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10 Best Free Website Hosting Companies

Best Free Website Hosting

Have you heard the story of John Doe? You and John Doe have a lot in common. Just like you, he was scratching his head and wondering, “where should I host my website?” and “where can I get a free hosting?” And then he tumbled over this write up and he knew deep down that he had come to the right place.

Because here we will discuss the 10 best free website hosting companies. Along with the best sources to get free website hosting, we will also discuss hostings that are “almost free”. These hosting providers take a very nominal amount of payment in return of great value.

Along with that, we will also list the websites who have good plans with free trials. With a blend of quality free hosting service providers, we aim to provide names that will provide value against the price you are paying.

With that thought, let’s get into the details and have a look at the best free and cheap WordPress hosting providers.

1. WordPress

WordPress Free Website Hosting

The name that makes it to the top of  the list for providing free service without compromising quality is WordPress. WordPress offers a free hosting service. If you are looking for the best web hosting site for WordPress, you can pick WordPress blindly. They are absolutely free and do not have hidden charges or conditions. 

WordPress offers you subdomain upon taking their free hosting. WordPress provides 3 GB storage with the free hosting. Along with that, they have an array of free templates of websites to choose from. If you purchase hosting from WordPress, you can get started with your website by picking the templates and themes that come with WordPress. Another good thing about WordPress is that it provides tons of features for free. If you get started with WordPress hosting and install WordPress on your website, having a new website is just a matter of a few minutes. 

In addition, the availability of WordPress theme is a huge leverage for WordPress. You can enhance the quality of your website easily by integrating the necessary plugins with your website. These plugins will give you the freedom to enjoy additional features. However, you can only make use of these plugins in the paid version. You can easily make the most out of these features by strategically utilizing them. With a blended assortment of good plugins, you can take your website to the next level. 

Undoubtedly, WordPress hosting will be a feasible and best hosting for WordPress blogs, startup, portfolio etc. It will help not only by providing hosting service, but also by ensuring good quality themes.

WordPress Free Hosting Review

From the users of WordPress free hosting we can jot down the good, the bad and the unique reviews of the hosting service. 

  • The good thing about WordPress is that everything is built very simply. Setting up the hosting, getting started with WordPress. Installing a theme is very much simple. The overall performance of  the hosting is very good 
  • There are not many bad reviews about the free hosting of WordPress. As they are giving out the hosting for free, they include ads of WordPress in your website. This is the only drawback that can be thought of. If you do not want to display ads, you can easily upgrade to the paid version
  • The unique thing is that if you want to switch back and forth between paid and free versions, the import process is super easy. Plus, even if the service is free, the quality is not compromised. 

2. Wix

Wix Free Website Hosting

Wix is another popular name for providing free hosting service. If you are looking for free web hosting for students, startups and small businesses, Wix can be a good choice for you. Wix’s free hosting offers subdomains with the hosting plan. Along with that, Wix provides a variation of website templates you can choose from. Wix’s hosting plan also includes 500 MB storage for your website. 

If you purchase free hosting from Wix, it will have some reciprocity clause as well. Like any other free hosting providers, your website will also display ads of Wix. However, if you do not want advertisement on your website you can upgrade to a paid plan and get rid of the advertisements. 

If you are looking for a reliable free web hosting provider, you can put your trust on Wix. It is gradually gaining popularity among wide varieties of users. Startups, small business, students and entrepreneurs alike are using free as well as paid plans of Wix. If you belong to any of these categories, you will be benefited too. Your search for a free web hosting provider has been successful if you want a user friendly and emerging free hosting provider.

Wix free hosting review

Based on the review of  the users, the following synopsis can be drawn. 

  • The good thing about Wix is the built in templates. You can easily use these templates to customize your website. The drag and drop features makes it super easy to design your website the way you like. Many users pointed to the fact that the overall functionality of the website is quite satisfactory. You can easily develop any website on this platform. The performance and availability of features will slightly vary based on the paid and free version of the hosting. 
  •  The bad side can be considered as the advertisements that will be displayed on your website. In the case of free hosting providers, displaying ads on users’ websites is a common practice. If you do not want to see ads, you can upgrade yourself to the premium account easily. Another drawback Wix might have is the slower loading speed. Many users pointed to the fact that Wix is comparatively slower than other hosting providers. So this can be considered as a drawback for Wix. 
  • The unique thing about Wix is the built in different templates and designs. These templates can be used easily to customize and design your website as per your preference. The upgrading process from free to premium version of Wix is not any rocket science. You can upgrade very easily. 

