often provides outlined responses to commonly asked questions. You can include Google Maps of your business in the template too. You can take advantage of the pricing widget to display the pricing plans in the newsletter for your items. Dolly is a great example of how an email newsletter should implement a lead-oriented conversion page.

20. Kent


The email templates are creative and ready not only for MailChimp but also for MyMail, Aweber, SendGrid, iContact, Successful Campaign. To render each email special, Kent features a responsive interface with a huge library of over fifty unique modules. The StampReady email editing program is ideal for this. Both PSD files were included by the designers and you have complete access to the appearance of each of the files.

21. Neo


Neo is a multipurpose MailChimp email design creator that can create personalized templates with its integrated editor. It has ready-made prototypes and has a simple and user-friendly tool that will help to hammer out the brand-specific email templates in a tiny breeze, instead of doing all the hard work yourself from scratch. There’s no need to have any previous experience either; you can all design the right layouts for your target audience with Neo. Some of the features include MyMail, compatibility with Campaign Monitor, editor drag and drop, and document support, etc.

22. Marion


This template will help improve your click-through rates through the roof. With Marion, with your emails, you should expect wonderful results. You can unlock even more possibilities as you add your imaginative spirit. Marion contains over nineteen blocks that you can mix and match until find your perfect fit.

23. Bolt


This is the all-rounder solution if you are looking for a template that does everything. This solid, beginner-friendly and completely customizable email template is an ideal match for all your requirements and needs. It comes with over fifty blocks of a whopping set. This offers you the freedom to design and create email newsletters that are unique and striking.

24. KIRA


KIRA is a MailChimp compatible email template. In fact, with its modern and customizable layout, KIRA works with all sorts of different intentions. Beginners and pros will build excellent emails with the drag and drop technology that will keep subscribers engaged each and every time. KIRA is also well recorded, so if it is your first ever email campaign, you will never feel lost.

25. Candy


When it comes to email newsletter templates, Candy is like icing on the cake. Candy is compatible with all the common email providers including, MailChimp, Aweber, iContact, and StampReady. In addition, this template is a creative and mobile-ready interface. Start building your newsletters with confidence and stay up to date with whatever is essential for your subscribers.


The templates disclosed above are our top 25 free and paid MailChimp email templates of 2023. Each has its very own uniqueness, and they come with standout features. They are packed with the best newsletter templates and up-to-date add-ons. Hopefully, you will find the best templates from the above and finally be able to meet your match.

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