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How To Use a Live Person for the Price of a Bot


How To Make a Chatbot More Human-Like?

Although a bot will fully replace a human soon, there are still some ways to make it seem more human than a robot. You need to give your bot enough character and personality, so it responds in the same manner and tone. At the same time, it should have a variety of options to respond to the same inquiry.

If your chatbot could display emotion and talk like people would in real life, it would look more human. For instance, a disappointed customer could be met with phrases and even emojis that show understanding and desire to help. You can also consider taking it a step further and implementing a voice chatbot on your website with a natural-sounding voice.

How a Human Chatbot Is Better for Increasing Customer Loyalty?

Although a chatbot has many advantages, the technology has not yet made it work on par with real conversations with people. You can check out an informative article on what questions can help you differentiate a chatbot from a human, but let’s see what sets one apart from the other when it comes to customer service.

Clients prefer to communicate with real people

A human chatbot increases customer satisfaction rating because people prefer to resolve issues with people since the bot cannot always give an intelligible answer, which means it is useless.

Chatbots can’t get to the bottom of the problem

No matter how good your chatbots are, they will still not be able to understand more complex issues and offer the client a better solution. The bot will not be able to react quickly in an unforeseen situation.

Chatbots can’t make decisions

Chatbots can only help you with answers to simple questions. They are not programmed for situations in which decisions must be made.

This is why a chatbot is not as good as a human in a nutshell.

How To Find Cheap Customer Support for a Website?

Customer support is essential for the success of any business. Unfortunately, the costs quickly add up and businesses are looking for cheaper alternatives. Although getting a chatbot might seem like a good idea, it’s not always the best solution.

Another option that is gaining popularity is BPO customer service. Simply put, a business chooses to outsource customer service. It offers many benefits, including more flexibility when it comes to busy hours/seasons, growing and scaling, and significant cost savings.