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Droit Addons for Elementor Have Been Nominated for Best Elementor Plugins in Monster’s Award 2022!

Monsters Award 2022

Have you ever thought that the WordPress community lacks some sort of award? You know, something like an Oscar for web developers and content makers. In this case, we are here to say that you can take part in such a ceremony. Unfortunately, you will not get a chance to wear a luxurious dress or an exquisite tuxedo. Anyway, it is as significant as other authoritative awards. Welcome to Monster’s Award 2022!

What is the Monster’s Award?

Monster’s Award is an annual contest in the sphere of WordPress. It is the second time you can vote for the best brands in the industry, thanks to TemplateMonster. Even though it is a very young award, Monster’s Award has already achieved some impressive results. For example, more than 13K+ people supported their favorite digital products last year. Due to such an amazing reception, the marketplace decided to make the contest bigger.

In 2022, the competition includes 160 nominees presented in 17 categories. These are the following ones:

  • WooCommerce
  • Dynamic plugins
  • Forms
  • Design plugins
  • Elementor Addons
  • Expert blog and media
  • Backup and migration
  • Builders
  • Rising YouTube channel
  • Fastest hosting
  • Booking and appointment
  • Security
  • Marketing
  • Newsletters and communities
  • Translations plugins
  • Free WordPress themes
  • Optimization plugins

As you can understand, Monster’s Award 2022 centers around not only digital tools. It also celebrates those people who provide the whole WordPress community with valuable content like guides, videos, and others.

In addition to this, you are always free to submit your favorite WordPress tools and professionals to become a nominee. All the winners will get special prizes from the TemplateMonster Digital Marketplace. These include promotion on their resources like social media, newsletters, and branded badges. The deadline for voting is December 23.

Why Is It Worth Voting for Droit Addons?

Droit Addons is a nominee for Monster’s Award 2022 too. Our category is “Best Elementor Plugins.” Let us go through some characteristics of our instrument.

  1. We provide fully customizable, interactive, and eye-catching design tools.
  2. You can work with 80+ beautifully designed widgets, and the collection is growing regularly.
  3. There are 250+ pre-built template blocks that allow you to kickstart your online project.
  4. Thanks to a header, footer, and mega-menu builder, it is possible to get a unique design. You can also add various animations, popups, Parallax, and other options.
  5. A fully-responsive design is always here to make your site work across different devices.

Your support is crucial for Droit Addons. This nomination proves that our team is recognized and drives us to do better work. If you select our instrument as a leader in the category, we will be very grateful.

Vote for Droit Addons for Elementor

Vote for Droit Addons for Elementor in Monsters Award

Follow Your Heart ❤️ in Monster’s Award 2022 and Choose the Best Elementor Plugins!