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7 Best Web Design Trends for 2024

In 2023, digital marketing saw big changes – short videos became popular, AI tools took over, and Google started using generative AI in search. 

Now, in 2024, businesses are trying to keep up.  

However, before you go revamp your entire digital marketing strategy, tackle one thing at a time, starting with the most important aspect – website design.

Businesses often overlook web design and focus mainly on SEO. But remember that if your website design is faulty, all your SEO efforts will go to waste.

So, in this article, we are going to discuss the top 7 web design trends for 2024. 

Design Focused on User Experience (UX)

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You might notice many websites focusing on making your experience better. This trend is getting more popular and will continue to grow. Designers are working hard to make websites more engaging for users. 

There are different parts to this user-centered design. The main goal is to get more traffic, leads, and sales. But the focus is on the people visiting the site. Every part of the website, like the images, menu, animations, text, and videos is made to grab visitors’ attention right away. The homepage should give clear information about what the business does and how it helps customers.

Businesses can learn about what their customers need and like and then make the website personalized for them. Many websites now use smart technology to make it easier for users to navigate and get suggestions quickly. In the future, web design might be all about making the user experience better.

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Maximalism with Bold Fonts & Denser Graphics

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Maximalism is the big thing in web design, and it’s not going away anytime soon. Instead of minimalism, which focuses on simplicity, maximalism goes for loud and bold. This means eye-catching graphics, vibrant colors, and bold fonts.

Clients and consumers love it because it’s fun and attention-grabbing. It’s especially popular for websites selling food and beverages, consumer goods, and brands targeting younger people. 

Maximalism isn’t just about being loud; it’s also about bringing back older styles like ’80s retro glamor. In 2024, we’ll see even more of this maximalist trend. Designers will keep finding new ways to make websites stand out and catch people’s attention.

Interactive Storytelling

Designers need to focus on storytelling in website design to keep users engaged. Storytelling has already become a popular trend because it helps build a unique brand identity in a competitive market.

But why is it still on the rise? It’s because of innovation. By making storytelling interactive, you can make a bigger impact on the audience and keep them interested.

However, it can be tricky to do this well. Interactive storytelling means adding elements that guide visitors smoothly through the information without making it confusing.

You can use things like videos, and cool 3D visuals to create a memorable experience for users. But even simple animations or dynamic text can work wonders. This trend is especially great for e-commerce websites, giving them new ideas to connect with their customers.

Kinetic Typography

Another trendy style in web design is kinetic typography. This involves adding animation to text to instantly grab viewers’ attention. Many designers and brands are already following this trend.

Kinetic typography can be a standout feature on your website, especially on the homepage. Using moving text for headlines or subheadings helps keep users engaged without cluttering the site with too many visuals or shapes. It’s also mobile-friendly and doesn’t slow down the website.

This trend is expected to continue growing in popularity in the future. You can incorporate kinetic typography into websites for various purposes, such as portfolios, digital marketing services, SaaS platforms, to create a stronger impact.

AI-generated Designs


Since the launch of ChatGPT just over a year ago, AI tools have become an integral part of our design process. They assist with creating content, generating ideas, making wireframes, and even crafting images and videos.

In 2024, we’re seeing a big shift in web design with the rise of AI and generative art. This means using smart technology to create custom graphics based on what users like and need. Instead of everyone seeing the same thing on a website, now each person gets content that’s made just for them.

This trend is all about making the online experience more personal and relevant. By using AI, designers can save time and money while still giving users something unique and special.

AI tools are becoming really helpful for designers, making it easier for them to bring their ideas to life. This change is making design more creative and accessible for everyone.

Low Light Design & Dark Mode

Image Quality Optimizer on Droit Dark Mode

A couple of years ago, Apple initiated dark mode for their products, and since then, many companies have followed suit by creating dark mode renditions of their sites. This trend is gaining even more traction in 2024 as part of the latest web design trends. 

Dark mode, along with features like night shift, offers users a low-contrast interface that’s easier on the eyes, especially in dimly lit environments.

For example, Google lets users switch to a darker mode on platforms like YouTube, Gmail, and Google Maps. This makes it easier on the eyes, especially in low light. With the rising popularity of dark mode, we anticipate seeing better black and white web designs in 2024 as a result.

Handmade Illustrations

Another web design trend you’ll see more of in the future is handmade illustrations. While illustrations on websites might have started gaining popularity with Mailchimp, they weren’t common in recent years. But that’s changing now. Many websites feature unique handmade illustrations that keep visitors interested and encourage them to keep scrolling.

These illustrations can tell stories, show how a business solves problems for customers, or highlight different services in a visually appealing way. They don’t have to be fancy; even simple designs can convey the right message effectively.


The future of digital design focuses on creating meaningful experiences while also looking amazing. These web design trends are expected to dominate the industry in the coming year. Whether you’re updating a website, starting from scratch, or just making some changes, it’s a good idea to keep these trends in mind.


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