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Time Based Dark Mode

If you want to set your website or dashboard to dark mode at only night or at any specific time you can set that from the plugins admin panel. How cool is that!

Ready Made Color Presets

Choosing a suitable color scheme for the dark mode can be tricky and time consuming sometimes. Jumpstart your dark mode with the beautiful pre-made color presets and get a high contrast, professional dark view instantly.

Multiple Switches To Choose From

You deserve to have choices and we give it to you. No need to be stuck with just one or two switch styles, we have included a number of cool variations so that you can change your dark mode switch from time to time if you want.

Custom CSS Support

You are not even confined to the settings we have, you can customize buttons, switches, specific sections, colors and more using the custom CSS support feature. You get the ultimate flexibility.

Image Support for Dark Mode

All your images might not look perfect in the dark mode. But you need not to worry, you can set a suitable version of the same image for the dark mode. From the Droit Dark Mode plugins admin panel just upload the variation of the image and it will be displayed automatically.

Custom Switch Position

Apart from the predefined positions you can show the dark mode switch button at anywhere in your website.

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Image Quality Optimizer

Improve your dark mode image quality by tweaking around with the brightness, contrast, and opacity of the images.

Specific Page, Post, Category

Enable/disable dark mode and set different color palettes on individual pages, posts, categories of your WordPress website.

Page wise Dark Mode

Enable/disable dark mode on specific pages and further customize them with color palettes and switch customization options.

Switch Elementor Widget

It also comes with a powerful Elementor widget that lets you turn on dark mode on any section, block, and page. In addition to its robust features, users can further customize it in minutes.

Full Gutenberg Compatibility

Droit Dark Mode is fully compatible with Gutenberg, you can change color of Gutenberg editor, you can place switch on the content of any post or page by using the Gutenberg block.

Versatile Compatibility

By default Droit Dark Mode is compatible with thousands of WordPress plugins and themes out there. Still, we have optimized Droit Dark Mode and its elements and features for the most popular plugins and themes. So you are in great company.

Image Brightness, Opacity, Contrast

While in the dark mode set brightness, opacity, contrast of images in your website and get a polished, perfect look of the images and your website overall. 

Dark Mode using Shortcode

Display the dark mode button anywhere in your website using a provided shortcode.

Include/exclude Specific Element

Using the CSS selector provided in the admin panel, include or exclude specific elements, sections from the dark mode as you need.


Get Started & Try Us Out !

Get started with Droit Dark Mode by either trying the free version or purchasing the pro and give your audience the pleasant experience they deserved.