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7 Best Free WordPress Support Ticket Plugins for 2024

Best Free WordPress Support Ticket Plugin

Support tickets are kind of like your appointment with the doctor. Even now, before visiting your doctor, sometimes you have to get an appointment and you are given a ticket that shows you the time and room number of the doctor’s chamber.

This is called support tickets. Where you get privacy and get proper attention from a specialist.

In the world of WordPress There is a similar scope called the support ticket plugin.

Support plugins allow you the opportunity to work on your problems by elaborating it to the specialist and get the solution to your problem.

You can call it as a helpdesk always there to listen to you.

Support ticket plugins are plugins that you can add to your website to allow the visitors or the customers to directly communicate their feedback and problems in order to get a proper solution.

There are many support plugins out there, and we have done our fair share of research on this.

Considering the fact that the premium plugins might cost a few bucks and thus we made 7 best free WordPress support ticket plugins for the year to come.

Before that, let’s go through a quick read on what is the importance of support ticket plugins. 

Importance of WordPress Support Ticket Plugins

Customer Support

The basic reason for support ticket plugins is to allow your users to communicate regarding their issues with the support team.

By submitting a detailed ticket, they can describe their issue and will be met with an expert solution.

From the support provider’s end, the customer support plugin will create a structured way of providing customer support to the users. 

Track and Solve

With the ticket plugins, support providers can keep track of the issues put forth by the users.

They can keep track of the update and provide the required solution easily. They can close the ticket when the issue is resolved and that can be deemed as an advantage for the support providers as well.

Ticketing plugin makes it easier for support providers to keep track of the issues and offer solutions to the problems. 

Improve User Experience

If you do not keep any way for the users to communicate with you regarding the issues they are facing, you will not know about your area of improvement.

Through support tickets, many users will report bugs, glitches, give feedback and suggestions on your products and services.

This will help you to find the gaps in your product and take necessary actions to improve the user experience.

Thus it is important to have a ticket support plugin with your website to get insights on your customer experience. 

1. Awesome Support

Awesome Support

Awesome Support is a WordPress help desk and support plugin that is fast and almost ready to use right after installation.

It’s a WordPress support desk plugin is one of the most versatile plugins out there for WordPress. It’s literally the only ticketing plugin for desk and support that matches the features of SAAS solutions.

It’s packed with ticketing, importing, e-mail notifications, file uploads, ticket routing, staff time tracking, user compatibility, WooCommerce integration and many more.

This is one of the best customer service plugins WordPress because it’s like the all-rounder of support ticket plugins as it gets everything covered and it’s easy to install and it’s free!

Get Awesome Support →

2. JS Helpdesk

JS Helpdesk

JS Helpdesk is another WordPress support plugin all-rounder when it comes to support ticket plugins.

This WordPress plugin allows the guest or the visitor to create a front end ticket with other expensive features but absolutely free.

Unlimited tickets, robust flexibility and a very responsive layout puts it in our top three.

This plugin also allows you to mark the priority as upload files and also has many email templates that make your feedback giving process a head start and is a huge boost for your website.

Multi language support, short codes, powerful filters, easy to use and amazing automated notification settings integrated with the system making it a must try.

And the best part, it is free! This is one of the best WP support ticket plugins and also one of the best customer service plugins WordPress has. So don’t forget to check it out.

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3. WP Support Plus Responsive Ticket System

WP Support Plus Responsive Ticket System

WP Support Plus Responsive Ticket System is a WordPress support that has specific features for support tickets.

Somethings need to be straightened first because their developers are saying that this one is being maintained for the existing users and they are recommending the new users to use their new plugin called SupportCandy.

You can use it as it has a huge chunk of positive reviews but remember if you are looking for something that is the latest, check out the updated version of the plugin.

From its actual initial release to this date, it has had many updates and now it has come to its end for updates as the developers are going for something new.

But this WordPress help desk is complete and is still serving well to its loyal fanbase. This one is one of the best customer service plugins WordPress has.