3. Weebly

WeeblyFree Website Hosting

Weebly is regarded as one of the emerging free web hosting providers. Weebly provides a free hosting plan. This plan provides subdomain and 500 MB storage with it’s free hosting plan. Along with that, Weebly comes with different websites templates to choose from. You can easily get started with your website if you pick Weebly. Just like any other free hosting providers, your website will be displaying ads of Weebly if you purchase the free hosting from them. 

Weebly has different themes and features that you can use to start your website. You can use these themes to kickstart your website. The best  thing about these themes is that you can drag and drop different blocks and have a ready to go website. 

Weebly is well fitted for small capacity websites. However, Weebly is not ideal for blogs. In addition, if you are planning to build an online store for free, Weebly might not be a right choice. The overall designs and features of Weebly are not friendly and suitable for a heavy operating website. But to host a simple and small website for free, Weebly can be a good option for you. 

Weebly Free Hosting Review 

  • The good thing about Weebly is that they provide design variation and features when it comes to choosing a website template from their website. Weebly helps you set up your website very easily. Weebly is also famous for its website building options. Users always recommended Weebly for its ease of use and overall user experience. 
  • The bad thing about Weebly is that few users suggested increasing the overall experience of getting started with email accounts on the platform. Many of the users wanted a simpler and easier process of getting email accounts from Weebly.
  • The uniqueness of Weebly is that it provides customer support via phone to its users. It is very rare to see free hosting providers coming up with such customer support. As a result, this is an uniqueness of Weebly that it provides customer support through phone calls.

4. Google Cloud

Google Cloud Free Website Hosting

Google has its very own hosting service. Not to mention Google ensures that their service is loaded with features. Google offers two types of free hosting. One option comes with a 12 months free trial with a $300 credit to use Google products. However, it has some eligibility criteria that you have to pass in order to avail this option. The other feature is always free but it provides limited access to the different Google products. 

Google cloud service is a good pick for students looking for a free web hosting service. Small businesses can also get started with their website with the help of Google Cloud. Google also allows WordPress on Google computer engine. This makes the process of setting and launching a website really easy. 

If you are looking for a free theme coming from a trusted and reliable source, Google can be the accurate choice for you. Due to the focus on quality and proper consumer experience, this is among the top free web hostings you can think of. 

Google Cloud Service Free Hosting Review

If we look at the overall service of Google Cloud Service, we can narrow down the following good, bad and unique review of the service provider. 

  • The good thing about Google users’ always appreciated is the topnotch security it brings. For both the free and paid version of the hosting, security is not compromised at any cost. The overall integration process of Google Cloud Service is also very effective and of good quality. In addition, Google gets a pat on the back for its quality in some features of cloud storage.
  • The bad side of Google can be the customer support. If you take the paid version of the Google Cloud Service, the customer support is not up to the mark against the price you will be paying. 
  • The uniqueness of the Google cloud services is definitely the different category of tiers that are available. The features and options are different irrespectively in different tiers. Google does provide a $300 credit that you can use to use their product and later reimburse the credit. This is quite an unique feature that is not offered by any of the free hosting service providers.

5. AWS (Amazon Web Services)

AWS Free Website Hosting

Amazon Web Services also known as AWS is a very popular web service provider. They have bagged quite a good portfolio from their service and experience in the industry. AWS also offers a free hosting with a 12 months free trial. If you are into hosting with a free trial, it is a great way to get started with your website.

Amazon web services have three different tiers you can choose from. The first tier is always free with specific products and services for its users. The second tier is the 12 month free trial that you can later upgrade and take paid service. Moreover, they also have a trial tier. This tier is basically product specific and is binded by specific time period. Amazon can be a resource to get hands on experience from a wide variety of products. 

AWS is very suitable for students as it comes with many additional tools and resources. It will escalate the learning process and experience. However, it is not very friendly for small businesses due to its overall features. Amazon web services has all the necessary to be a go to free web hosting for students. 

Amazon Web Services free hosting review

From the overall customer review and suggestion we can narrow down the overall review of the following good, bad and unique features of AWS. 

