Secret Tips to Grow Your Email Subscriber List

Have you ever come across the expression “The money is in the list”? You probably have if you’re running an online business. Emails are probably the best channel out there when it comes to marketing. We know that email marketing is not the shiniest new toy on the scene, but believe it or not, it is still the most potent way of engaging with your prospects, and it’s likely not going anywhere anytime soon.

Although social media may seem like a better option, when you put all your efforts into that, you’re basically building a house on somebody else’s land. You probably remember, on March 13th, 2019, Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp went down across the world. Thankfully those platforms were only shut down for a day, but I believe that the day alone serves as a massive reminder to a lot of business owners and content creators the importance of having an email list.

So, in this article, I’m going to give you all my secret tips, tactics, and strategies to build an email list either from scratch or from a tiny list you have right now.

What is Lead Magnet? Before I explain lead magnet, keep in mind that creating a lead magnet, opt-in, or a freebie is the number one way of building an email list from scratch. Those three words are interchangeable, but the concept behind the idea is – you’re giving away something for free in exchange for someone else to give his or her email. But the first thing I want to address that newsletters are no more relevant in 2020. A newsletter, in most cases, doesn’t really promise anything of value. So, what should you do? We want you to create a flagship opt-in that most of your core audience would care about. That’s your lead magnet or freebie. Your lead magnet or freebie has to be very specific, and it has to answer a question or solve a problem your audience is likely facing. It can be as simple as a PDF – could be a guide or cheat sheet – or you can get more involved with audio or video training. And if you run the kind of business where you can offer a discount of some sort in exchange for an email address, that can work great as well.

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