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7 Tips for a Creatively Designed Thumbnail Post

7 Tips for a Creatively Designed Thumbnail Post

In the age of information overload, it is extremely important to stand out from the flood of information, if you are a blogger and you pump out content daily, you are familiar with the word thumbnail. A thumbnailpost is the feature image that goes with your blog. You can easily create a thumbnail post by using a thumbnail maker. It is the image that is linked with your article wherever you share the link. It resonates with the core message of your blog and it helps you to draw the attention of your readers. With a creatively designed thumbnailpost you will be able to get more clicks on your article. Thus, it is very important to create a thumb stopping thumbnail. In the following, we will discuss the 7 tips for a creatively designed thumbnail post.

Pick a Vibrant Color

Color resonates a lot of messages. Each of the colors has a specific mood of its own. While designing your thumbnail post, consider using the color that goes with your brand as well as with the message you are trying to communicate.

Vibrant and bold colors such as

  • orange
  • yellow
  • blue
  • white
  • light pink
  • red
  • green, etc.

stands out from other colors and create a lasting impression. While you are designing your thumbnail post, keep the message you are trying to give in mind. Based on that, use the necessary colors.

For example, you are writing a blog on “5 Most Trending Strategies in Digital Marketing“, and you can use colors such as yellow, red, orange as the topic itself is vibrant. On the other hand, if the title of your blog is “7 Tips to Keep Your Living Room Tidy” the color you should use should have a feminine touch such as light blue, pink, or white. So based on your topic, pick the color of your thumbnailpost.

You can also use different color combinations in one design. As long as the color combinations are working well, you can go creative with the different color variations. Picking a color is the very first tip because a lot of other variables will depend on the color you pick for design. 

Play with Fonts

The next most important thing on your thumbnail post is the font. Picking the right font will take your thumbnailpost to the next level. Similar to the color, the fonts can also convey the message you are trying to give. It is very common to get puzzled by thinking which font to pick for the blog or which font is best for a blog, but keep in mind that the font style should match with the message of your blog. Then picking the font will become easier for you.

Choosing best font for WordPress website is very importent nowdays

For example: If the title of your blog is “Must See Plugins of 2022” then you must use a font that is bold, upfront and has an eye catchy look and feel. If you use the same title with cursive fonts, it will lose the weight of the content. On the other hand, if your blog has a title of “10 Channels to Follow for DYI Lovers”, then your font does not necessarily have to be bold or upfront. You can pick a simply designed font or even cursive font as it goes with the title of your blog. However, if your organization has specific fonts mentioned as part of the brand guidelines. Then you’d better stick to those fonts and focus on designing typography in content creation apps in accordance with those fonts.

Apart from that, using different font sizes, the color combinations of fonts, doing typography and overlay with fonts are also different ways to play with the varieties of fonts to come up with a stellar design for your thumbnailpost for the blog. 

Use Visually Bold Images

If you are using images on your thumbnail, there are two ways to do it. You can pick copyright free images from the different available sources online. Or you can use images that are captured by yourself. While you are picking images for your blog’s thumbnailpost, ensure it also resonates the message your blog is trying to give. The images that are used should match the context of your blog. Picking a totally irrelevant image might not be good for your blog. The images should have a connection with your blog and the message you are trying to give to the readers.

While using the images you can use thematic approach. The thematic approach of picking an image is about using a picture that falls under the same theme of a blog. For example: if you are writing a blog on “Top Qualities of Wildlife Photographer” then you can simply use a thematic image of a camera to convey the message that the blog is about photography. On the other hand, you can focus on the subject of the blog. The same blog can have a picture of wild animals to convey the same message.

Either you pick the thematic approach or the subject focused approach, the images should be visually bold and clear. Make sure you are not using low quality and get distorted when you upload them.

Include Catchy Text

Writing the text for your thumbnailpost is very crucial. Whether the audience will click on the link will depend much on the headline as well as the text that are in the thumbnailpost. There are 2 ways to use text on your thumbnail post.

  • Use the title as the blog as text
  • Craft a text that complements the title of the blog

For using the title of the blog as the default text of your thumbnailpost the title of the blog should be crafted creatively. If your blog title is catchy, that will be enough to include in your feature image as well. To make a blog headline catchy, you can ask a question, give a statement, quote research findings and even use numbers to draw the attention of the readers. If you are confident enough about your blog headline, feel free to use that as the text in your blog.

The second strategy you can follow is using a text that will complement the title of the blog. For example, if you are writing a blog on “A step by step guide to install a WordPress theme” then the feature image can have a text that says “WordPress Theme Installation Made Easy“. This is how you can use the text in the thumbnailpost to complement and reinforce the message you are including in the title.

Less is More

If you are into minimalistic design, you will love this particular tip. You can give less content on the thumbnailpost and still stand out from others. Having a minimalistic thumbnailpost is good if your blog is also focused on the minimalistic designs. The entire thumbnailpost can have a single object to resonate the message you want to say. Giving fewer elements to say more is not a bad idea. If it is implemented creatively, a minimalistic thumbnail will not hurt that much.

Keep a Human Touch

This is an overall tip that can make your thumbnailpost more appealing to the readers. Keep a human touch in every aspect of the design. The text, fonts, images being used and overall design should have a human touch. It should not look like just another thumbnailpost. On top of that, it should also resemble something that has been directly taken from the internet. As a result, try to be unique and different with the overall thumbnaildesign. Design the thumbnail post creatively so that the audience feel more connected to it. There can be many ways to ensure a human touch within a thumbnail design. Instead of using copyright free images of individuals, you can take pictures of individuals in related environmental settings and use those inside your thumbnailpost. Instead of using too much digital illustration on the design, you can use pictures of actual products to create more connection with the audience. In addition, ensure images of people who has similarity with your target audience. For example: if you are writing for an audience living in South East Asia, using pictures of people from South East Asian countries will be more reasonable for your thumbnail post. This is how you can bring a human touch on your thumbnail post.

Give Additional Information

You can make your thumbnailpost interesting by adding some additional information on your image. You can add the approximate reading time of your blog so that the audience can get an idea of how long the article is. Also, you can include a default communication with every banner that signifies your brand, product or service. For example: as we are the developer of Saasland, one of the top selling themes in the technology category, we can easily add “From the developers of best-selling theme Saasland” in the featured image to create a unique proposition of the feature image. This is also another way to make your feature image unique.

These are the 7 tips you can follow to creatively designing a thumbnail post. If you design a unique feature image it will add value to the overall presence and long term outcome of the blog.