Droit Dark Mode Changelog

Pro Version Changelog

# v2.0.3

01 Dec 2021

  • New: Add widgets (Google Map PRO)
  • New: Add widgets (Line Chart, Pie & Doughnut Chart, Polar area Chart, Radar Chart)
  • New: Add features( WooCommerce Swatch load on the product list, gird)
  • New: Add features ( Background Parallax)
  • Fix: Popup widgets modal position issues solved.

# v2.0.0

08 Nov 2021

  • New: Added widgets (Woo List, Woo Slider, Woo Filter)
  • New: Added features( Live Copy-paste, Section / Column / Widget Copy-paste)
  • New: Added features( WooCommerce Swatch on product single)

# v1.0.7

24 August 2021

  • New: Added widgets (Popup Modal)
  • New: Added features( Popup Builder, exit-intent popup)

# v1.0.6

15 July 2021

  • New: Added widgets (Timeline Slider)
  • New: Added features( Header / Footer & MegaMenu Builder)

# v1.0.5

27 June 2021

  • New: Added widgets (Twitter Feed Pro, Pinterest Feed, Dribble Feed)
  • New: Added widgets (Timeline Pro)
  • New: Added features(CSS Effect, CSS Transform, Custom CSS)
  • Fix: Js and Css Issues Solved

# v1.0.4

04 June 2021

  • New: Added widgets (Post Slider Pro, Post Filter Pro)
  • New: Added widgets (Flip Box)
  • New: Added widgets (Comparison Table)
  • New: Added features (Parallax Effect, Sticky Section, Lottie Effect)

# v1.0.3

15 May 2021

  • New: Added widgets (Process Pro, Team Pro, Testimonial Pro, Animated Title)
  • New: Added features(Full Page Scroll/ One Page Scroll)
  • Fix: Js and Css Issues Solved

# v1.0.2

25 April 2021

  • New: Added widgets (Advance Pricing, Advance Tab, Advance Slider, Video Popup)
  • Fix: Updated all Elementor Widgets Control and Modify preset Design

# v1.0.1

03 April 2021

  • New: Plugin code Structure update
  • New: Plugin Dashboard Design modify
  • Fix: Js Issues
  • Fix: CSS Issues

# v1.0.0

01 March 2021

  • Initial launch of the plugin

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