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The Best AI Story Generator Tools for Creative Writing

Best AI Story Generator Tools

The process of creative writing and writing in any format or manner is a tedious and time-consuming endeavor. Creativity is capricious. A lot can play into it, a lot to factor in. It’s easy to come up with ideas and plots, but as one gets into the writing part, this can suddenly get complicated.

It’s all in the mind. It doesn’t matter how brilliant of a writer you are, you will eventually encounter writer’s block now and then. Maybe you’re out of ideas, fresh concepts, or just lost the mood for some reason!

These are all common hurdles in the line of creative writing or any form of writing for that matter. 

A writer’s mental and physical health, environment, and setup can go into writing something truly groundbreaking, but a sudden halt can cost a lot for a writer. This doesn’t imply that your creativity has dried up. You just need a little kickstart. 

For this reason, brilliant minds and engineers have been utilizing the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) for the past decade to create and improve specialized tools like Writing Assistant Tools, AI Story Generators, Auto Writing Tools, and so much more.

So, What Is an AI Writing Assistant?

An AI Writing Assistant is an online Artificial Intelligence (AI) tool that is powered by Machine Learning (ML) and other forms of cloud-based intelligence that aim to produce and improve the written content. 

This includes content generation, grammar correction/self-correction, improving the nuances of the language, etc. 

Can AI Generate Stories?

Yes, AI tools and computing units can write stories. AI generated story‘s are now a common sight to behold. 

By absorbing billions of data variables and improving their machine learning processes using cutting-edge algorithms, these cloud-based AI tools can now process through webs of data as the sophistication of Machine Learning (ML) increases. 

These tools are so ahead of time that they can be used to procedurally generate scenes, plots, books, brief stories, fanfiction, screenplays, and novels.

Can’t believe what you are reading! Well, you are not alone. We couldn’t believe our eyes until we started our research. There are a whole host of amazing pieces of literature written by AI.

The Emergence of the AI Story Generator

As the years pass by, we humans, especially professionals such as writers, have closely seen the emergence of AI tools. Learning from our triumphs and failures, AI-based computing tools have gained our trust to provide time-effective and accurate results. 

AI tools as story generators have come a long way. Previously, they were mere plagiarism and grammar checkers, but now these AI tools can be entrusted with pages upon pages of accurate and reliable content. 

There are a whole host of benefits to AI Story Generators. Here are some:

New Ideas

You started with a fresh idea and a solid roadmap but got stuck mid-way. Or you jumped into writing without any plans whatsoever. Rather than wasting hours trying to think it through, why not use an AI Story Generator! 

These tools will help you come up with fresh new ideas and perspectives and help you broaden your subject horizons.

No More Writers Block

The biggest hurdle to any writer’s writing endeavor is writer’s block.” It doesn’t matter which type of writer you are or what your writing process is like, eventually you will face a block.

But have no worries. By using an AI tool, you can get a fresh perspective on the subject you are working on. These tools may not be 100% successful in continuing on your project, but they can be surprisingly accurate for AI. 

Grammar Improvement

With built-in machine learning, these tools are quick to pick up on mistakes and grammatical and punctuation errors. 

Depending on how you configure your tools, they will give out shockingly accurate alerts and corrections to your errors. 

Skills and Patterns

AI writing and story generation tools can improve user writing skills and patterns by highlighting mistakes and malpractices. 

By continuously resolving users’ existing issues, AI tools can easily improve writing patterns. 

Trial and error have always been a great strategy for improving your skills, writing style, and pattern. 

Now you have these tools at your disposal that will repeatedly and accurately highlight your flaws until you fix them. 

Best AI Story Generator Tools for Creative Writing in 2022

After much deliberation and months of research, this is our top best Ai Story Generator Tool pick for the year 2022: 

1. Jasper AI (Formerly Jarvis.AI):

Jasper AI Writing Tool

Our top pick has to be Jasper AI, formerly known as Jarvis AI, which is one of the most popular and robust AI writing assistant tools of them all. Jasper has been through a lot and has gone through multiple total makeovers and rebrandings.

The team and company behind Jasper are highly skilled, dedicated to its success, and are constantly adapting and improving the program with more features and in-built tools. 

