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How To Add a Payment Gateway in WooCommerce (WordPress)

How To Add a Payment Gateway in WooCommerce

As a WooCommerce business owner, you have to make sure that your customers won’t face any difficulties during buying products.

Proper payment solutions highly impact the overall customer purchasing experience. For this purpose, you have to choose an appropriate payment system for your WooCommerce store.

Because your customers clearly analyze your product’s pros and cons and finally take the decision to pay you for that product. At this time, they can abandon the cart for the fault of your payment solution.

Now, how can you choose to add a perfect payment system to your shop?

Don’t take the stress!

In this article, we will discuss how you can add a WooCommerce payment gateway to your online store.

Things to Remember When Choosing WooCommerce Payment Gateway

To choose a convenient payment solution, you have to consider some significant factors.

Let’s see what those factors are that you should keep in mind.

✅ Fees and Charges for Transaction

Before choosing a payment solution service, you must know how much money they charge for the service. 

Suppose the monthly fees are higher than the sales of your products and service. You can’t generate a good amount of revenue. 

So choose the payment solutions based on your business model and monthly revenue etc.

Besides that, some payment service providers have hidden costs. You have to discuss with them if they contain any hidden charges or fees.

✅ Currency and Geographical limitations

Customers from various countries might purchase products and services in your online store.  So you have to be prepared to provide them with flexible purchasing methods.

When you are choosing a payment solution, you must look for a service that is available for various countries and support multiple currencies.

Let’s assume a customer wants to purchase your product from Canada. But your payment solution does not support that country and currency. So you will lose valuable customers from your store.

Furthermore, you have to analyze where the majority of your customers are coming from. Based on that data, you should choose a suitable payment solution.

✅ Security Issue

When you are running an online business, website security is one of the major factors. You must ensure that your audiences are getting a secure service from you.

Currently, various types of hackers and frauds are roaming around online. If they are able to find any security failings in your store payment system, they can easily attack.

For this purpose, your store payment system should be 100% fraud protected and secured. Payments solutions should contain advanced security systems like PCI compliance.

✅ Various Payment Options

Your customers always want to get a flawless and smooth way to buy products from your online store. If the customers feel unsatisfied with your service, they will not attempt to purchase further.

To provide a decent purchasing experience for your customers, you have to focus on optimizing the payment process, automated invoice generation, proper shipping options, etc.

Suppose a customer decides to purchase a product, but he or she didn’t find their desired payment options. As a result, they instantly abandoned the checkout process.

For this reason, your payment solution service should contain multiple types of payment options, such as Google Pay, Apple Pay, and various debit and credit cards, etc.

How to Set up WooCommerce Payment Gateway in Your Store

Well, we hope that you properly understand how to choose an appropriate payment gateway for your online store.

Now the time has come to set up your payment system in your store. So that your customers can easily pay you without facing any difficulties.

In this section, we will guide you on how to set up the payment process in your WooCommerce store step by step.

So let’s jump on that!

As you are using the WooCommerce platform to grow your eCommerce business. So you can use multiple payment solutions plugins from the WordPress plugin store.

First, Go to your WordPress Dashboard > Plugins > Add New Plugin. It will take you to the plugin store interface.

Add Plugin

Now you can search for your desired plugin. We will use WooCommerce PayPal Payments. This is one of the most famous and features full payment solutions available in the WordPress platform.

So just install and activate the plugin in your WooCommerce store.

Install Plugin

After successfully installing the plugin, go to WordPress Dashboard > WooCommerce > Settings > Payments.

As you can see, PayPal is already available in your payment options. Now you have to enable the payment option.

Enable PayPal

Now go to the payment setting and you will see the PayPal payments menu. Check on these two options:

  • Enable PayPal Payments — including PayPal, Venmo, and Pay Later — with fraud protection.
  • Securely accept all major credit & debit cards on the strength of the PayPal network.

This will ensure the security of your payment processing service for your customers.  And finally, click on the Active PayPal button. You have to connect it with your own PayPal account to run the payment process.

Active PayPal

After successfully connecting with your account, your PayPal payment solution will be ready for use.

Let us know more about this payment service solution.

PayPal Payments is a full-fledged payment and checkout solution provider for the WooCommerce business

There is no doubt that PayPal is the most secure and reliable payment service provider available on the internet. They have provided their services for more than 20+ years. Also, they support 100+ different currencies.

Besides PayPal’s regular payment service, this extension supports multiple services such as:

  • PayPal Pay Later: It will help customers to purchase products without paying instantly. They can pay within a certain amount of days. This function will help you to maximize the conversion rates of your online store.
  • Venmo (US only): Venmo payments are available for USA users only.

In your digital store, you might sell your products all over the world. For this reason, PayPal Payments supports various local payments from different countries.

7 Best Payment Gateway Extensions for WooCommerce

There are also multiple types of payment solutions available. In this section, we are going to discuss with you some significant plugins that will help you to simplify your payment process.

  1. Stripe

Stripe makes your payment processing system flexible for your customers. This extension will help you to get user payments directly from mobile and desktop devices.

