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SEO Automation: How to Optimize Manual and Repetitive Tasks

SEO Automation

SEO – the very word sends shivers down the spines of digital marketers. When competition in the digital space was low, SEO processes showed quick results and helped brands stand out from the competition. But today, there is no easy way to replicate SEO success.

Today, search engine algorithms rank websites using multiple parameters, often complicating the process. As per a survey of digital marketers, 18.7% of respondents mentioned machine learning and artificial intelligence as the most significant shift in SEO. Meanwhile, 18% talked about Google’s continuous updates, making managing the ever-evolving SEO landscape more challenging.

The best way to manage this change is to use SEO Automation. Let’s explore this in greater detail. 

What is SEO Automation?

SEO automation is using software or tools to help perform SEO-related activities. That helps digital marketers and SEO experts manage SEO-related tasks and automate time-consuming or repetitive processes, making their jobs more accessible and efficient.

Benefits of SEO Automation

If you are wondering why you need to embrace the power of SEO automation, here’s a look at some of the benefits of SEO automation that can help answer your top questions. By automating repetitive SEO tasks and workflows, you can get several benefits, such as:

  • Time and Cost-efficient: You no longer have to hire a large team to perform mundane SEO tasks. Instead, you can use robust solutions to automate keyword research, content optimization, tracking link-building activities, and other tasks. That frees up your resources and time to focus on priority items while your SEO activities are monitored continuously.
  • Improved Efficiency: Your team can work more efficiently with professional tools to monitor and track SEO metrics. They can focus on the activities that need attention and make improvements or necessary adjustments to get an optimal SEO score. This streamlines workflows and improves overall efficiency.
  • Accuracy with Data-driven Insights: Your teams can leverage SEO automation tools to gather and analyze vast amounts of data, revealing hidden opportunities and actionable strategies.
  • Scale with Ease: With most of your tasks automated, you can keep pace with growing audience and website requirements. SEO automation can handle most of the tasks, while your team is equipped to take corrective actions as required.

Top SEO Tasks You Can Safely Automate

Now that you know the strengths of SEO automation, let’s examine the top tasks that can be automated and streamlined using these tools.

Generate SEO Meta Tags Automatically

Writing effective meta tags is often challenging, even for the best copywriters. Starting at the blank field can be frustrating, and conjuring the perfect option out of the blue is difficult. 

Search engines expect website owners to provide unique titles and descriptions for each webpage. If this information is not supplied, search engines must independently determine how to rank web pages and the information they include in the search snippet view. Therefore, website owners must provide accurate and relevant information to ensure their web pages are ranked appropriately in search results.

Fortunately, there is a great option to automate this SEO process. I recommend Nytro SEO Automated Software for far superior web SEO optimization. Using automated AI SEO Tools, the tool analyses your content, generates relevant keywords, and crafts compelling titles and meta descriptions that you can refine and update. 

AI SEO Tools 1

One of NytroSEO’s unique features is the ability to optimize web pages for Users’ Search Intent. Thanks to its advanced algorithms, the tool can predict and adapt meta-tags based on actual keyword SERP performance.

AI SEO Tools 2

Use AI for Keyword Clustering

The next big challenge is keyword research. Most marketing teams work with advanced platforms like Google Analytics, Adwords, and other keyword research tools to help find the best keyword based on several parameters. AI tools can help automate this step.

Using AI tools for keyword research, you can analyze your website’s content and find the best keywords that you should include. That includes primary keywords, H1 tags, titles, and long-tail keywords.

Streamline Content Outlines

A big part of organic SEO involves stellar content marketing practices. But writing blogs and articles is more challenging than it sounds. For SEO, you must analyze trending topics, understand popular content formats, and gauge audience preferences to craft the perfect content.

Several automation tools can suggest blog content and outlines based on titles and prompts. That saves hours of brainstorming time, allowing your writers to jump straight into content creation.

Damian Grabarczyk, the co-founder and growth marketer of PetLab Co., says,

“Our team recognized the need to optimize our SEO strategy efficiently. We tackled this by automating the process of creating content outlines. Initially, we manually analyzed keywords and competitors, which was time-consuming and often led to delays. By integrating AI tools, we streamlined this process, allowing for the rapid generation of SEO-focused outlines. This shift saved us countless hours and improved the relevance of our content and search engine rankings. We saw a noticeable increase in organic traffic as our content became more targeted and aligned with our audience’s search intent. This strategic automation became a cornerstone in enhancing our digital presence.”