  • Amazon Web Service comes handy for individuals who prefer free trials. Among other website hosting service providers, Amazon Web Services has the highest free trial timeline. The free trial is for 12 months total. Another review that lists on the top for Amazon Web Services is the user understandability of the website. The hosting and overall interface is designed in a way to provide a hassle free experience to the users. Managing the details of the hosting and your website is not a tough thing to do when you have AWS as your service provider.
  • The bad review about the free hosting provider is that it is not feature friendly for every category of business. Many of the users who were mostly from small businesses found the website hosting not feasible and friendly for them. It might be suitable for other small sized websites. But a small business with a hefty requirement of the website might not be satisfied with the service of Amazon Web Services.
  • The uniqueness of Amazon Web Services is that they offer a plethora of services and tools. Few of these tools are integrated with the free hosting. These tools will definitely escalate the overall learning curve.


Infinityfree Free Website Hosting

InfinityFree is yet another free hosting provider. It comes with unlimited bandwidth and disk space. You can also enjoy free subdomains along with the hosting. Even though InfinityFree is a free hosting provider, they have good quality speed and loading time. You can use upto 10 email accounts with the free hosting. 

InfinityFree is growing in popularity day by day through its good quality features. Small businesses and startups looking for free web hosting can easily get started with their website through InfinityFree. Another good thing about InfinityFree is that they do not force any advertisement on your website. There are many users who prefer a cpanel with their free hosting. To get a free web hosting with cpanel is not much hard. InfinityFree provides a cpanel that you can get access to and manage your website. So, if you are looking for free web hosting with cpanel, this can serve your purpose. 

InfinityFree Free Hosting Review

If we jot down the good, bad and unique reviews  of IfninityFree we get the following summary:

  • InfinityFree has unlimited storage and bandwidth that seems to be satisfactory for many service users. The users emphasized on the fact of these being not unlimited in other service providers. Thus it gives InfinityFree an advantage over them.  
  • Among the bad issues of this service provider, there are some limitations on the features of the website hosting. Many of the reviews focused on connection drop and FTP down that can be considered as bad reviews of the service provider. 
  • Usres looking for a website hosting with cpanel have reviewed InfinityFree to be a friendly website for them. There are positive and negative reviews on the overall cpanel experience. Some users focused on the use of cpanel as an advantage of the website hosting provider.

7. BlueHost

Bluehost Free Website Hosting

BlueHost is one of the top names and has “almost free” website hosting plans. BlueHost WordPress hosting is recommended officially by WordPress. The pricing of their shared hosting starts at $2.75 per month. It comes with a free SSL certificate with every hosting. This is an additional advantage of BlueHost because many hosting service providers charge separately for SSL certificates. Along with that, BlueHost provides a domain with the purchase of hosting plans. It is a good deal to get started with all the necessary basics required to launch your website. 

Moreover, through BlueHost you can easily install WordPress in your website. After installing WordPress you can pick from the various paid and free themes to get started with your website. Plus, you can use the wide array of plugins easily and have a quality website ready.

BlueHost is suitable for small business, startups and even students because of its affordable price range. BlueHost WordPress hosting can be considered as topnotch if you want excellent features and quality customer support. 

BlueHost Free Hosting Review

Let’s have a look at the good, the bad and the unique review of BlueHost

  • Among the good reviews of BlueHost, the ease of use can be considered as one of the most recommended features of this service provider. Along with that, BlueHost is fast and comes with many great features with good demand among the users. BlueHost is reliable in terms of security and privacy. The cpanel of the website has been reviewed as simple and easy by many of the users. 
  • If we look at the bad reviews of BlueHost, there is not much to focus on. However, many users discussed issues with loading time of websites while you are working on it. Meaning, if you are working on editing your page or posting on your website, few users have experienced a slower process compared to other website hosting providers.    
  • The uniqueness of BlueHost is that it offers a great value in return of the price it is taking. The overall experience of BlueHost is very flexible and it is extremely compatible for WordPress websites. Users who are fans of WordPress seemed to like and prefer BlueHost even more. 

8. Dreamhost

Dream host Free Website Hosting

Dreamhost is another popular name for its huge client base. They have been operating in the industry for a long time and have grown to be very prominent web hosting service providers globally. According to their latest data, currently they have 1.5 million+ users using their hosting service. Dreamhost is priced at $2.59 per month. They include a SSL certificate and free domain with the hosting. 

DreamHost provides unlimited emails with the hosting. Their shared hosting comes handy if you are looking for a hosting in budget. Small business, startups, e-commerce etc can avail the hosting plans of DreamHost to get their website started. 

