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Today, when it comes to the success of your website or product, UI/UX is the deciding factor.

Don’t believe me? Check these stats out.

Research suggests that 75% of people base their trust in a brand from their website user experience. Over 38% of visitors will cease to interact with a website if they find it visually unappealing. Moreover, 40% of people will move on if they find a website is not mobile-friendly.

It’s a sobering statistic, isn’t it? But that’s great news for those looking at building a career in web designing.

There’s no better time to be a part of the web design industry than today, with a host of career options available (UX designer, UI designer, Visualizer, Web developer and more). However, when starting in your design career, it can be overwhelming to understand which areas to focus on and prioritize.

You can’t eat the whole cake in one sitting, you need to break it up into manageable chunks and achieve mastery one skill at a time.

We’ve created this checklist of essential Design Skills that every web designer must master to help you in advancing your design career.

Since innovations are disrupting the UI/UX industry every day, you’ll have to keep re-evaluating your skills to remain updated with the trends.

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