Set Up Automatic Website Analysis and Issue Tracking

The only way to know your website is up and running is to monitor it continuously. Websites can often degrade over time due to broken links, slow loading times, and other unseen issues.

Website monitoring tools like Screaming Frog come armed with robotic inspection teams that crawl your website and meticulously document any issues. No more playing hide-and-seek with technical problems —automation keeps you informed and your site squeaky clean.

Create Automatic Reports for Clients

It’s essential to consistently send reports for clients, ideally on the last working day of the month. That will help you streamline the report creation and submission process as an agency. Creating reports manually is undoubtedly a time-consuming and tedious process often unappreciated by clients.

SEO automation tools can help you create detailed reports about your ongoing SEO process and outline the key metrics. They can also generate visual reports automatically, with utmost precision and without human intervention, whether you need real-time or historical data. These tools can help you quickly scale your marketing agency with automated reporting and efficiently handle all client communications.

Automate Backlink Building

Backlinks are crucial for improving your website’s authenticity and authoritativeness scores, but they are not easy to build. Acquiring high-quality backlinks requires SEO teams to jump through several hooves and can be tricky, given the rise in spammy and low-quality links.

Can robots truly help us in this realm? The answer is more complicated.

Yes, AI can help automate tasks like:

  • Research: SEO tools can help you identify websites with high DA scores or find relevant bloggers and influencers in your niche, helping you save hours of research time. 
  • Identify Broken Links: Tools like SE Ranking or Monitor Backlinks scan for broken links on relevant websites, allowing you to offer your content as a replacement, ethically gaining valuable backlinks.

What it can’t do:

  • Spot Spam Traps: Google frowns upon unnatural link profiles. Use automation strategically alongside authentic outreach and high-quality content.

Furthermore, you can use SureTriggers to automate email workflows to reach out for link building


This robust automation platform connects with hundreds of apps and helps you automate repetitive tasks. With SureTriggers, you can attach your bulk emailing tools, CRMs, and other platforms to create a result-driven link-building campaign.

Top SEO Tasks You Shouldn’t Automate

While automation is a powerful ally, specific tasks benefit from the unique touch of human creativity and understanding. Two crucial areas where automation falls short are:

1. Create High-Quality Content

AI has opened several avenues for businesses to automate their manual and repetitive tasks, but content creation is an area that needs to be tread with caution. While generative AI tools like ChatGPT have revolutionized the field, the content these tools create needs deep context and storytelling skills.

You need niche understanding, an authentic voice, and storytelling skills to write blogs and website content that resonates with your audience. These are currently limited in AI and still require the human touch to speak with your audience on an emotional level and drive conversions.

If you combine AI automation, IP geolocation API, and unified communications, you can extract location customer data and create relevant personalized content for website visitors.

2. Build a High-Level SEO Strategy

Automation excels at optimizing individual tactics and analyzing data but needs the necessary big-picture vision to craft a successful strategy. Understanding your overarching goals, identifying vital long-term trends, and adapting to algorithm shifts require human foresight and strategic thinking. While tools can provide valuable insights, the final decisions and direction should remain firmly in human hands.

3. Building Quality Backlinks

Automation and AI tools can speed up and streamline specific aspects of the link-building process. However, doing outreach or scraping data prospecting lists without human checks and interventions –  would not be advised. 

You will always need someone to ensure email templates speak to the batch of targets or sectors being reached out to, you need a human prospector to ensure the lists being scraped are relevant and contextual to that particular link strategy, and you need real-world experience or nuanced expert insight if you’re using a tactic like HARO link building.

Link building is, by its essence, a human-to-human endeavor, and you will find it almost impossible to automate that ability to build relationships and create human connections, no matter how sophisticated the automation is. 


As we conclude this blog, businesses need to understand that SEO automation is not just about replacing humans with robots but also harnessing their combined strengths for effective SEO processes. It’s about a collaborative journey where AI empowers us to work smarter, faster, and more effectively.

Embrace the power of automation to get ahead of your competition. But pay attention to the human touch. Together, you can unlock SEO’s true potential and reach the pinnacle of search engine success.


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