DreamHost Hosting Review

By summarizing the reviews of DreamHost we can have the following good, bad and unique features:

  • The good thing DreamHost offers to its users is the overall support. They have been in the market for a long time and have developed a strong user base. It demands proper real time service and DreamHost has been successful to meet the expectations. As a result, they have become efficient in their customer support. Plus, many users emphasized on the unlimited bandwidth and storage feature of DreamHost to be an advantage.
  •  The bad review regarding DreamHost is it does not include the cpanel. Rather they have their own custom panel to manage the website. This DreamHost panel has similar features compared to cpanel. But due to widespread use of the cpanel, many users prefer using this only. 
  • The uniqueness of DreamHost is the value they provide in return of the price. The customer support, features, and security creates an unique blend of value that benefits the users of DreamHost. As a result DreamHost is valued and revered by many users as a quality hosting provider.

9. Hostinger


Hostinger is a reliable shared hosting provider. Hostinger has both free and almost free hosting plans for its users. The free hosting plans cover 1 website and comes with 3GB limited bandwidth. Plus, they have an “almost free” hosting that starts from $0.99. This plan comes with 1 website, 1 email account, 100 GB limited bandwidth, and 1X power and memory. If you are looking for cheap web hosting, this one is the right pick for you.

Hostinger has a very prominent client base. They have steadily grown over the decade with serving clients in 39+ countries and rapidly growing with their quality products and service. Hostinger can be a good pick for cheap website hosting. Even if it is cheap web hosting, the quality is not compromised. Hostinger’s features include WordPress compatibility, security and have fast loading time as well. 

Hostinger Hosting Review

Based on the customer’s review we can list down the following good, bad and unique reviews of Hostinger.

  • The good side of Hostinger is its fast speed. Many of the users have focused on the fact that Hostinger ensures fast loading time of the websites making it a super advantage for the hosting provider. Along with that, many users focused on the customer support of Hostinger. The reviews suggest that Hostinger customer support has a good knowledge base and enthusiasm to address customers’ issues.
  • There are not many bad sides of Hostinger. Few of the users have expressed few performance blips once in a while for heavy traffic websites. Apart from that Hostinger does not have drawbacks to begin with.
  • Hostinger has uniqueness in terms of flash like speed. The loading time in Hostinger is super fast and it is good enough to create a unique proposition for Hostinger. Many users have remarked that the responsive support of Hostinger also reflects the uniqueness of the service provider.

10. HostGator


Last but not the least, HostGator is one of the prominent hosting providers in the market. They have been in the industry for over 18+ years. They have gained much popularity from their service and do have quality products. HostGator can be considered as an “almost free” web hosting provider because their hosting plans start from  $2.64 per month.  

It comes with unlimited email address, SSL certificates and unlimited bandwidth and disk space. Plus, it also provides a single domain when you purchase hosting from them.  If you are looking for the best hosting for a large website, you can give this one a try. HostGator can be utilized for websites of any sorts. With WordPress compatibility launching your website will be very easy if you use hosting from Hostgator. 

Hostgator Hosting Review

The good, the bad and the unique reviews of the Hostgator can be listed as the following:

  • The good reviews about HostGator focus on its presence in the market and huge customer base. With good quality features and faster loading time HostGator is deemed as one of the promising hosting providers. Along with that, HostGator ensures that your website is secured if you use their hosting service. 
  • The bad review about HostGator is that even though it has versatile features but they lack behind when it comes to being WordPress friendly. However, HostGator is also renowned for its affordable packages for WordPress hosting. 
  • Speed, support and server uptime. These three S are the key uniqueness of HostGator. Users have applauded HostGator’s continuous improvement tendency as well.

We believe this overall comprehensive analysis will give a clear idea about free hosting and what are the best free hosting companies. Based on the summary of the article, making decisions will be easier for you. 

Pro Tips

Before you make your mind with picking any hosting provider make sure you cross check the following. 

  • Check if your expectation is meeting with the offering of hosting provider.
  • Cross check the credibility of the website provider before you pick any.
  • Go through the detailed process of migrating from free to paid version to avoid any hassle in future.
  • Keep an eye out for hidden charges and renewal fee with the hosting and related services.
  • Study and be aware of the drawbacks free hosting might bring and prepare accordingly.

We hope this easy hosting guide will help you to make the right choice. 

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