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Automate Guest Author’s Blog Submissions with Outreachboard Plugin and Save up to 80% of Your Time on Blog Publishing

Automate Guest Authors Blog Submissions with Outreachboard Plugin

Are you tired of spending countless hours managing guest content submissions for your blog? Look no further! The Outreachboard Plugin is here to revolutionize your blogging workflow. Effortlessly collaborate with guest authors, track conversations, and gain the flexibility to manage various types of requests, including topic suggestions, completed articles, general inquiries, and even sponsored content. What’s more, streamline your payment processes by easily accepting payments for blog post publishing. With Outreachboard, you not only save time but also unlock new possibilities for your blog management.

Screening: Automate Guest Author Requests

Transform your guest author management with the Screening feature. By automating guest author requests, you save time and ensure a structured process. This centralized screening functionality empowers blog owners to efficiently manage inquiries, allowing contributors to choose from various request types:

  • Suggest topic ideas
  • Send completed article
  • General request
  • Accept sponsored content
  • Pay for content

Pre-publishing Checklist: Submission Tasks According to Your Content Guidelines

Enhance your collaboration with guest authors through the powerful Checklist feature offered by Outreachboard. This ingenious tool allows you to delegate tasks to guest authors, empowering them to handle various submission requirements seamlessly. With the Checklist, authors can take charge of the entire process, from content creation and formatting to ensuring compliance with your editorial guidelines.

Say goodbye to routine checks and revisions, the Checklist automates essential tasks, including plagiarism checks, word count verification, image optimization, and the insertion of alt texts. Your guest authors can now contribute more efficiently, knowing that the Checklist ensures every aspect of their submission aligns with your specified style, tone, and quality standards.

This feature not only saves you valuable time but also provides a structured and collaborative environment for guest authors. Let Outreachboard’s Checklist transform your guest content management, making the entire experience smoother and more enjoyable for both you and your contributors.

Plugin: Import Content Securely 

Outreachboard’s plugin offers a straightforward approach to content publishing. You can now import content directly from the Checklist, providing you with flexibility in managing and publishing guest contributions.

This practical functionality ensures a secure and efficient process. Guest authors can submit their content through the Checklist, and you can easily import their work to your blog without requiring access to your WordPress admin. This enhances the security of your platform and simplifies the content publication workflow.

Enjoy the freedom to publish content from anywhere, at any time, without compromising security or efficiency. With Outreachboard’s plugin, simplify your content management process for a more straightforward publishing experience.


In summary, Outreachboard is a practical solution for bloggers looking to simplify their guest content management. The Screening feature automates guest author requests, allowing customization based on specific needs. The Checklist feature proves invaluable, letting guest authors take charge of content creation, formatting, and submission, ensuring adherence to editorial standards.

The Integrations feature facilitates a seamless experience, allowing the direct import of content from the Checklist to your blog without the need for WordPress admin access. This not only saves time but also enhances overall workflow efficiency.

The added capability to accept payments for blog post publishing enhances Outreachboard’s versatility, making it a practical tool for bloggers with diverse requirements. With its straightforward interface and functional features, Outreachboard offers a utilitarian approach, potentially reducing the time spent on blog publishing tasks by up to 80%. Embrace Outreachboard to simplify your blogging workflow and elevate your guest content management experience.


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