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7 Best Trust Badges for E-commerce Websites

7 Best Trust Badges for E-commerce Websites

E-commerce is a challenging industry. It is a challenge to get more traffic to your website and get more conversion. There are many strategies and steps to be taken to increase the overall conversion of a website. It can be physical goods such as gadgets and it can be digital products such as themes. For both websites, it is important to take steps to increase conversion through the website. To do that, adding trust badges to the website is considered as one of the strategies to increase conversion. Because there have been proven studies that indicate adding certain trust badges to e-commerce increases the performance of the website. With that thought, we will list down the seven best trust badges for E-commerce websites. 

1. Guaranteed Safe & Secure Checkout Badge

Guaranteed Safe & Secure checkout badge

This Guaranteed Safe & Secure checkout badge is given when you sign up with an organization that provides SSL certificate. SSL – Secure Socket Layer ensures protection of the internet connection and information shared with the particular website. If a website has this SSL badge, it indicates that you can trust the checkout process of the website. In addition, it is an indication that the personal information and credit card information users are sharing are encrypted. Having a secure checkout badge on your site will increase the chance of conversion as users visit your website checkout page. Among the many other safe checkout badges, Symantec is the most recognized. Symantec is also known as Norton, VeriSign, or LifeLock. These safe checkout badges will increase the quality of the trust of your checkout page. 

2. Symantec Badges

Symantec Badges

Symantec is one of the largest providers of online badges and accreditation. They offer a lot of avenues to explore and pick the badge that goes with you the most. Symantec is a concern of Broadcom Inc. and they are one of the notable figures that work with the different badges online. You can have these badges on your website to increase the trust factor of your website. Symantec offers Standard SSL and EV SSL. The difference between the standard SLL and EV SSL is very basic. EV SSL requires more intense background checks for organizations to get SSL badge. Apart from this, there are many other secure checkout badges that you might find useful based on your website. You can include them on your website too and increase the credibility of your website. 

3. TrustLock Trust Badges

TrustLock Trust Badges

TrustLock is one of the latest companies providing trust seals as third party verification They have more than 108+ high-quality trust seal design. You can pick the trust seal based on your requirements. By using the existing SSL you have, you can get the trust lock integrated with your website. The TrustLock Verified SSL secure badge will appear after the integration is completed and there is no need to change the existing SSL certificate if you have one. By paying the priced amount, you can easily get started with the process and have secure checkout badges on website. TrustLock provides business, privacy, and SSL badge at an affordable rate compared to other providers. Having a TrustLock on your website will increase the trust factor of your website. If you are looking for trust seals for websites, you must check out the trust badges they are offering.

4. TRUSTe Trust Badges

TRUSTe Trust Badges

From TRUSTe you can get a wide array of security products along with privacy packages including a certification badge. The organization provides different security badges that ensure that the system of collecting and processing personal information of a particular website is done properly. If a website has a badge from TRUSTe, it indicates that it can manage personal information in a proper manner. The specific price for TRUSTe cannot be mentioned because it varies based on the requirement. As the majority of their services are customized, so the pricing will vary based on the requirement you have. Having trust seals for websites will indicate that the users can trust you with the personal information and card information they are sharing with you. A checkout page with the TRUSTe lock will have a good impression on the users visiting your website. 

5. Free Shipping & Free Returns Trust Badge

Free shipping and Free Returns Trust Badge

Free Shipping and Free Returns badges will entrust your website visitors with an added advantage. If your customers are aware that you are offering free shipping or the return process of the product is free, then it will connect them emotionally with the experience. As the buyer goes through different stages before making a purchase decision, these badges will influence the purchase decision. In general, a buyer goes through the five stages before making a purchasing decision.  It starts with recognizing the needs of a specific product or service. Then the buyers start looking for related information about the product. After having necessary information about the available options, buyers start to make comparisons between the alternatives before they make any decision and this is where these types of trust seals for websites play a vital role. When a buyer is comparing your website with another one that does not offer free shipping, then you get a competitive advantage. This will increase the chance of conversion on your website. So, you can consider adding “Free Shipping” and “Free Return” badges to your checkout page of E-commerce website.

6. Accepted Payment Trust Badges

Accepted Payment Trust Badges

The accepted payment trust badges are another set of badges that is essential for E-commerce websites. You can include the trust seals for websites regarding what are the different payment methods you are accepting and this will have a positive impact on your E-commerce website. In marketing, there is a concept called the brand image. The brand image consists of elements such as brand competence, brand identity, brand personality, brand behavior, and brand association. These trust badges on websites will increase your brand image. When you include brands that are already recognized, it increases the brand association of your brand. In the mind of the user, your brand will be automatically positioned in a higher status. This will drive them to make a purchase from your website. From the perspective of consumer behavior, this is how having accepted payment trust badges will amplify the quality of your E-commerce website and drive conversion in the long run. 

7. Money-back Guarantee Badge

Money-back Guarantee Badge

A Money-back guarantee is one of the most effective trust badges for the E-commerce website. When a money-back guarantee trust badge is displayed on the website, it gives the user a sense of trust. It provides the motivation to make a purchase online without having the fear of facing fraudulent practices. They can purchase the product knowing they have the right to get their money back if there is something wrong with the product. Your brand will create a lasting and positive impression on the minds of the users with this trust badge. The money-back-guarantee badge on a checkout page will increase the conversion of your E-commerce website

With these trust badges on website, you can create a trustworthy experience for your customers. The right blend of badges will uplift the overall quality of your website. Gradually, your customers will trust your website more and it might increase conversion in the long run. From the brand perspective as well as from a customer’s point of view these trust badges will benefit your E-commerce website.

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