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How to Write an Essay on Any Topic Using AI

How to Write an Essay on Any Topic Using AI

It is no secret that content rules the web, but how about AI-written content? It is true that AI is becoming more powerful and that it can write decent articles, but how useful are those in the real world? And while the content writing market is becoming saturated, with growing demand being able to absorb much of the hyperproduction that we can see in the field as it is, it remains unclear how to use AI. It needs some instruction, and the opinions are divided. Let’s go on and explore some proven ways to put together a human and a machine for the best results. 

What Is AI? 

There are many definitions for AI – Artificial Intelligence. It is a field of computer science that develops software solutions that should think similarly to the way a human would. Artificial Intelligence is all around us, and it is present in the form of chunks of code that can recognize external stimuli and act upon it. So, it can draw its own conclusions about the world around it. 

AI is already doing many tasks better than humans ever could: it can play chess better than most people, it can recognize faces with 98% accuracy (humans score only 96%), and it can even estimate someone’s sexuality based on a single photo. AI is the reason the notorious Captcha and ReCaptcha exist – to prevent the AI from entering certain web pages and filling out information. 

What Are AI Writing Services? 

With this in mind, it is safe to conclude that AI could overtake some human jobs in the future. Although we may think most jobs are safe because AI deals with data, this is exactly where the danger lies – this is how the human brain works as well – by cranking a lot of data. In fact, AI uses this data to learn how to paint, and it uses vast riches of content available online to learn how to write. 

But can writing services like this really be that useful? Can they produce a decent piece of text? We contacted an essay writing service with these questions. They agree that AI does a good job, but the depth and the way that pieces of information are connected to one another are something that humans still excel at. According to these experts, AI would be able to take over some partial jobs in the industry, but the technology is simply not there yet, to enable writing a Master’s Thesis, for example. 

What Is Natural Language Processing? 

When writing, AI deals with a lot of text that it has to analyze to understand the topic you’re letting it write. AI has to learn some things about the topic to be able to write by itself. In doing so, it relies on natural language processing. This is a straightforward process that enables AI to both understand and produce chunks of text similar in tone and accuracy to what humans could produce. 

How to Use AI to Write for You? 

With this in mind, let’s consider how a human would write a chunk of text. You would start with a basic idea; you would expand on it, add details and do your info-checking. Then, you would preferably revise the text, make necessary changes and publish. It is similar to AI: 

  • Find an AI solution that fits your needs; since not all AI services can produce all kinds of text, 
  • Think of what you need to have written, 
  • Prepare to define exactly what you need, 
  • Enter the query, and 
  • Wait a few seconds for the AI to generate your text

Which AI Can Write for Me?

So, it really is not that difficult. When looking for AIs online, you could come up with several different services, all of which are priced differently, offer slightly different functionality, and provide you with different types of text. Here are some AIs that can write an essay for you: 

  • Rytr
  • Sass Book
  • Writesonic
  • Simplified and many more. 

It’s also worth noting that as much as these AI tools can aid in writing an essay, you might also need to compare different versions of your document. This could include drafts, revisions, or contributions from multiple team members. Especially in these cases, an online tool to compare PDFs becomes exceptionally valuable. It allows you to juxtapose different documents side by side, highlighting differences and ensuring that no important details are left out or changed unintentionally. This helps in maintaining the quality of your work and makes collaboration far more streamlined.

Pros and Cons of AI Writing  

As with any other service, AI writing is not perfect. There are some pros and cons that you should know about. This write my essay for me service can offer better quality texts and help you avoid the heavy editing that usually comes with an AI service essay. In fact, having a human write an essay for you is probably the best option, but since it is not for everyone, AI will always have more work than it can handle. 

Pros of AI Writing 

First of all, AI is incredibly fast when it comes to writing. Based on how clear and detailed your query is, you can expect to have the finished work within minutes. Moreover, if you have a subscription plan, you could also order several versions of the same text. This way, you will be able to choose the one you like the best and submit it as if it were your work. The price is much lower than with human writers as well, although the quality and the depth to which the topic is developed may be compromised. 

Cons of AI Writing

On the other hand, AI is still relatively new. Just think that the Internet is less than 40 years old. In less than 4 decades, it has made huge changes in the way we see the world and interact with each other. However, the first Internet solutions were not as good as we have them today. The same goes for AI: the quality of texts is a bit worse than with human writers, and some sentences may sound odd as if a foreigner wrote them. In addition to this, if you are looking for a solution for your blog and you would like to produce massive content, you may want to avoid AI since Google penalized its use. 

Final Considerations 

So, AI is not a bad solution, but you have to be prepared to sacrifice some time for the sake of improving the quality and the readability of the text. You should be able to come up with a well-developed idea and a clear and concise query. However, as time passes and AI gets better at doing its job, you may find yourself working less and generating more content than before.