Have a look at our licensing policy to know the details of using our products.


DroitThemes holds the rights to all our products. And we hold the right to bring changes in our policy as we may. However, all changes will be corresponded to related stakeholders. 

DroitThemes follows the following conditions as per the licensing policy for paid and free products. DroitThemes follows the GPL (General Public License) for its products. 

When it comes to free products, there are two use areas of them:

  1. Personal use: Our free products can be used for personal use such as a student using the product for educational purposes, a newbie trying to learn details by tweaking with the products.
  2. Commercial use: By commercial use we refer to publishing a website on the web publicly for your own and others using our products.

What you can do with our products

  • Create a public website using our product.
  • Create a website for a client using our products.
  • Distribute the product with giving us credit.
  • You can modify the product according to your needs (except changing credits in the footer).

What you cannot do

  • We hold the rights to all our products  and you cannot claim the product to be yours.
  • You cannot distribute the product as your own.
  • When you distribute our product you cannot do it without giving us credit.
  • For free products you cannot change the credit set by us