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Whether you’re a tech geek or a layperson who doesn’t care about IT much, stay aware of the tech trends. Why so? First of all, technology is everywhere. You start the day with a quick look at the smartphone screen and finish it by setting the alarm on the same screen.

Second, technology is never boring. What if the world has invented mind-reading software, and you know nothing about it? Did you know you can now rent a virtual address in Japan that’s connected to a real physical address? All in all, learn how the world will use the best technology trends. Probably, you might adopt some of them to invest in your career or maximize your daily activities. 

#1: AI Isn’t Stopping

AI tops the list of most popular unprecedented tech solutions in 2024. The trend has been in the tech in India or the global market for a long time. Did you know that AI powers ATS bots? Yeap, reaching out to resume service to go past Cerberus and land your resume on the recruiter’s desk might be a good idea. However, 2024 will be the exact year companies will start using AI as their little core helper. Up to 85% of modern businesses already use AI, believing these tools double their revenue and save costs.

 In which areas should we expect the growth of artificial intelligence products? 

  • Healthcare industry. Implementing AI into healthcare practices allows healthcare specialists to make better decisions, develop effective treatment plans, and accurately diagnose patients. Additionally, AI allows distant hospital visits, fighting off COVID-19 and saving patients money; 
  • Marketing field. Introducing AI to this field would allow businesses to create more efficient graphics and texts. Hence, AI will improve multiple user experiences;
  • Financial field. Speeding the transactions while providing top digital security to the customer’s data will be real due to AI;
  • Analytics. All companies can prosper from adding AI to their business analytics regardless of the field. Due to AI, businesses can collect data more efficiently and make better predictions for market demands in the future.  

#2: Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality

Forget about gaming – no one will be surprised that AR and VR will continue rising there. Think bigger. What about adding AR and VR to classroom curriculums? Yeap, there is a high chance children at schools will wear those big Wall-E-like glasses (remember that Pixar cartoon, right?) to learn new things or engage in new activities. 

There are already AR and VR learning tools. Remember those good old frog dissection classes? From now on, no frogs will suffer. With the invention of Froggipedia, students can learn everything about bodily organs without dissecting a real frog. 

Which are other industries where AR and VR technologies will become popular in 2024?

  • Real estate and construction. Implementing AR and VR technologies will maximize the work of real estate agents and building companies. You’ll be able to get a free 3D tour of your future house before actually buying it; 
  • Healthcare and fitness. New software-generated surroundings will surely make your treadmill and exercise bike workouts funnier; 
  • Entertainment. Remember Tupac’s hologram at Coachella 2020? Yeap, AR and VR technologies can raise the dead too! Also, your zombies will look scarier and more realistic in your favorite video game. 

#3: Cybersecurity Will Be a Top Priority

More businesses are transferring their business operations into the digital realm. Meanwhile, the chances of these digital systems being hacked increase. Hence, the need for developing cybersecurity measures rises. Companies should invest in VPNs, firewalls, and regular security audits to protect sensitive data. Additionally, doing Brave vs Chrome comparison will help in choosing a secure browser for everyday use. Especially to fight against the cryptocurrency scams, which experts say will spread even more in 2024. In addition to external threats, insider threat protection services help mitigate risks from within an organization. Sites providing real-time btc to usd conversions empower organizations to seamlessly accept crypto payments and manage volatility risk through appropriate hedging strategies.

Remember Hilary Clinton’s hacked email? Yeap, this is the dumpster fire the lack of cybersecurity leads to. In the end, the industries that will benefit from upgrading their cybersecurity programs are as follows: 

#4: Superapps As a Part of Business Strategies

Next year will be the peak of superapps. What are they? Superapps are designed to provide the user with a top professional experience regarding the services’ diversity and urgency. Think of a superapp as an independent digital platform with a surprising number of functions. So why are superapps important if businesses want to survive? 

  • They are inclusive yet appeal to all customers;
  • Superapps enhance their data security methods, yet, better security with no additional costs; 
  • They are convenient to use and allow businesses to increase their online presence; 
  • Customers can reach for an increased range of products and services online. 

#5: The Rise of Sustainable Technology 

The Russian aggression against Ukraine has sparked a global discussion on the development of renewable energy sources. Hence, no wonder that the conversation on energy-efficient technologies will continue. Not only do these technologies cut your heating bills, but they also stabilize energy grids and reduce energy-related waste. 

Which are the examples of energy-efficient sustainable technologies?

  • Wireless home sensors
  • Heat pumps with low-emission combustion burners
  • Magnetic refrigerators
  • LEDs
  • Environmentally-friendly foam insulation materials

Final Thoughts

Technological development is a true promise for a better future in terms of sustainability or tech efficiency. AI, virtual reality, cryptocurrency, superapps, and sustainable technology will shape the next year. What does it mean? The financial system will become more decentralized, while businesses will have more opportunities to stay independent. Meanwhile, the new AR and VR technology suggests an easier way to escape into unreal worlds. Oh, don’t forget cybersecurity which the modern global political arena posed as a top question. 

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