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Motodeal – The Best Deal for Automotive WordPress Theme

Motodeal – The Auto trader WordPress themeBest Deal for Automotive WordPress Theme

Motodeal is a multipurpose theme best suitable for display of vehicles such as cars, bikes, trucks, agricultural vehicles and water vehicles such as yachts, ships and more. If it moves, Motodeal can display with excellence. Along with that, these WordPress themes for vehicles can also be used for various business purposes such as vehicle rentals, repair, classified websites, selling point and more. If you want to set up a website that falls under any of the above mentioned criteria, Motodeal can be the best option for you. In the following, we will go through an in-depth analysis and review of the Motodeal theme to discuss the pros and cons of the theme.

In this article, we will shed light on the Motodeal theme based on the following questions.

  • Who should use Motodeal?
  • Is Motodeal responsive?
  • How many pre made demos Motodeal have?
  • Does Motodeal have any page builder?
  • Does Motodeal come with good support from the developers?
  • How is the speed of Motodeal?
  • What are the special features of Motodeal?
  • And More!

Now let’s dig into the detailed review of Motodeal.

Who Should Use Motodeal?

Motodeal can be a good suit for individuals and organizations working with cars and vehicles. If you are looking forward to creating a car rental website where the visitors will navigate through the website and rent cars, that can be easily done with the built in demos of the theme. This is applicable not only with cars but also with many road and water vehicles alike. Along with that, if you are looking forward to creating classified websites for motor and non-motor vehicles. Motodeal can be a good option for you. In addition, with the help of Motodeal you can take the car showroom experience online. In the following we are listing what theme requirement can Motodeal address?

  • Auto dealer WordPress theme
  • Automotive WordPress theme
  • Car rental WordPress theme
  • Automobile Car Dealer WordPress theme
  • WordPress theme for vehicle sales
  • Auto trader WordPress theme
  • Car rental WordPress theme
  • WordPress theme for taxi rental
  • Car repair WordPress theme
  • Bike seller WordPress theme
  • Classified vehicle seller theme
  • Car dealership theme
  • Listing theme
  • and more!

Adapting to digital transformation is an important strategic move for the time being. With that note, this WordPress theme for motor vehicles can help you to have your own digital transformation if you are working in a similar field.

Is Motodeal responsive?

Motodeal is super responsive and retina ready. The design and interface of the website is designed in a way that ensures the website is visible from any device. Whether you are using mobile or tablet to visit the website or desktop, it will provide a similar experience. The website is compatible with any of the devices and browsers alike. It is very important to have a responsive website because the majority of the traffic in any website comes from mobile devices. Along with that, data indicates that in future the website traffic coming from mobile devices will increase and as a result it is important to have your website responsive and retina ready. So if you want to create any website with the help of Motodeal, you can easily create a responsive website with this theme.

How Many Pre Made Demos Motodeal Have?

In the majority of the premium WordPress theme, it comes with many built in pre made demos. These demos are designed and created based on the overall theme of the website. The benefit of having pre made demos is its usability in your website. If you purchase a theme that has a lot of premade demos, you can easily use the premade demos to design your website accordingly. Motodeal comes with 11 pre made demos you can choose from. These demos are built with modern upbeat designs, friendly user experience and speedy performance. In the following we list down all the available demos of Motodeal and its special features.

Luxury Car

luxury cars demo of Motodeal

Luxury car demo comes with special features and design elements that are crafted to showcase luxury cars on the website. With the built in layout and features, you can easily create the overall website with the help of the website. If you are looking for an auto dealer WordPress theme for a luxurious car, this theme can meet your requirements.

Budget Car

budget cars demo of Motodeal

Budget Car demo is best suitable if you are planning to create a website for displaying budget cars. With the budget car website, you can easily create the website for displaying budget cars. Visitors can book the cars and have an online experience to get to know more about budget cars and more. This theme is well matched if you are looking for an automotive WordPress theme.


bus demo of Motodeal

This demo is premade with different layout and style that is best suitable for displaying bus and coach. This theme can be used if you want to display bus and coach rental service through your website. The clean and simple designs makes it super easy to book a package for your trip.  Along with that, the theme comes with built in features to book a purchase from the website as well. This demo can meet your expectation of having a dealership WordPress theme for vehicles.

Car Repair

car repair demo of Motodeal

The Car Repair demo will help you to create websites that offer car repair service. The simple user interface will allow the visitors to navigate through the website and figure out the types of services you can offer. From the website you can book for specific service and know details regarding the services too. There are different styles of displaying the service and other features of the website too. 


motorbike demo of Motodeal

With the Motorbike demo, you can easily get started if you are looking for a website to display motorbikes online. On the website you can display the motorbikes with different layouts. Along with that, the motorbike theme allows you to categorize the products based on different brands and display them accordingly.

Classified Car

classified demo of Motodeal

The Classified Car demo is designed to display advertisements of cars. You can easily categorize the cars on the basis of brand, make, model and year. The visitors can navigate through the different filters and find out the car of their preference easily. If you are looking for a classified listing WordPress theme, these demos will serve the purpose.

