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10 Tips for Creating A Virtual Assistant Resume Online

Tips for Creating A Virtual Assistant Resume Online

Virtual assistant is one of the rising professions in current times. There are many individuals who are professionally working as virtual assistants. This profession has grown gradually in recent times. There are full time as well as part time service providers who are working in this profession. As the industry is getting competitive, it is important to stand out in the industry from others.

As a result, it is important to have your own virtual assistant resume. This resume will be your identity that will separate you from the crowd. In order to have an extraordinary virtual assistant resume, you need to focus on a few specific tips. These tips will uplift the quality of your resume.

We have divided these tips in two specific categories, the technical tips and the soft tips. The technical tips will focus on the technical and strategic issues that need to be checked. On the other hand, the soft tips will focus on the non-technical issues. With a blend of these two categories of tips, you will soon have a stellar virtual assistant resume ready in no time. 

With that thought, let’s have a look at 10 tips for virtual assistant resume,

Technical Tips


Remember MegaMind? He was a super villain so was Hal. But MegaMind was on a different level because of “presentation”. Similarly, when you are creating your virtual assistant resume, the first thing you should focus on is the overall presentation of your resume.  The easiest way to do it will be to pick a website theme exclusively made for portfolio and resume. In this case, you can pick a paid version of a theme or free theme that suits your requirements. Using a website for your virtual resume will remove a lot of hassle and will make your journey easy. You can select from the premade demos of the themes and get started with your virtual assistant resume easily. In this case, ensure you pick a responsive theme. A responsive theme will be seamlessly equal from every device. So the first tip for virtual assistant resume is ensuring a proper presentation of the website.

Proper Template

Your virtual assistant resume should maintain a proper template. There are many easily accessible templates that you can collect from the internet, but that will not help to make your resume stand out from others due to easy accessibility. In this case you can use different templates that come handy with different online resumes. If you get a free or paid theme, you can easily customize these themes and design a completely unique resume with the necessary elements. For a creative and unique virtual assistant resume, use a customizable theme for your resume. 

Speedy and Bug Free

If you are using an online platform for your virtual resume, make sure it has faster loading time and is completely bug free. In order to do that, ensure you are using a proper platform to host your online resume. You can avoid this issue by using free or paid website themes for your virtual resume. You can easily pick a good hosting and develop a website that will be superfast and free from bugs and glitches.   

Structure and Format

Your virtual assistant resume structure and format needs to be unique and dynamic. In case of formats there are some basic elements that need to be present on your resume. In general the following elements should be inside your virtual resume. But the order of the elements are not fixed. It can be in any order inside the resume. Elements that should be covered with your virtual assistant resume is:

  • Name, address, contact information
  • Area of Expertise
  • Experience
  • Achievements
  • Testimonials
  • Portfolio of work
  • Track record
  • Professional Affiliation
  • Reference

These are the elements that have to be present in the virtual assistant resume. You can add more elements if it is needed for your resume, but these elements must be covered in the virtual assistant resume.


In your virtual assistant resume, ensure you inter-reference other projects you have. For example: you have a separate website where some of your track record is recorded. You must link these to your core resume. It will help you in the long run as well. This is important to ensure credibility of your work and showcase your probable recruiters about the tasks you have done. You can embed video testimonials, link social accounts and use other sources as inter-reference to make your virtual assistant resume stand out from others.

These are the major technical tips you can follow to have a stellar virtual assistant.

Soft Tips

In the following, we will shed light on the different soft tips that you can implement to make your virtual assistant resume a next level resume. 

Focus on Strength

While creating your online virtual assistant resume, focus on your strength areas. The knowledge, skills, and abilities that you have should be focused on your virtual assistant resume. It will help your recruiter to get an idea about your skills at a quick glance. It takes only 5-7 seconds for a recruiter to create a perception about a candidate. So in order to leave a dent in the mind of the recruited you should focus on your strengths to begin with. 

Foolproof Language

Fast impression lasts. How you are communicating with a possible client is very important. Make sure you proofread your resume. Spelling mistakes, grammatical errors should be avoided at any cost. Make your resume an easy read. Do not make the readers confused about what they are reading. If you maintain a good quality in the language you are using, it will help you to get more clients.

Think from Reader’s POV

While designing the virtual assistant resume, think from the perspective of the reader. Ensure everything the reader might want to know is given in your resume. The resume is about you but not entirely. As the reader will be making a perception based on what you showcase, thus it is important to walk a mile in the reader’s shoe to communicate in a proper manner. 

Quantitative Achievements

While listing your achievements in the resume, make sure you focus on numbers because at the end of the day, number talks. Make sure you focus on quantitative achievements and make it clear for the reader to understand. It will help your reader to have a clear idea about your quality and efficiency.

Be Yourself

Do not try to be someone you are not. You are you and that is power. You should capitalize on what you are rather than trying to be someone you are not. Be upfront, polite and as genuine as possible. It will leave a good impression on the mind of the reader.

These are the combination of 10 different tips to make a virtual assistant resume online. If you want to launch your virtual assistant resume this step by step guide to get started with your own website.