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What is the Highlighted Comment on YouTube: Solved

highlighted reply on youtube

In YouTube, seeing a comment highlighted is very common. Often we wonder “what is the highlighted comment on YouTube?” Today we will discuss the meaning of this highlighted comment on YouTube and what is the purpose of this.

Why is the highlighted comment on YouTube used?

In very simple words, the highlighted comments on YouTube is a very common feature, and it does not indicate something specific. The highlighted comment is used for the following reasons.

  • A highlighted comment tag appears on a comment on YouTube to drag your attention to that specific comment. This is done to ensure you can interact with the comment easily.
  • No one has control over the highlighted comment. The content creator does not highlight any specific comment. Nor does the user have the ability to highlight their individual comment, it is done automatically by YouTube to show you the most relevant comment to individual users.
  • For example, you receive a notification about a comment on your video, and you click on the notification then that specific comment will be shown as highlighted comment to you. It is done to make it easier for you to find the relevant comment and reply to it.
  • Another example can be that when someone replies to your comment, that comment will be tagged as a highlighted comment to make it easier for you to find the comment and reply.
  • The highlighted comment on YouTube is not public. It is visible to individual users only.

These are the reasons for highlighted comments on YouTube. There is nothing special or additional about the highlighted comment feature on YouTube. It is just an automated feature of YouTube to make the navigation easier for the user.

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