Yacht and Boat

yatch and boat demo of Motodeal

This theme allows you to create a beautiful and stunning website for your Yacht and Boat service. With the help of this WordPress theme for yacht, you can display the water vehicles on the basis of their types. The visitors can filter out the vehicles in terms of price and mileage to find the right fit for them. The demo is designed with an elegant style and interface, meeting the needs of the visitors of the website. 

Farming Vehicle

special vehicles demo of Motodeal

The Farming Vehicle theme can be used to beautifully demonstrate the different vehicles that can be used for farming purposes. The website allows the option to book a farming vehicle for a specific time and also has a built in feature to display and sell farming vehicles. The theme is designed with a simple interface and speedy user experience.


truck demo of Motodeal

This premade demo is best suitable if you want to create a website that showcases trucks for sales and rent. It can be used for both personal and industrial purposes. You can display Trucks and the visitors can find the products easily. With advanced filtering options such as brand, year, category, size and more the visitors can easily find the vehicle that meets their requirement the most.

Taxi Service

taxi service demo of Motodeal

The Taxi Service demo allows you to host a website with the service of offering taxis for the visitors. With the help of your website they can book taxis. The premade demo allows you to book a taxi by providing specific information such as the Pickup address, destination, time, number of passengers and more. Along with taxis, you have the option to include other vehicles for booking as well. 

Car Rental

car rental demo of Motodeal

With this creatively designed premade demo you can easily create a website for providing car rental service. The visitors can pick the car of their preference and requirement and book online to take the service. It is easy to navigate and comes with visually appealing designs. If you are in search for car rental WordPress theme, this demo can save your day.

These are the demos that are available with Motodeal. If you get this theme, you can easily design your website using these pre made demos as the base. With the built in one click demo importer, you can import the demos as it is and get started with your website with some tweaking. 

Does Motodeal Have Any Page Builder?

Motodeal comes with the Elementor page builder. Elementor is one of the famous WordPress page builders. The purpose of page builders are to make your life easy. With the Elementor page builder, you can customize and modify your website with ease. The easy to use drag and drop feature of the page builder will allow to design the website easily. You can customize the premade demo based on your requirement. With the help of this page builder you can even create the website from scratch. If you do not know coding or have any technical knowledge of web design you do not need to worry because the Elementor page builder takes care of the complexities. You can design and modify a website even if you do not have any background knowledge or expertise on web designing and programming. So editing, modifying and customizing Motodeal with Elementor page builder will make your life easy.

Does Motodeal come with good support from the developers?

Motodeal is developed by DroitThemes. They are one of the elite authors in the themeforest. They are also the brain behind the popular best selling theme Saasland. They have a very well structured support. The support comes with a very good knowledge base. If you are facing any trouble after purchasing Motodeal you can easily reach out to them through the ticketing process. You can describe your issue and submit a ticket. They will get back to you with the required solution. So overall, Motodeal has very good customer support as well.

How is the Speed of Motodeal?

Speedy performance of websites is a must in an ultra-fast age like this. Motodeal will not disappoint you with its speed. The theme is designed carefully to ensure it provides speedy performance and navigation. In spite of having many features, the Motodeal does not require much loading time. Along with that the overall navigation in between the pages of the website. So if you are looking for a fast WordPress theme for cars and more, Motodeal can be your right choice.

What are the Special Features of Motodeal?

Motodeal has some special features that makes it more suitable for vehicle related websites. In the following we will highlight the different special features of the theme.

Versatile Demos

As we have already mentioned the different demos that Motodeal has to offer. These demos are versatile and unique from one another. You can easily get started with your website only with the help of these demos. With little customization you can have your website ready in no time. The versatile vehicle centric demos makes Motodeal a right choice for individuals and organizations operating in the similar field.  

Car Comparison Feature

The theme comes with a car comparison feature. You can compare between the different available cars and make a decision based on that. It is a very important feature when it comes to making a decision like purchasing a car. A car comparison feature makes it easier for the visitor to make their decision.

Finance Calculator

Motodeal also comes with a finance calculator. The finance calculator is a great feature from the perspective of the buyer. Imagine you are planning to purchase a car and you want to purchase it with installments. The built in finance calculator feature will help you to calculate the amount of money you will be paying as down payment and the interest rate that will be imposed. It is a very important feature in any automotive WordPress themes for the individuals who are purchasing cars from your website. 

WooCommerce Compatible

The theme is compatible with WooCommerce. This gives an online experience to the customers who want to purchase cars online. With WooCommernce compatibility, this WordPress theme for cars will be able to sell cars, services and book car rental services as well.  Motodeal comes with all the necessary features for an automobile car dealer WordPress theme. 

Creative & Stylish Design

Motodeal is full of creative and stylish designs through the demos, headers, service style, page style, footers and so on. The stylish design interface and overall style of the theme is suitable in terms of the user experience. Along with that it has different 200+ built in element blocks that you can use to design the website creatively.

Overall, these are the features and reasons for picking Motodeal if you have a requirement for auto dealer WordPress theme, automotive and automobile dealer WordPress theme, Auto shop, auto repair and more. You can pick this theme and get started with it for your next stellar website.

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