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10 Best WordPress Testimonial Plugins for 2022

Testimonial plugins are addons that enable you to attractively display the reviews of your products throughout various platforms without breaking its originality. It’s like putting in good words for someone and increasing the trust of new users. For example, let’s just say you are a social influencer on Instagram but you also own your very own website and you want to gain the love and trust of people from your website. This is where these plugins come in handy. These plugins will display your reviews on your website as it is. There are numerous testimonial plugins available but we have made a list of the ones that we think should be the top ten. Without much delay, have a look at the ten best WordPress testimonials plugins. 


There is a reason why we put WPForms at the top of the list. This is the best WordPress testimonial plugin for you as it has so many features that you might not want to look elsewhere. Easy to use, embedded codes, fast response, numerous templates, drag and drop feature, spam protection, great compatibility with multiple platforms, file upload entry management and many more features. They have over 3 million active users right now. Their features will allow you the capability to display the reviews and their testimony just the way you like. Their plans are really reasonable and customer friendly. So, don’t forget to give it a look. This one of the best testimonial plugins in WordPress.

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Site Reviews

Site Reviews is our second pick among the best testimonial plugin WordPress. This plugin is really simple and very easy to use. They have over 20,000+ active installations. This plugin allows the user to rate your service from 1 to 5 star rating and you will be able to monitor them as well. You can ensure that any unfair comments and illogical testimonials don’t go live on your website. This is one of the best ones out there as they give you enough freedom and maintains simplicity throughout the process. This plugin is really helpful because it helps you to monitor everything starting from testimonials to maintain your support team and their communication with your clients. Don’t forget to check out the plans and features with your own eyes.

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Easy Testimonials

The name says it all, it’s easy! All because you can control and monitor your testimonials from the WordPress admin dashboard. There are two versions of Easy Testimonials. It has a free testimonial widget for website and premium as well. But not to worry, as the free one is really effective just like the pro version. It has over 30,000+ active installations. If you like the free features, you can easily upgrade to the premium one for additional features. Starting from themes, fonts and forms the premium section is packed with rich features. It is really simple to use but heavily customizable and is compatible with third party services. Our suggestion would be to use the free testimonial widget for the website version for a while and figure out how everything is going and if you’re actually benefitting from this or not. If the result is fruitful then you can go for the premium one.

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Testimonials Widget

Next in the line for the best WordPress testimonial plugin is Testimonials Widget. This widget allows you to showcase your review, recommendations and remarks on your website creatively. .it has over 30,000+ active installations. This is displayed as a sidebar that doesn’t give you any extra hassle, the premium version is packed with so many features that it gives you the money’s worth. It’s a really powerful tool so don’t forget to give it a try. And if you go for premium remember that they have a 30-day money-back guarantee and it will be a full refund which gives you the freedom to take the risk.

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Strong Testimonials

Strong Testimonials is one of the most highly customizable WordPress testimonial plugins out there, the name says it all. It has over 100,000+ active installations. This plugin is an excellent alternative for your WordPress testimonials widget because they also provide the widget function here and they are highly customizable too. Multiple display options, testimonial slider, WordPress plugin option, grid layout, masonry layout, etc. are available with this feature-rich plugin. Here is the best part of this plugin; if you are getting reviews on multiple social media platforms, the pro version will help you link them to your website. So, don’t forget to give it a shot; this one is highly recommended.

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If you are someone who likes minimalistic designs, well look no further as Testimonial plugin would suit your style the most. With over 3,000+ active installations, this WordPress testimonial plugin comes with unlimited color combos and they are highly customizable. When it comes to compatibility this one is also highly compatible with all necessary themes and plugins. You can add Unlimited Testimonials anywhere within the theme, Drag and Drop builder API enabled, Draggable box items for quick sorting, the fantastic input field for Testimonials content makes it a must-try for testimonial plugins. The theme is packed with completely flexible and elegant design, color variation, font size, font family, etc. So, if you are looking for something exciting and new, do give it a try.

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Facebook Social Reviews Feed – Smash Balloon

Smash Balloon’s Facebook Social Reviews Feed lets you show reviews from your Facebook page on your website. Look no further if you already have good feedback on Facebook, then this is a must use for you. You don’t have to copy-paste reviews manually, add this plugin and it will take care of the rest. It has over 200,000+ active users. Adding a Facebook page feed to WordPress and improving interaction on your social profiles makes it very easy. To use the Reviews extension, you will need to buy the Custom Facebook Feed Pro plugin from Smash Balloon. You can show Facebook reviews as reviews with the plugin by entering the shortcode on any post or website, or even in a sidebar or footer widget. You can show them anywhere on your landing pages or specific product sites.

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Custom Twitter Review Feed – Smash Balloon

Smash Balloon’s Custom Twitter Review Feed is a great way to show Twitter testimonials on your blog. It has over 90,000+ active users. Like Facebook reviews, testimonials shared via tweets are a great way to show input from real people. It’s quick to narrow down your Twitter feed to show testimonials. You can do this using hashtags or advanced searches to show only testimonials about you or your business. They also have a premium version for this; the Custom Twitter Feeds Pro plugin also has several other great features. For example, you might want to create a curated list of Twitter accounts and then show it as a feed on your website. Plus, you can also automatically moderate tweets to mask tweets containing defined terms. So, if you have most of your impressions on Twitter then this is a must for you.

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Testimonial Basics

Testimonial Basics is a complete solution for you if you are looking for something that saves you time and money both. You can backup and restore testimonials, create content or widget input types, author, email, title, location, and content or widget domain with ease. There are many more features of this plugin, so do give it a try. It has over 6000+ active installations. One fun fact is that if someone is putting up a testimonial, this WordPress testimonial plugin will give him a photo from Gravatar. You can upload files manually from WordPress too.

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BNE Testimonials

BNE Testimonials with over 4000+ active installations allow you to add testimonials and feedback to every page using a short code or a sidebar using the widgets provided. You may also split the testimonials into various categories. They’re not special when it comes to the service they’re providing, but one thing is for sure that their consumer fan base is a big fan of their support team, and that’s a huge plus for everyone. Not only can you get this kit at a very fair price, so do look at it.

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Regardless of which best WordPress testimonial plugin is, the main concern is for which purpose you are using it. If the reviews aren’t shown in the correct manner, you will not be able to capture the attention of the audience. You must keep in mind that you must choose the right one that can help your website grow and gain the trust of your customers. So, make your mind regarding which one can help you to convert your reviews into golden testimonials. 

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