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4. Zendesk Support for WordPress

Zendesk Support for WordPress

Well, this WordPress support plugin is one of the most controversial ones out there. This plugin has a very complex set of requirements and requires you to be a bit cautious, as many users have complained about certain features only to find out how deep and sophisticated their procedures are.

So, we can’t call it a friendly tool, rather this one is a bit hefty and might give you a tough time. It is not the best WP support ticket plugin out there.

This extension is buggy and even though they send late upload we won’t actually recommend you this right away rather if you are curious and have free time to go through their system give it a shot as this WordPress help desk still has many active users and it’s free!

Get Zendesk

5. SupportCandy


Next in the line of best free WordPress support ticket plugins is SupportCandy. This WordPress support desk plugin is also easy to use, and it’s free.

This is backed up with so many features that it is a must try for everyone. With a huge number of features, it has a premium section that is future proof.

With updates rolling in every now and then, this could be your ideal support desk for your WordPress website.

The key aspects for this plugin are unlimited tickets and agents, emailing and customer satisfaction survey.

This plugin is adored and loved by its community even though it has a very few small bugs, this WordPress help desk is considered to be one of the best WP support ticket plugins out there.

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6. Live Agent

Live agent

This is a free ticketing software for which you will need to create an account and add your business email.

This software is another complete package and it looks amazing as it has live chat, call center, email, and a one-point customer service.

But it has a huge drawback and gets a thumbs down because you can’t integrate it with Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, and also because you can use only one email at a time.

It has premium plans that include many features. But we recommend using the free version.

It has a quicker response time and a huge customer satisfaction rate. It can be immensely helpful to increase the productivity of the support agents.

It also has a 7-day limit for ticket history. They are customer friendly and they are free. If you find the premium plans suitable, you can try this WordPress help desk plugin for your WordPress website. 

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7. Support Genix


Support Genix offers a comprehensive solution for businesses that seek to optimize their customer service. The plugin combines an easily-managed ticketing system with the well-known WordPress platform, enabling teams and departments to seamlessly transfer issues between one another. 

It supports unlimited tickets, customers, and agents from a single location while offering email notifications as well as agent ability management—allowing your company to provide better support no matter how high demand may be.

You can use the WordPress Support Ticket Plugin to manage all customer inquiries in one place. This makes it easier to keep track of and respond to tickets, helping to maintain smooth business operations.

Support Genix is such a WordPress plugin that enables you to enhance customer support directly from your WordPress dashboard through a powerful ticketing system. With this feature, you can quickly generate and handle support tickets. 

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8. WP Ticket

WP Ticket

This is another one of the complete packages out there that provides a 360 degree solution for you.

The biggest plus point for this WordPress support desk plugin is that they have got very good feedback from the customers.

It has an easy installation process for both internal and manual installations. This WordPress help desk is packed with so many features that the list will go on.

The numbers of active users might be misleading but this plugin is promising and can be very beneficial for beginners as well as the pros.

This just might be one of the best customer service plugin WordPress, Allocate customer support staff positions, build an infinite number of customer support staff, expand your customer support with special characters, attach simple support ticket extensions, protect your support team from spam, configure your customer service form, completely attentive customer support system.

It offers a centralized place for all your tickets and agents for your support team.

Though the numbers might be low but this could be one of the best WP support ticket plugin so It’s a must try for everyone out there. 

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Now that we have described seven of the best WordPress support desk plugins, the ball is in your court as you are now in the driving seat.

You now have the information that you need to select the best one from them. There are certain segments that show which one is best for that particular requirement and you must figure that out.

Each of them is providing valuable features and even though one or two might be controversial, you must remember that they are free.

Some might get updates, and some won’t but remember you should never compromise the quality of these WordPress help desk plugins.

Properly follow the guides to get the maximum output from them. Hope this was helpful to you and wishing you the best of luck for the year to come.

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