Stripe is globally available. Currently, it is usable in 40+ countries. Besides that, you can access various types of debit and credit cards from 135+ different currencies. In fact, it supports various local payments such as iDeal, Alipay, or SEPA Direct Debit.

One of the major advantages of this payment solution is you don’t need to pay any extra fees such as monthly fees, set-up fees, or hidden fees.

In addition, Stripe has a powerful function called “Elements.” With the help of this function, you can design and customize the payment processing UI more securely. Also, you can add payment elements based on your customer’s demands.

Furthermore, this extension contains a powerful fraud protection system. Its machine learning system automatically detects fraud threats and strictly prevents those threats.

? Key Features

  • Highly optimized for mobile users.
  • Advanced machine learning fraud protection.
  • Supports recurring payment process.
  • Access local payment methods.
  1. Square for WooCommerce

You can enable any type of payment method for your customers with the Square extension.

To run an online business, you have to maintain various types of payment and sales-related tasks. In Square, you can spontaneously manage customers’ data, inventory, and sales without any hesitation.

Along with the online payment system, Stripe is available for in-person payments. Because it has Square POS (point-of-sale) software for multiple types of business such as restaurants, apartments, retails, etc.

In fact, it accepts famous digital wallets such as Google Pay and Apple Pay. So that your customers can check out their orders faster. As well as it supports all the prominent debit and credit cards.

Also, Stripe can easily integrate with WooCommerce Pre-Orders. So your customers can order upcoming products from the store. As a result, it impacts the overall conversion rates of your business.

? Key Features

  • Accept prominent digital wallets.
  • Supports WooCommerce Pre-Orders.
  • Advance Square POS solutions.
  • Advanced reporting functionality.
  1. Amazon Pay

Well, you already know the popularity of Amazon. Millions of people purchase multiple products from the Amazon platform.

They have one of the most secure and advanced payment processing systems called Amazon Pay.

Now you can also integrate Amazon Pay into your WooCommerce store. So that your customers can easily complete the payment and checkout process from their own Amazon account.

Although Amazon is a global platform. So people from different countries buy their daily goods from this platform. For this purpose, Amazon Pay supports various types of currencies.

Through this extension, customers get fully optimized purchasing experiences from the cart page to the checkout page.

Also, you can precisely control order fulfillment flow, such as customizing order status based on requirements.

? Key Features

  • Support multiple currencies.
  • Recurring payment option available.
  • Most advanced security assurance.
  • Functions for order fulfillment authorization.
  1. Afterpay

Afterpay is especially beneficial for the buy now pay later service. If you use this extension in your store, customers can pay for each purchase in four installments over six weeks. 

Also, your customers don’t need to pay interest for the installment. This would become a huge opportunity to increase the sales of your WooCommerce store. Because more customers will order products from your store.

At the present time, Afterpay has 19 million satisfied retailers who use it for their online stores.

Besides that, you can get well-organized analytical reports about the performance, daily settlement reports, and multiple marketing tips from the Afterpay Business Hub.

? Key Features

  • Advanced express checkout functionality.
  • International trading opportunity.
  • Powerful business insights.
  • Payment through installments.
  1. Braintree for WooCommerce

Braintree for WooCommerce is one of the prominent payment solutions for the WooCommerce store. This plugin will help your customers to pay through credit cards and PayPal accounts.

When you are selling your products to your customers, security is the most significant factor. Braintree has a highly secured system, so you will not face any security issues at all.

Besides that, your customers can easily save their credit card-related information and merge it with PayPal accounts. It will fasten your WooCommerce store checkout process. So this will help you to increase the conversion rates of your business.

? Key Features

  • Integrations with PayPal network.
  • Powerful security system.
  • Improve checkout speed.
  • Multi-currency support.
  1. Authorize.Net

Authorize.Net is another efficient payment service provider. It will help you to provide the most authentic and secure payment processing service to your customers.

When your customers are purchasing products from your store, they can save their bank information. So it will help them to get faster checkout service from your store.

As an online business owner, you might have subscription services. Authorize.Net entirely supports WooCommerce Subscriptions. So your customers can flawlessly pay for the subscription fees.

As you know, smartphone users are increasing day by day. It’s very significant to optimize your payment solutions for mobile users. 

For this purpose, Authorize.Net has a mobile-friendly checkout system. So that mobile users can purchase from your store without facing any problems.

You must track your transaction properly to generate more revenue in your online store. This extension will help you track the authorized transactions from the order editing option. Besides that, your customers can save their payment method and set up a nickname for every saved payment method. 

? Key Features

  • Well-developed mobile interface.
  • Compatible with WooCommerce Subscriptions.
  • Supports various debits and credit cards.
  • Payment methods saving functionality for the customers.


To improve customer loyalty, a suitable payment solution is the most significant factor. Because if the customers are unable to purchase from your store, your business will never grow as much as you want.

In this blog, we have discussed how you can choose and add the best WooCommerce payment gateway for your store. If you need assistance with payment gateway integration or any other custom WooCommerce solutions, you can always choose reliable WooCommerce development services.

We hope this will help you to provide the best buying experience to your own customers.