Currently, Jasper AI features a wide array of writing tools, which work both as content generators and as content optimizers for optimal outreach. Although we were looking for a well-rounded AI story generator, Jasper AI turned out to be so much more.

With Jasper, we’re able to easily generate content such as blog posts, social media posts, newsletters, news articles, product descriptions, etc.

This tool uses OpenAI’s GPT-3 advanced machine learning algorithm to generate a unique and compiled storyline based on your text context input.

GPT-3 is the most powerful natural language processor algorithm in the world. And since it is an open-source project, GPT-3 is being constantly improved upon and its database is being increased. 

So, it’s safe to assume Jasper AI can strongly handle and process users’ text-based context and continue upon it, writing accurate and stunning pieces of text content

This tool can create amazing titles, subtitles, paragraphs, and outros with the user’s given contexts. And I must say, the contents produced by Jasper AI are well-written and grammatically accurate. 

But AI generated stories are not flawless (yet); they do come with their quirks and issues. For example, users may encounter misinterpretations, out-of-context paragraphs, wording issues, etc.

These are minor issues compared to the awesome service these tools provide. Human intervention and observation are recommended. 


  • Two user modes, with flexible multi-tier pricing/custom pricing
  • A great tool for writing novels, and other long-format content
  • 25+ supported languages
  • Content templates 
  • SEO friendly 


  • Minor misinterpretations of context
  • Minor wording issue 


Jasper AI writing assistant tool comes with two distinctive modes with different feature packages. The pricing starts at 29$/m but I like the fact that the pricing is very flexible and customizable. 

Users can tweak around dollars per/m for as many words as they need. 

2. ShortlyAI

ShortlyAI is another fantastic AI writing assistant that has been around for a while. A great tool for writing articles, stories, and novels. A standout feature of ShortlyAI is that it comes with powerful commands.

These commands are an amazing addition to its text generator. Users can write a context point and let the ShortlyAI tool do its work. 

Like JasperAI, the ShortlyAI tool uses OpenAI’s GPT-3 advanced machine learning algorithm, which is, as discussed, a powerful algorithm that is very capable of generating well-documented pieces of content. 

ShortlyAI’s services will only go uphill now that it has been acquired by, the parent company of JasperAI. This implies that the skills and expertise of JasperAI will be translated into ShortlyAI or a merge of both of their services. 

Nonetheless, ShortlyAI’s story generation process was very good, and it’s capable of continuing the content as per your needs. 

As with JasperAI, due to current limitations, users may encounter minor misinterpretation issues. So we advise human intervention and observation.


  • Writes good stories and long-form content automatically
  • Utilizes powerful commands
  • Uses OpenAI’s GPT-3 algorithm 
  • Fast content generation
  • No credit system 


  • Features and tools are not well explained on their website
  • After being acquired by Conversion.AI the development and growth of this tool have shifted to JasperAI


ShortlyAI has two easy plans. You can either opt-in for its cancel-anytime annual plan, which comes with two free months of usage, or you can opt-in for its monthly plan, which can also be canceled at any time. 

Something that I love about ShortlyAI’s pricing system is the fact that it doesn’t have a credit system or buy more words system. But they do impose a daily word limit, with a very generous word count per day, which most people won’t be able to cross. 

3. Rytr


Rytr is another popular AI writing assistant that is very popular among students and people who are looking for a quick content solution on the go. It is mostly known for its short-format content generation tools, like short blog posts, news articles, infographics, social content, and emails. 

Although Rytr is a relatively new AI story generator tool, for its surprisingly rich free plan, it has won the hearts of many, including ours. 

Rytr’s free plan includes access to 30+ use-cases, 30+ languages, writing 20+ tones, and a built-in plagiarism checker.

But this awesome free plan seriously gets hindered due to its 5000 characters per month limitation. We strongly believe that Rytr, the writer’s community, students, and other professionals would greatly benefit from Rytr’s free plan if it had a generous words/characters per day limitation. 

Apart from its free plans, Rytr also has two price tiers: the saver plan and the ultimate plan, from which the saver plan offers the best bang for the buck in terms of service, all the while having all of OpenAI’s GPT-3 advanced machine learning algorithm support. 

Although Rytr has proven itself worthwhile as a short-form content generator tool time and time again. But Rytr is also a very capable long-form AI story generator that can process user-given content context, into something worth marveling at. 

