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Download 700+ Stylish Bangla Fonts for Free

download stylish bangla fonts for free

Whether you are a designer or a font enthusiast, having a set of fonts in your bag is always an added advantage. With the help of stylish Bangla fonts you can create visually appealing designs, use the fonts in your website and more. As it is quite rare to find stylish fonts in Bangla, here we will be providing a good collection of 700+ fonts and variations.

Please note that these fonts are not 700 individual fonts. It includes many variations such as regular, bold, italic, light and heavy versions of one font. So in total you will get 700+ stylish bangla fonts for free.

We have accumulated many fonts. Here is a list of few fonts that you can download for free from here:

  • Alipi free font
  • Anan free bangla font
  • Arial Khan MJ
  • BhairabMJ
  • BongshaliMJ
  • Brahmaputra Free font
  • BurigangaMJ
  • ChitraMJ
  • DhanshiriMJ
  • GangaMJ
  • GangaSagarMJ
  • Golap free font
  • HaldaMJ free font
  • JaJaDiMJ
  • JugantorMJ
  • Kakuk
  • KalindiMJ
  • KumarkhaliMJ
  • Madhob free font
  • MeghnaMJ
  • ModhumatiMJ
  • NobogongaMJ
  • PairaMJ
  • Pandulip free font
  • Parao
  • RupshaMJ
  • ShaldaMJ
  • ShurmaMj
  • SutonnyMJ free download
  • TonnyBanglaMJ
  • UrmeeMJ free font

These are some of the fonts that are present in this deck. You can download the fonts and use them as you wish. You can download the stylish bangla font free

If you really liked the fonts and think it was a resourceful deck, please do share this article with others and spread the use of stylish Bangla fonts for free.

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