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Download 700+ Stylish Bangla Fonts for Free

stylish bangla fonts

Whether you are a designer or a font enthusiast, having a set of fonts in your bag is always an added advantage. With the help of stylish Bangla fonts, you can create visually appealing designs, use the fonts on your website, and more. As it is quite rare to find stylish Bangla fonts, here we have provided an impressive collection of 700+ fonts and variations.

Please note that these fonts are not 700 individual fonts. It includes many variations, such as regular, bold, italic, light, and heavy versions of one font. So, in total, you will get 700+ stylish Bangla fonts for free.

We have accumulated many fonts. Here is a list of a few fonts that you can download for free from here:

  • Alipi free font
  • Anan free Bangla font
  • Arial Khan MJ
  • BhairabMJ
  • BongshaliMJ
  • Brahmaputra free Font
  • BurigangaMJ
  • ChitraMJ
  • DhanshiriMJ
  • GangaMJ
  • GangaSagarMJ
  • Golap free font
  • HaldaMJ free font
  • JaJaDiMJ
  • JugantorMJ
  • Kakuk
  • KalindiMJ
  • KumarkhaliMJ
  • Madhob free font
  • MeghnaMJ
  • ModhumatiMJ
  • NobogongaMJ
  • PairaMJ
  • Pandulip free font
  • Parao
  • RupshaMJ
  • ShaldaMJ
  • ShurmaMj
  • SutonnyMJ free download
  • TonnyBanglaMJ
  • UrmeeMJ free font

These are some of the fonts that are present in this deck. You can download the fonts and use them as you wish. You can download the stylish Bangla font for free.

If you’re looking for a bit more variety or something more creative or stylish in nature, among the Bangla fonts that are currently out right now. We’ve got you covered. 

Here Is a Convenient List of Awesome Websites to Check Out. 

1. LipiGhor

LipiGhor - Bangla Font download website

First up, one of the most popular websites among blogs and students alike, LipiGhor. This robust well-designed website archives some of the most widely used fonts from the Bangla font spectrum. 

LipiGhor contains some Bangla fonts that are being used by industry-leading writers and bloggers alike. With its amazing font preview screen feature and downloadable Bangla keyboards, LipiGhor is an attractive option for most Bangla speakers and writers. 

LipiGhor currently houses over 150+ fonts with 7,50,000+ downloads and counting. 

2. Okkhor52

Okkhor52 - Bangla Font download website

Made by the same amazing people over at LipiGhor, Okkhor52 is a totally free option for all Bangla Fonts users. Users are free to use these free Bangla fonts in graphic design software to create unique projects.

Although Okkhor52 is made by the same folks over at LipiGhor, it lacks some features, such as the tired and tested font preview feature from LipiGhor. 

Okkhor52 currently houses 76+ free-to-use Bangla font collections. 

3. OmicronLab

Omicronlab - Bangla Font download website

Next up, the makers of the most widely used Bangla keyboard/English to Bangla conversion software, – “Avro Keyboard,” OmicronLab is an industry leader when it comes to working with Bangla content creation tools. 

OmicronLab has its own collection of in-house designed Bangla fonts and they also host the best Bangla fonts from various creators and companies. 

OmicronLab featured fonts are currently being used by educational institutes, print publications, and various governmental bodies. 

OmicronLab currently houses 76+ free-to-use Bangla font collections. 

4. FreeBanglaFont

FreeBanglaFont - Bangla Font download website

FreeBanglaFont currently hosts one of the most expensive Bangla font collections yet. The best part of all is that every single font on this website is free to use. This is indeed a great option for all Bangla speakers and writers. 

FreeBanglafont one-ups LipiGhor with its extensive library of fonts and its detailed preview pages for every single font in its arsenal, with proper descriptions. 

5. Bengalifont

Bengalifont - Bangla Font download website

This is another awesome place to get your Bangla stylish fonts. With a minimal web layout, Bengalifont offers excellent documentation for each font it features. 

If you really liked the fonts and think it was a resourceful deck, please do share this article with others and spread the use of stylish Bangla fonts for free.