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How to Change Your WordPress Background Image


When it comes to tweaking something on your WordPress, you will find a number of life-saving hacks. Similarly, there are many ways to change your WordPress background image. The purpose of a good background image is to create a lasting impression on the website visitor, complement the overall design of the website and more. 

Here in this article, we are going to share how you can complete the process using different methods. Have a look at the following article to know the methods and pick the most suitable one for you. 

Get Your Custom Background Using WP Plugin

Applying a WordPress plugin and getting a proper background image is the most flexible way to get it done. The best thing about using a plugin is that anyone can get it done easily.

In addition, you can tweak your background images for different posts, categories, and pages. Let’s have a look how you can set up a plugin to change the background image of WordPress website. 

To begin with the process, you will need to purchase the Full-Screen Background Pro Plugin. The rest of the process of setting up the WordPress background image is shown below.

  • On your Dashboard, go through the pages with Appearance and then Full-Screen BG Image page, where you will need to fill out your license key. 
Appearance-Full-Screen BG Image
  • The key will be at your email inbox, and it will be sent from the plugin’s website once you have purchased it. Input the license key and click on the save button to complete the process. After it is saved, you can add your background images along with your website. 
  • In the next step, proceed with the “add new image” button, and you will find this button on your settings page. Finally, this will take you to the upload screen.
  • Then click on the “Add New Image” and upload one of your preferred images. Once you choose the one then, you are going to see a live preview of that particular image on your screen. At the same page, you just need to put the name of this image at the dialog box, No worries, you can rename it according to your choice.  You can also pick if the image is for your particular page as a background page or it should be in multiple pages. More specifically, the Full-screen background pro plugin lets you to set your image to get the global visibility, and you can apply this on your different page, post, or categories. 
add new image
  • After setting it up, click on the “Save” button, and then it will be set as your background image. Your background image will be set by following the above method. However, if you want to bring modification, you can simply visit the Appearance section and then go to the Full-Screen BG Image page and bring your required modifications.

After customizing it, you are going to have your site mobile responsive and showcase to your visitors on full-screen mode as well. Hence, your site will be fit perfectly for different sorts of the screen and resize the WordPress background image accurately.  The process seems a bit easier compared to the without plugin methods. 

Set Up Your WordPress Background Image for Individual Pages, Posts, or Categories

If you want to set the background for the individual pages, posts, and categories, then you can easily sort it out as well. 

In order to do so, you need to edit that following post or page where you want to display that particular different background image. So on that post edit screen, you will come to see the “full-screen background image” box right beneath the post editor. 

full-screen background image

The system is quite as simple as the previous one. So while tweaking your specific category, you also need to visit the Appearance and the Full-Screen BG Image page. Afterward, click on the button of “Add New Image.”

Now, you need to upload one of your images for the specific one, and for that, you can select that specific category, where you want to display that image. 

Add New Image

Now specify your Category ID in order to see the background image. There will be more stuff waiting for you to go through the session on find category ID in WordPress. 

Finally, don’t forget to save the image from settings. 

Wrapping Up

With the help of this plugin, you can easily add background images on your WordPress website and can also add background images on specific pages of your website.

This will help you to set up the background image, edit it when necessary and bring other modifications as well. If you need a detailed guide for setting up a new website, check out this article. 

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