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Why and How to Build a Website as an Influencer

Build a Website as an Influencer

There’s a bright future ahead for influencers with 2022 just around the corner, and some noteworthy marketing trends to look forward to. 

Talking Influence highlights how influencer marketing spending is expected to grow by 15% globally next year. Brands and advertisers have started to maximize online advertising.

They saw great potential in influencers who reached out to target audiences, especially in a pandemic where physical engagement has become limited.

As AI and machine learning have become technology trends in many industries, advertisers are expected to use them in influencer marketing to identify authentic influencers.

Many would think becoming an influencer is easy, with the simplicity of available social media tools today.

But credibility and professionalism are still crucial factors that big companies consider in protecting their brand.

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Why Building a Website as an Influencer is Important

Social media platforms like Instagram and YouTube have always served as the springboard for influencers.

And there have been many successful social media personalities that have become popular enough to be tapped by different companies for their marketing campaigns.

But is social media enough for the influencer to gain or sustain the trust and confidence of established brands?

Indeed, Petal Card points out how amassing followers on social media platforms, allows influencers to earn via sponsored posts, the rates for which depend on just how popular you are.

For instance, micro influencers with around 6,000 to 10,000 followers earn an average of $88 per post.

Upwards of one million, however, and you can expect to earn around $670 per post, and so it’s understandable that many may be focusing simply on Instagram.

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However, influencers who also have websites tend to be more successful because they can measure their brand influence more effectively.

A website can be an additional asset for boosting rates .  An influencer can also establish credibility for their brand, reflecting more seriousness and professionalism. Since a website is more flexible, an influencer has more control over format, layout, and content, including call-to-action messages.

It can also be a good marketing tool for search engine optimization (SEO), which increases brand awareness and expands influence.

A website draws organic traffic, or the people who actually search for content that you have on your website. As for your existing followers or fans, it can be where they can have a deeper connection with you and your brand — a place for long articles, additional images, and extended videos.

A website presents its own earning opportunities too. It can increase the monetization opportunities of your brand beyond likes and views.

If you’re a fashion and beauty influencer, you can create merchandise with your brand name—such as clothes, cosmetics, skincare products, etc. — and sell them on your website. If you’re a life coach or motivational speaker, you can also offer online services on your website, like paid live consultations or webinars.

Affiliate marketing is also one of the most common ways a website can make money. With it, you can use the brands you endorse for creating affiliate links.

If a fan or new visitor clicks on an affiliate link and purchases the product on the page it links out to, you get a share of the sale price.

Advertorials are also perfect for influencers because they can review the products of the brands they already work with. Other common ways to monetize a website are ‘pay-per-click’ advertising, ad space selling, lead generation, and more.

How to Build a Website Easily as an Influencer

Building a website as an influencer doesn’t have to be complicated.. You can start with WordPress, where you can sign up for free and use your own brand for your blog address, like this —

Or if you want to drop ‘WordPress’ and have your own domain name, you can opt to pay for one on monthly terms. Then start being creative with your website design by choosing a theme.

We offer premium quality themes made for WordPress for free. JonCo can be perfect for influencers to start with, as it’s a minimalistic yet creative theme that can display your portfolio, latest work, and profile.

Follow these tips to protect your WordPress website

Once you’re done with the look, you can now create pages containing your information. Start with the ‘About’ page that contains your profile as an influencer.

You may also include on this page, or in a separate one, the information about your reach and engagement — number of followers per social media account, the number of impressions your posts get, the average click-through rate, etc.

These measurements are what brands and advertisers will want to know before they decide to work with you, and can also determine your service rates.

Then, create social media links to be placed on all pages, and link out to your social media accounts. Include your contact information, like your email address and/or phone number, which will make your website look professional.

When you’re done with the basics, start building something different content optimized for search engines. Online marketing guru John Rampton explains Setting up your website on Google Search Console is one of the most important SEO strategies to follow.

By doing this, you won’t miss important SEO warnings or notifications. And you can also view some links that lead to your website, and keywords that drive traffic to it as well.

Building your own website as an influencer not only can give you new fans and clients. You can also establish your online presence more professionally and help more people reach you.

Keep in mind that credibility and reachability will give you an edge over competitors.