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Elementor, a groundbreaking WordPress website builder that took over the page builder market by storm. This website builder became popular with its simple drag and drop feature that made website designing easier than ever.

You do not need to know coding to design websites anymore, this WordPress website builder will ease the process of getting started with your website.

In order to amplify this useful website builder, many third party developers came up with additional add-ons to simplify the experience of Elementor.

With the help of these addons you can get more features, design variations and control options over your website.

There are many third party addons with unique features and characteristics. By using these addons properly, you can make web designing experience better. 

In this write up, we will list down the most useful addons for Elementors. This assortment of addons are the best addons for Elementors. Each of these addons have its own speciality.

In the following we will firstly list down the measures we considered to make this list of the addons. The addons have been listed based on the following components: 

  1. Features: The exclusive features of these addons are the prime focus of making this list. Addons with more features will certainly bring more variations to the website. Exclusive features, easy customization and control options of these addons are the key performance indicators of Elementor addons. We have listed those addons only that come with top notch features and options. 

  2. Designs: You do not want your website to be boring, right? These creatively designed addons can make your website buzzing with exquisite and modern design. We have given a good look at the design options of these addons and listed the very best only. In addition, the built in preset options, design variations, design coherence and uniqueness has been considered in this listing. 

  3. Control Options: All the best addons for Elementors come with control options. But not all addons have the necessary flexibility. As a result you might get stuck after adding an addon to your site. To lessen that hassle for you, we have done the groundwork to measure the control option of each of the addons. And only addons with the most control options have made it to the final list. 

  4. Free and ProFeatures: Almost all of addons have free and pro versions. You can start with the free version with limited features and gradually update it to the pro version to avail additional features. As there will be many users who would prefer the free version instead of the pro, so we did thorough research on both options and gave our suggestions accordingly.
4 Indicators of Good Addons

These are the components we considered before creating the list of most useful addons for Elementors. In the following, we will list down the best addons for Elementors with necessary details. 

Droit Elementor Addons

Droit Elementor Addons

Droit Elementor Addons is one of the latest and up to date Elementor addons out there. This extension of the Elementor page builder is full of exclusive features.

You can take your website to a whole new height with this one of the best addons for Elementor. In addition to the feature richness, this Elementor addon has very creative and modern design options.

It offers a bundle of creative and stylish presets that are very useful for designing a website.

Droit Elementor Addons is currently offering the free version only. The free version comes with 17+ widgets. You can see the full widget lists here

All of these presets come with control options to give you the freedom to customize these tools as per your requirements.

You can customize the overall look and feel of the widgets with options such as typography, background color, border, shadow box, margin, padding and more. With these control options, you get limitless opportunities to customize your website easily. 

Droit Elementor Addons have the following key features: 

  • 17+ beautifully crafted addons
  • 50+ total styles to choose from
  • Fully free for lifetime
  • Fully responsive widgets and blocks
  • Powerful and versatile controls
  • Unlimited section nesting
  • Blazing fast loading

Droit Elementor Addons have been designed for beginners and pros alike. With the help of this add on, you can take your website to the next level. 

Essential Addons 

Essential Addons

Essential Addons is one of the most revered Elementor addons available. This addon is filled with features that can help you to create stellar web pages.

Essential Addons is packed with well designed widgets with standard variations. This lightweight plugin is capable of making your web pages versatile without reducing the speed. Essential addons will propel your website towards providing a better user experience. 

The free version of the addon comes with 40+ widgets, and the premium version of the addon has 29 more additional feature rich widgets. You can check the full list of widgets here

Essential Addons has been in the market for some time and has cultivated a strong fanbase. The striking number of active installations of the addon is praiseworthy.

The widgets that come with Elementor Essential Addons are extremely useful. It has necessary components that can uplift your website with useful features.

In addition, the flexible control options, pre built design variations, stylish presets and ease of use are the factors behind the growing popularity of this tool. 

In the following, we will highlight the key features of the Essential Elementor Addons: 

  • 70+ premium elements to craft a creative and feature rich website.
  • They have more than 1,500 five star ratings, making it one of the most beloved addons for Elementors.
  • In addition, they have a resounding 7 million+ downloads of the addons.
  • It contains easy to customize widgets with flexible control options. 
  • The premium plans offer good variations and you can pick based on your requirement. 

The overall features of this tool make it one of the very best addons for Elementor. The ease of use of the tool made it super easy for users to apply it on their websites and get maximum value. 

Happy Addons

Happy Addons

Happy Addons It has the most versatile set of widgets and elements. Easily build awesome and creative web pages with Happy Addons.

The quality of the features and uniqueness of the designs make Happy Addons a go to plugin if you are already using the Elementor plugin for your WordPress website.

Happy Addons has a collection of amazingly useful widgets backed with up to date preset and style variations. The overall blend of the built in widgets is capable enough to bring functional excellence to your website.

Happy Addons has a long list of 39+ free premium quality widgets. The pro version of the widget offers some additional lists of effective widgets for your website.

A total of 71+ widgets combining the free and pro version of the widget is available with Happy Addons. You can check the full list of widgets here.

In addition, Happy Addons has built-in extensions that can increase the functionality of the web pages easily.

Moreover, the Happy Effects included with the Addon brings a different creative touch to its features.

Updating to the pro version of the Addon will give you access to more features and options and bring advanced options to customize your website. 

Have a look at the key features of this addon below: 

  • A whopping 400+ presets options to make your website creative.
  • Cross domain copy paste feature allows you to work on multiple websites at the same time.
  • Powerful animation effects such as floating effects and other motion effects will make your website creatively stunning. 
  • You can import from the readymade templates and get started in just a few clicks.  
  • Even though the widgets are extremely functional but they are designed to ensure they don’t slow down your website. 