It also has its flaws, which are only visible in long-form writing tasks. In short forms, this cloud-based ML tool works like a charm, generating new ideas and possibilities, but in long forms, the cracks are pretty obvious: heavy misinterpretation, poor choice of words, etc. 

From our testing point of view, we can confidently recommend Rytr for newsletters, emails, social media posts, etc. But your mileage may vary in the long form.


  • Self-handicapping free plan
  • 30+ use-cases 
  • Support for 30+ languages
  • Fast content generation
  • Built-in plagiarism checker 


  • The saver plan’s character limit must go up
  • The self-handicapped free plan’s character limit needs to go up for students
  • Multiple types of issues can be visible during long-form writing 


From the surface, Rytr’s three plans are enticing to new users because of their lineup of awesome features and competitive pricing. But users’ mileage may vary depending on their use case, the number of characters being used, and format. 

Rytr is a very robust AI tool, no doubt about it, but we hope that they improve their pricing, price tier features, and facilities. Most importantly, the free plan, which is very beneficial to students and people in a hurry.

4. Copysmith


Copysmith is another awesome AI-powered content generator that has recently gained popularity for its sections and segment-wise context content input and output features. This is great for novice and non-tech-savvy users. 

Copysmith is particularly great for blogging and story writing as you can divide each segment and section and improve upon the generated content from your context text and keywords. 

This is great as you can increase, decrease, and improve upon each paragraph spectrally before margining it into your main text body. 

This works well for writing or generating long-form pieces of content such as stories, novels, books, articles, journals, etc. 

Furthermore, it can auto-generate text for entire email messages, ad headlines, product descriptions, marketing copy, and SEO meta titles and descriptions, among others.


  • Modular section-wise content generation 
  • Advanced content rewriter
  • SEO Optimized
  • Generates plagiarism-free output


  • Minor out of context wording and sentences 
  • Its credit system


Copysmith starts at 19$/m up to custom pricing solutions for enterprise usage. Something that I don’t like about Copysmith is that its content generation requires credits per month. The starter plan comes with 50 credits. Different types of content generation require different amounts of credit!

I believe the credit costs must be streamlined and better informed. If you require more credits per month, you can just buy $10/25 credits. 

5. AI-Writer


AI-Writer is a popular AI writing assistant tool, among bloggers, article writers, and people who work with a lot of existing pieces of content regularly. With AI-Writer, users can input their existing content and get amazing results with well-formatted and well-worded content.

The AI-Writer is not specifically built for AI generated stories, but it does a splendid job at long-form writing. And with some minor human intervention, users can easily create accurate, full-length pieces of content. 

This AI-powered tool does an amazing job of delivering well-formatted and documented content at a fast rate. With AI-Writer, users can directly publish their generated content to WordPress. Personally, I loved it because I work with WordPress business-centric themes a lot. 

An SEO-friendly AI story generator can be a fine addition to any WordPress blogger’s arsenal. 


  • Directly publish content to WordPress
  • SEO-friendly and authoritative
  • Excellent full-length article generator 
  • Accurate, well-formatted rewriter 


  • Not suited for story and novel generation 


Starting at 29$/m AI-Writer presents its pricing plans effectively and informatively. For example, the starting plan comes with 40 articles per month (0.72$ per credit). 

This is great as it helps writers and professionals plan their monthly content output in an effective manner to get the most out of their subscription. 

6. Article Forge

Article Forge

As the name suggests, Article Forge is an amazing content generation solution for blog and article writers with powerful cloud-based machine learning support. Article Forge can generate content, edit existing content, and write articles with minimal effort. 

Article Forge comes with preloaded keywords and is well optimized for SEO-friendly content generation. 


  • Preloaded keywords and SEO-friendly content generation
  • Quality article generation 
  • Accurate rewriting capability 


  • Monthly payment price tiers are ridiculous


Ignoring the monthly price tier, Article Forge’s yearly pricing plans are very enticing. With the starter plan, users get 250,000 words/mo, which is very impressive considering many other AI assistant tools. 

And the starter plan gives access to all its features, which is a big plus in our book. 

