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6 Reasons to Choose WordPress for your Agency Website

Why You Choose WordPress for your Agency Website

Launching a website is always a hard task. Even if your website is built by a professional, if you wish to manage it with your own after the developer delivers the ready website, you will then need to use a content management system (CMS). And we all know the most popular and easy to operate CMS is WordPress.

WordPress is the most popular and easy to operate CMS

Having a website for your business or your agency is a must thing in 2022. With your agency website, you can spread your business online throughout the world, can give the information of your business or company in a more organized way to your audience, and can collect data of your readers and clients.

However, if you are planning to make a new website for your agency, or want to redesign your current website, you must have to choose the platform where your site will still live – and it’s a big decision we think.

As we are a WordPress Theme Development company, don’t think that we are biased. Here we are telling you exactly what we love about WordPress and why you must use this CMS for your agency website. But before that, we would like to recommend you to consider a few things before making your Agency Website.

What is Agency Website?

An agency website is asite that serves a huge user base

The phrase “Agency website” is a bit of a subtle term, as there is no official accord on its precise meaning.  However, it frequently pops around and describes most often for larger companies or a big online service seller.

Considering the word “agency” – means both a difficult undertaking and a business or company. In short, an agency website is a site that serves a huge user base or attracts a handful number of visitors. You can extend this concept to many scenarios, like:

  • Web application website with a handful amount of user bases. Such as Canva, Appy Pie Design.
  • The official website of a big brand or business. For example, Pepsi.
  • Software as a Service (SaaS) – Dropbox, MailChimp, etc.

Things to Consider While Building an Agency Website

We Need To Consider Some Things While Building an Agency Website

Developing a website for an agency is not the same as other projects. There are a lot of extra considerations that you need to keep in mind. For example, you must take extra care to decrease the page load times; you must future-proof your site, and so on. Here are 4 points that you need to consider while making your agency website.

  • Optimize Your Site’s Performance from Day One
  • Develop Your Site with Future-Proofing in Mind
  • Apply ‘Habit-Forming’ and ‘Modern UI’ Design
  • Secure Your Agency Website.

To get better knowledge, you can read our full guide on making the WordPress website from scratch Or you could hire a professional using UnlimitedWP. After all, why learn something new when you can pay a WordPress developer to do it for you?

Why You Should Choose WordPress for Your Agency Website

1. It is Free, Flexible and Easy to Setup

WordPress setup is very easy & flexible

Perhaps this one is the most convenient feature of WordPress. If you run your website using WordPress, you don’t require any technical skills or a background in web design or development. You can make your website ready to launch in just an hour. There are a ton of plugins that make all of your customization and website management super easy and convenient.

Besides, while using WordPress, you do not need to invest your time to learn to code or managing a website, rather you can invest all of your time and efforts in your business.

However, you may think, what about setting up WordPress on your website? It is easier than you think. Almost all web hosting companies nowadays provide cPanel with their hosting package for free. In the cPanel, you can easily install WordPress with just a click.

After installing WordPress, you will just need to install a WordPress theme for agency and a few recommended WordPress Plugins. You can do all of these things from your WordPress dashboard.

2. Integrated User Role Management

Integrated User Role Management With WordPess Is Very easy.

When you have a very big site to manage, sometimes it is hard to maintain it alone. You will then need some helping hand who will manage things like content upload, speed optimization, on-page SEO, etc. For that, you need to give them access to your WordPress dashboard.

But what if you can give control to certain areas of your site?

It would be better if when you hire some freelancers or employees for the task, and you don’t want to give them full access to your website. WordPress is helping you with its integrated custom role management feature. You can create users and give them certain access to certain tasks. You will then not to worry about the security breach or your privacy.

3. SEO Friendly

WordPress is very SEO friendly

This one is another important feature of WordPress. We had already told that plenty of WordPress plugins and WordPress themes for the agency have made the customization easy for every webmaster. But one of the most important plugins for WordPress is the SEO plugins. We have another article where we had talked about the two best SEO plugins – Yoast and Rank Math. You can have a better idea about the SEO plugins for WordPress, but here we are just mentioning the things that make WordPress upper SEO-friendly.

  • You can analyze your content and see the SEO score
  • Can preview how the content will appear in the search result
  • Get recommendations to improve your SEO
  • Generate XML sitemap of your website
  • Manage redirect linking
  • Create custom SEO settings for different pages, posts, media, etc.

For more information and learning, read: Yoast vs. Rank Math – Which One Would Be Your Best Bet?

4. WordPress is Fully Responsive

Mobile accessibility matters a lot in recent years. Google’s algorithm also prioritizes the content or the website that provides a smooth mobile user experience. Besides, statistics show us that most of the visitors are now coming from mobile devices. So, all the businesses should have a responsive web design that is suitable to use from any device.

However, you don’t need to worry about the responsiveness of your agency website anymore if you use WordPress. This CMS is flexible and mobile-friendly, giving webmasters the ability to build a website that is responsive to any device that exists now and future.

5. WordPress Has Its REST API

After the recent WordPress update, you can now link WordPress to many external apps and languages through AJAX and JSON. That means you can use the powerful back-end abilities of WordPress with a suitable front-end solution you like. This approach offers great potential for all the developers.

A real example of this feature is “Reactor,” – which links mobile apps with WordPress Site counterparts. So, the app owners can put all of their website’s info in the app without maintaining different databases.

If you think your WordPress agency website will ever be a part of a mobile app, you need to get connected with the REST API sooner or later. So, it can be a great deal having WordPress for your agency site.

6. WordPress is Good for Blog Also

Blogging with WordPress is very popular nowdays

Having a blog section is a good approach, and, in some cases, it becomes mandatory, whatever the website it is. Having a blog section on your agency website can bring a lot more visitors to your site and make them stay on your website for longer. It will also increase the value of your agency. With WordPress, you can easily maintain your blog, create content, and update them. This is a great deal for them who want an all in one solution in a package and want to get rid of any hassles.

These are the top reasons that we think you should choose WordPress for your agency website. There are a lot more benefits of using WordPress you can see over the internet. But here we have tried to describe the specific reasons that are only suitable for an agency website. If you have any question, gives us a comment below. 


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