Privacy Policy

This privacy policy explains the information we collect when you use our product and services. It also explains how we save, delete and use that information. The objective of our privacy policy is to attain the trust of our clients.

Collecting Information

Personal information is collected once a visitor comes to our website. Few information such as browser, time zone, IP address and cookies installed on your device are collected automatically. In addition, we also collect the information about navigation of the viewers as they browse through different pages and products displayed in our website, words that are put in the search sections and overall information about the interaction with the website. The tools we use to process such information are Cookies, Google Analytics, Google Ads, Facebook pixel and Twitter Ads. In addition, we also collect information when a customer makes a purchase on our website. Information such as account name, billing address, payment information, and email address is collected whenever a purchase is made from our website. With the motto “quality over quantity” we focus on building less number of products with the highest quality possible.

Using Information

The information collected during the purchase process is used to process order, payment confirmation, processing invoice and order confirmation. Along with that, the information collected from the website and during the purchase process is used to communicate with you. With this information, we try to reach out with bespoke advertisements that will meet your best expectations.

Sharing Information

Information is shared with specific third parties for precise reasons. We use Google Analytics to comprehend the behavior of the customers to cater them with customized communication. To know more about how information is processed through Google, feel free to read this: Along with that, we share information to abide by laws and regulations as a response to specific situations.

We Care for Your Rights

You have total right to have access to your personal information. In addition, you can also request to modify, change, correct and delete the information we possess.

Policy Change

Updates on privacy policies are communicated beforehand with the users and clients. Along with informing beforehand, we update our client base and users after the changes are made.