7. Scalenut


Scalenut is a relatively new AI story generator that has been making great strides. With the use of the latest AI algorithms, Scalenut can search, store, and process text-based content at blazing fast speeds and produce meticulous content based on a user’s given context. 

Like any other content generator tool, Scalenut works, in the same way, that the other AI story generators work. By processing the user’s ideas and thoughts, Scalenut’s AI and ML systems will process them into strong, relatable pieces of content. 


  • Ideal for working with team members
  • In-built SEO Assistant
  • AI-powered copywriter
  • Great for short-form content generation 


  • No cons were found at the time of testing


Scalenut comes with the most robust multi-tier pricing solution on this list. Starting as a free plan, it can go all the way up to $62/mo annually. 

We found that the free plan worked very well for students and their mostly short-form content, with Scalenut giving 2000 words for both short and long-form content and access to 40+ AI-powered tools.

With unlimited word count starting at the individual plan level.

8. CopyAI


CopyAI as the name suggests is one of the best copywriting AI tools out right now. Designed with multiple modular content generators, CopyAI is very easy to get into for novice and non-tech-savvy users. 

With a wide array of tools for dedicated content generation roles, CopyAI has you covered for any type of text content generation gig. 

CopyAI comes with over 60+ templates that are suitable for various content types and content generation projects. Users also have the option to mix and match these tools to better generate content as they please. 


  • 90+ copywriting tools
  • Supports 25+ languages
  • Great free plan 
  • Fast output of content 


  • Maybe increase the monthly credit limit for students


We liked how CopyAI designed and modeled their pricing plans, starting at free and going up to 45$/m. CopyAI is very handy for students and professionals in a hurry, having access to all the features of the paid plan but with credit limitations.

And those are our top picks for the best AI story generators. Based on our tests and trials, we picked our top picks. These AI writing assistants have proven their worth with their feature sets, price-to-performance ratio, and ease of use. 

We can confidently recommend these tools to writers who are looking for a writing aid for their creative writing endeavors. 

But What about Ai Writing Assistance Tools? Here Are Some of the Best Ai Writing Assistance Tool Roundups for Your Convenience. 

1. Grammarly


Grammarly is the most popular and widely used AI consumer product ever, with millions of daily users. Grammarly, without a doubt, is king when it comes to daily users and productivity on a large scale, but Grammarly. cannot generate content like the others on our list.

This is not an AI-powered content generator, far from it. Grammarly is an AI-powered content improvement program. With the power of cloud computing and ML Grammarly, it checks your written content in real-time to scan for all kinds of errors and gives users accurate and informative suggestions to improve their content.

As the name suggests, Grammarly is a grammar checker and correction specialist program, and it’s mighty powerful at that as well. No matter how large of error pron your content may be, Grammarly will quickly identify and give accurate suggestions to solve those errors.

Throughout our history of using AI-driven programs, this is the one that we’ve used and enjoyed the most. 

Grammarly currently offers three different types of suggestions for its free users, which is all that they require for most users, and advanced features and suggestion tools for premium users.


  • Spelling, grammar, and contextual error checking
  • Multi-language support
  • Plagiarism checker
  • Easy integration 
  • Browser addon & mobile app
  • Ultimate free plan use


  • Might show conflicting results on the same content, when compared to other such programs


First of all, we can’t praise enough the free version; it is great and we’ve put it to good use on multiple occasions. The same goes for the premium plan, which starts at 12$/m which is amazing considering the level of consistent support this program provides to its users. 

2. WordTune

As you write, WordTune makes use of artificial intelligence to adjust what you’ve just written to the situation and tone that you find yourself in. 

Whether it is formal or casual communication we can recommend that you check out Wordtune to improve your online communication. WordTune is surprisingly good at readjusting entire sentences to multiple suggestions to pick from to better match users’ needs. 

It also comes with a free plan for its extension, but it’s just 20 free uses per day.


  • Easy to use
  • Multiple excellent suggestions
  • Powerful browser extension
  • Semantic analysis-based rewrites
  • Complete control over sentence length and style
  • Sentence shorten & expansion 


  • No negatives were found at the time of testing


Starting at the free plan with only 20 free uses per day. WordTune’s premium plan starts at 9.99$/m for unlimited use, without any limitations, which is very good. 