Picking Happy Addons can be a good decision because it allows you to create versatile web pages with profound creativity.  



An all-in-one productivity enhancer, ElementsReady is a plugin that can be used with Elementor page builders. The purpose of the plugin is to release the full potential of the Elementor page builder by supplying users with additional customization options in the form of use case-specific widgets and modules. These include the widget for displaying testimonials, widgets for showcasing products available through Easy Digital Download, widgets for embedding videos and Google Maps, and a great deal more. With over 115 widgets and functionality-driven modules, the possibilities brought forth by ElementsReady Elementor Addons are almost limitless.

In addition to all of this, the Elementor add-ons plugin comes with over 1000+ pre-set design components and Elementor templates that have been professionally produced. These features are intended to make the process of developing a WordPress website easier and more streamlined.

What sets this Elementor apart from the rest is the fact that it hosts a large library of useful creative tools and modules, such as: 

  • Built-in header, footer, & megamenu builders.
    Live Copy functionality that lets you copy design elements from any domain or webpage.
  • Custom Widget builder that allows users to create their own functional Elementor widgets.
  • Floating Effects & Animation support for website customization.
  • Advanced column customizer and management utility. 
  • Unsplash media support directly from the WordPress dashboard. 
  • Professionally crafted presets and template library. 
  • 22+ Responsive landing pages.

Stratum – Elementor Widgets

The Stratum Elementor widgets addon gives all its premium-like widgets for free, one of its most valuable features being a very small number of paid settings. Many widgets are completely free while others offer only one or two paid features.

That basically means you can use Stratum for advanced customization and design tasks even staying on the free version.

Stratum ships with 23 free widgets focused on rather routine tasks of creating tabbed page sections, FAQs, progress bars, pricing tables, pricing lists, banners, and all the other standard things business websites if any sort might require.

On the other hand, Stratum can boast of a great collection of Elementor widgets for rather creative and fancy tasks.

For example, it allows you to add lightweight Lottie animation files, build fancy timelines, make images informative and interactive with animated hotspots, embed an Instagram feed, and add image galleries with fancy layouts.

  • 23 free widgets for creative and business projects.
  • Highly rated addon.
  • The Stratum addon deals with applying your theme styling to the widgets and ensuring perfect design consistency.
  • You can integrate your custom Elementor templates and widgets into Stratum’s widgets.

Master Addons

Master Addons

Master Addons comes with extremely functional widgets to bring your website to life. These Elementor Addons has stunning and cutting edge designed addons capable of making your website experience impeccable.

With the powerful options and creative design orientation, Master Addon can turn an ordinary looking website into an extraordinary one.

They have categorized the elements into different sections for the users to understand the purpose of the elements and use them accordingly. 

The free version of the website has 30+ free elements that can come in handy for your website to make it functionally exclusive and visually attractive.

Apart from the widgets and tools, it has a wide array of free and paid extensions. You can check out the full list of widgets and extensions here.

Because of the types of widgets they have designed, Master Addons get the upper hand compared to other Elementor Addons.

All the other Elementor Addons have similarities between the widgets they are offering, however, Master Addons goes above and beyond the typical list of widgets and adds value by bringing additional features.

Mater Addons have a very strong list of free and paid extensions to amplify your website experience further.

With Master Addons, you will have an easy customization and control option as well. Features such as page builder, custom breakpoints, creative navigation menu, design uniqueness make Master Addons a good pick as an Elementor Addons. 

In the following, let’s have a look at the highlights of Master Addons:

  • Master Addons comes with a total of 40+ elements and 10+ extensions.
  • It has unique features such as header-footer builder, custom CSS, mega menu and more. 
  • With full customization features, getting creative with the widget is a matter of time.
  • Get more additional features and options with premium elements and extensions.
  • Master Addons have good support, detailed documentation and more useful features. 

The unique features of these widgets are the key advantage for picking this addon over other existing Elementor addons.  

The Plus Addons

The Plus Addons

Last but not least, The Plus Addons is one of the best addons for Elementors. It comes with 100+ mighty widgets, 18+ ready-made templates, and a huge collection of 300+ UI blocks to help you design a website for you or your client.

With unique sets of free and premium widgets, these Elementor addons can be a convenient tool to bring additional functionality to your website. The Plus Addons have designed its tools to ensure it is friendly with newbies and pros alike. 

The Plus Addons has a long list of widgets. It has 30 full functioning free widgets and 47 premium widgets with advanced features and functionality.

Along with built in free features, The Plus Addons have around 20+ additional features for the pro version. Check the full list of widgets and functions here.

The additional benefit of picking The Plus Addons is the amount of pre built widgets and design variations. They offer a set of creative and innovative widgets that can take your website to the next level.

Along with basic essential widgets, this addon also includes creative widgets, widgets that can be used to create sections, adding tabs, mega menu and many more.

These features will help you to create nifty websites with useful resources and creatively crafted designs.   

In the following, we will mention the key features of this addon. 

  • The Plus Addons has a mighty collection of widgets and tools. 
  • This Addon is built to ensure both newbies and pros can use it. 
  • Widgets within the addon are designed to ensure speedy loading of websites even though they are loaded with awesome features.
  • Because of the ease of use and more functional options, many users find the addon to be very useful, and the popularity is ever growing. 
  • With quality support and up to date documentation, this tool can be very useful for your website. 

With multiple functionality and variations, The Plus Addons can amplify the quality of your website in no time. 

These are the most useful addons for Elementor that can increase the overall quality of building & designing a website with Elementor.

From the elaboration of the features and perks of the addons listed above, select the one that meets your requirement. Go through the widgets and get started with the one you feel will serve most of the purpose. 

If you loved what you read till now, have a look at our blogs for more such write-ups.