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Guest Blogging Opportunity at DroitThemes

Lo and behold! If you have a knack for writing, we have some awesome news for you. DroitThemes is now giving opportunities to regular and aspiring writers to become guest bloggers at DroitThemes. If you have an interest in topics such as technology, WordPress themes, plugins, digital marketing, domain & hosting, web design, saas, and more then give us a buzz. Collaborating with us will be beneficial for you as well. If you are wondering about what is guest blogging, and what is in it for you? Have a look at the detailed discussion in the following: 

What is a Guest Blog?

When you are publishing your blog on someone else’s website, then that particular post is known as the guest blog. Guest blogging is done on a specific topic that is agreed upon by both parties. Guest blogging is done in order to harness relationships with other content creators. The core intention of guest blogging is to progress through collaboration. Websites at times give out the opportunities to bloggers to contribute to their website and bloggers also proactively look for websites where they can post their blogs as a guest. Apart from these, there are many technical reasons and benefits of guest blogging. We will shed light on this on the following:

Targeted Traffic

From guest blogging, there is always win-win for both. From guest blogging, you will get targeted traffic from the blogs that you publish. A regular visitor to that website will find your website relevant. So gradually the amount of targeted traffic will increase on your website. It will bring a long term value to your website. That is why it is essential to contribute to blogs of renowned websites.

High Authority Backlinks

As you keep on posting your blog on different websites, it will gradually build your connection profile. Having contributed to many quality websites will create more hyperlinks directing to your website. So if you want to have more high authority backlinks leading to your website, then guest blogging is one of the proven ways to get it done. And if you write for us, we will give you one do-follow link that will benefit the SEO of your page in the long run. 

Good Portfolio

Contributing to different websites as a guest blogger will reflect positively on your portfolio. When your write up is published on many websites, it builds your credibility and makes you a prominent figure in the industry. To create a good portfolio, you can contribute to different websites that have a similar reader base and gradually amplify the quality of your portfolio.

Why Write for Us?

We are working closely with WordPress related products. Our team is the mind behind one of the most popular themes in the technology genre. Our signature theme Saasland has been a bestseller theme in the technology category. Saasland is a responsive WordPress theme for saas, software companies and startups. Around with that we have many more themes with different features and quality. We publish content daily on the topic such as technology, WordPress themes, plugins, digital marketing, domain & hosting, web design, saas and more. If you are interested in writing on any of these topics, reach out to us. 

What will You Get from Us?

  • You can reach out to us via email for related topics to write on.
  • We will allow you to include one do-follow link with the blog.
  • If your write up is good, you can become our regular guest writer real soon.
  • We will do social share of your write up in all our social medias
  • Check out them here: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram

What You Have To Do?

  • We encourage writing on topics such as WordPress themes, plugins, digital marketing, domain & hosting, web design, saas, technology and more.
  • Please refrain from featuring any content related to gaming, gambling, movie, adult content and alcohol.  
  • Write a completely plagiarism-free blog of around 1,000 words.
  • You are also required to send a featured image for the blog (1200 x 675 px).
  • If you want to include more images you can send that as well.
  • You must ensure that the feature image and the related images are copyright free.
  • Please use the following structure to write the email subject “[Guest Post] Your Blog Title” This will also show you read our rules thoroughly. Wink, wink! 

If you want to write for us, connect with us by emailing in this email address: inbox [at] droitthemes.com

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