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8+ Best Membership Plugins for WordPress Websites

Best Membership Plugins for WordPress

WordPress Membership plugins are special extensions or add-ons to your website that allow your website to create exclusive members.

With the WordPress membership plugin, you can keep track of your community, share new updates and foster a strong relationship with them.

This is a very important part of creating a fully functioning website and establishing a brand.

Choosing the best membership plugin WordPress will save you time and help you maintain your community.

This feature allows a few people to stand out from the rest and get exclusive content, special discounts, shoutouts, etc for being a member of your website.

But there is a catch: there are many plugins out there that can do this for you but there are some criteria that must be kept in mind before choosing the best membership plugin WordPress.

We have done the hard work for you and created a top 8 WordPress membership plugin for your website list below. 

1. SureMembers


SureMembers is a powerful membership plugin designed to help you create and manage membership sites with ease. Whether you’re running an online course, a digital content platform, or a subscription-based community, SureMember provides all the essential features to monetize your content and engage your members effectively. 

With SureMembers, you can easily set up different membership levels, protect your valuable content, and seamlessly handle payments and subscriptions. 

The plugin offers a user-friendly interface, advanced customization options, and robust integrations to enhance your membership site’s functionality. 

If you’re looking for a reliable and feature-rich membership plugin, SureMembers is the ideal solution to create a thriving and profitable membership-based business.

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2. Memberpress

Memberpress Membership Plugins for WordPress

When it comes to WordPress membership plugins, Memberpress is at the top of the list. This is a complete solution for you if you don’t want to look for other software and just get going.

This plugin covers all the aspects that one must be careful about.

Starting from the number of members, their payment methods, their membership duration, pricing, discounts, email, and many more.

This is kind of a 360 solution for your membership requirement. This plugin gives you control over all your members and you can monitor them properly.

One of the most powerful features of this plugin is that it supports multiple payment gateways as long as you have one payment method added this plugin handles payment automatically.

This is a really versatile plugin packed with tons of features for a price tag starting from $149/ year. 

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3. ARMember

ARMembers Membership Plugins for WordPress

ARMember is also a free plugin that provides a hugely wide range of features.

It also provides trials for new members and gives you the freedom to join, cancel, upgrade, and degrade whenever you want. It also provides badges and achievements for your accomplishments.

It also has a content restricting feature that helps you to save certain content for the exclusive members.

It is an easy to install and easy to use plugin that is free and has a premium version just at $43, which is amazing. But the big drawback of this plugin is its compatibility.

There have been reports that this plugin doesn’t go well with other plugins.

But there are also many good reviews so we can say that the community is a bit mixed here and that is why even though it packs a great punch we placed it in the lower section of the list.

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4. Optinmonster

Optinmonster Membership Plugins for WordPress

Now, for some people, Optinmonster might be the number one for its capability, but we placed it in the second because some users might get a bit confused and might find this plugin complex.

This is one of the most powerful plugins out there for generating leads as well. It allows you to create certain campaigns to generate more members for your website.

This plugin actually has a huge fanbase and over 1,000,000 active installations all over the world. This plugin helps you to grow the number of your clients, your revenue, and, in this case, your members.

Premade templates that are compatible on all devices, more targeting campaigns, and more integrations with third-party email providers, analytics are among the key features.

The versatile analytics reporting system will help you to take the best data-driven decision. All these features are packed in this robust WordPress membership plugin that is starting from just $9/ month. 

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5. WooCommerce Membership

WooCommerce Membership Plugins for WordPress

WooCommerce Membership plugin is more of a state-of-the-art plugin that not only helps you to get new members and set up plans for each member of different classes, but also gives you the function of restricting content so that the exclusive content can only be seen by the exclusive members.

The unique thing about the WooCommerce membership plugin is that this plugin allows you to notify your members through email about special loyalty discounts and other exclusive content.

WooCommerce membership plugin has a free shipping feature only for the members.

They also have a 30 days money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the WooCommerce membership plugin service. Their packages start from $149 for a single site. 