3. ProWritingAid


ProWritingAid is another brilliant piece of intelligent writing assistant tool when it comes to content improvement and creation on the go. By harnessing the power of artificial intelligence, ProWritingAid integrates a grammar checker, style editor, and writing mentor all in one. 

We would recommend checking out this AI software if you’re interested in improving your writing or polishing it.


  • Powerful in-depth content review
  • Content suggestions
  • Improve the style of your writing habits 
  • Helps eliminate errors
  • Powerful browser extension 


  • No negatives were found at the time of testing


Starting at 20$/m going all the way up to 399$ for a lifetime subscription for a one-time payment. Depending on your rewrite needs this can be a great deal for you. 

4. INK

INK combines a distraction-free editor with a built-in AI-powered SEO assistant. 

Using the INK editor as an SEO assistant will help you rank higher in the search engines and generate more organic traffic. INK also comes with an SEO scorer built-in, which helps users understand how the contents are going in terms of SEO score. 

Basically, the INK SEO Score is based on a patented AI system that analyzes your content in real-time. 

According to the data studies, content with an INK SEO Score above 97% is at least four times more likely to rank on Google. 

Furthermore, the AI Co-Writing feature generates high-performing content. Using a sophisticated AI, the co-writing feature helps users write, expand, summarize, rewrite, or simplify sentences.


  • Meta description optimization 
  • Content suggestions
  • Sentiment analysis 
  • WordPress integration 
  • Topic suggestions
  • Chrome extension 
  • Accessibility modes 


  • No negatives were found at the time of testing


Starting at 8.80$ monthly INK’s annual plans are very good and digestible but its monthly plans can rack up a high sum of money. 

5. SaplingAI


SaplingAI is another excellent AI writing assistant tool that works well with all the popular messaging platforms and CRMs. 

Sales and support teams get accurate wording guidance while writing and sending personalized messages to customers through the system.

SaplingAI is capable of managing language problems and barriers. It also comes with an impressive autocorrect feature, that can help its users reduce work time and error.


  • Autocomplete
  • Grammar checker
  • Performance focused reporting
  • Message repository 


  • No cons were found during testing 


SaplingAI’s plans start with its free version with 20 Snippets per month and basic suggestions, which are okay for most people on the go. It also has a pro version for 25$/m for all its additional features, which can be further customized.

FAQs on AI Story Generator Tools

What is an AI story generator?

Essentially, AI story generators are cloud-based programs that are powered by AI and machine learning, which can store, search, and analyze massive amounts of open-source data to generate accurate pieces of content. 

Can AI writing assistants replace human writers? 

No, AI writing assistant tools have a long way to go. Over the years, these tools have improved immensely, but still lack the proper polish and human-level context and content understanding. These tools still require human intervention and observation. 
But as technology improves, there will soon come a time when human writers might become obsolete. 

Are AI story generators free to use?

No, but most of them come with a free trial period. So that users can better decide and pick the right tool for themselves.

Can AI story generators produce original content?

No, AI story generator tools can produce 100% original pieces of content. These tools utilize many sophisticated algorithms, ML and AL to better understand, learn, and produce content based on user-given content. 

Does AI-generated content contain plagiarism?

The answer is no. These AI writing assistant tools use sophisticated algorithms and machine learning processes to make sure the content produced by these programs is plagiarism-free. 

Benefits of AI Story Writing Tools?

AI story writing tools can help out writers and professionals in various ways, some of them are: 

  • Content generation 
  • Fresh content ideas
  • Plagiarism free content
  • SEO-friendly content generation 
  • Helps overcome writer’s block
  • Can generate various types and formats of content

Final Thoughts

These AI story generator tools can be a beneficial investment for any writer’s day-to-day workflow. Not only do these tools save time by generating the content, but they can also help out with writer’s block, plagiarism checking, writing style improvement, SEO optimization, and so much more. 

As technology improves, we’re now seeing AI story generators so well throughout and put together that they can now produce entire novels on their own, with stunning wording, factual accuracy, and charm. 

It can greatly improve the workflow for writers who are interested in producing hybrid content that brings together both their minds and AI in one project. Radically improving mistakes, rewrites, wording, and the time it takes to produce.

For all these reasons, we can confidently say these types of tools are worth a try. These will greatly improve any writer’s or professional’s work, as they did for us.