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6. Restrict Content Pro

Restrict Content Pro Membership Plugins for WordPress

Restrict Content Pro is a lightweight WordPress membership plugin and is for people who don’t want to go through the problem of setting up a complex system.

This plugin is easy to set up and provides step-by-step notes for you so that you can set it up properly. There is another benefit to this plugin.

This is also packed with powerful features that are constantly being updated by the developers.

It has multiple payment options, a highly customizable customer dashboard, and a strong restriction system so that people get exactly what they are paying for.

Their pricing starts from $99/ year for personal usage. If you are thinking of restricting your contents and are aiming to make your exclusive members feel more privileged then look no further.

The wide service provided by then is top-notch and trustworthy.

Get Restrict Content Pro

7. Paid Memberships pro

Paid Memberships pro Membership Plugins for WordPress

Paid Membership Pro a free WordPress membership plugin that contains robust features that are highly customizable. They let you create multiple classes of members.

Their unique feature is that they are integrated with Constant Contract. This is a service that helps you to grow your audience and helps you to reach more people through social media and other platforms.

This plugin also offers multiple payment gateways and member-only discount offers.

Even though it is a free WordPress membership plugin, these features are only available in the pro version, which starts at $297.

We would actually think twice before spending so much on this over others. We wouldn’t recommend it to someone unless this is what he/she is looking for.

If you’re a beginner then in that case this is a big red signal as this requires a bit of skillset, time and money. But that is okay there is plenty of fishes in the sea and we have got you covered on that too.

Get Paid Memberships pro

8. WP-Members

WP-Members Membership Plugins for WordPress

WP-Members is one of the most underrated WordPress membership plugins. With a huge fan base and positive reviews from tons of users, this is a must-try.

With over 80,000+ active installations and constant updates, this plugin will help you by getting more members and also provide the barrier that will restrict content.

This is a free WordPress membership plugin that creates a custom registration field and has over 120+ actions and filters for you.

The problem with this plugin is the functionality of it. It has $59/ year and $499 for a lifetime plan. If you want to give it a shot, a yearly plan is okay but the lifetime one is your choice.

Get WP-Members

9. aMember Pro

aMember Pro Membership Plugins for WordPress

We have discussed and shown you that the features that other plugins are providing aMember Pro is not the worst, rather a little short.

One of the biggest problems for plugins like this is that it has compatibility issues with other plugins as this was built in PHP.

If you overlook this downside and look at other features that it has like unlimited members and 200+ payment options, a full functioning membership management system at just $149 for a lifetime license.

Now that doesn’t seem that bad, does it? But compatibility is a really big issue right now and if you are thinking to be different you got to have a backup or else you will turn into another Nokia case study.

Get aMember Pro

10. Membership for WooCommerce

Membership for WooCommerce

Membership for WooCommerce is a powerful plugin that adds advanced membership functionality to your WooCommerce store. With this plugin, you can create custom membership levels, restrict access to content, products, and pages, and offer exclusive discounts and perks to your members.

Membership for WooCommerce Pro is its content restriction options. You can restrict access to entire pages or specific sections of pages, and even restrict access to specific products or product categories. This is great for creating exclusive content and offers for your members, and can help to increase engagement and loyalty.

Membership for WooCommerce Pro also offers a range of other options and tools. You can offer member-only discounts and pricing, manage member accounts and subscriptions, and even create custom email notifications and reminders.

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All the plugins that we have discussed above are actually unique and very versatile in their own ways.

One thing that you must keep in mind is that even though we made a top 8 list, or there might be tons of other good plugins that might stand out from one another for a particular reason.

You must also remember  that one plugin might be helpful, but a certain plugin might come in handy in a certain situation.

So you must have the proper knowledge and also do your research before actually getting one.

If you are asking or looking for a one-stop solution for your membership plugin and are looking for just a single plugin, we would recommend you use Memberpress as there are no alternatives to this.

That plugin is just too good and it has a 360 solution to your problem at a reasonable price.

So do give it a try and be careful when choosing the best membership plugin WordPress for your website.

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