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Edusmart Template Review – A Theme for Online Education

Edusmart Template Review , A Theme for Online Education

If you are looking for a website theme to design your online education website, Edusmart can be a right choice for you. Edusmart template is free and comes with a creative and modern design interface. In the following we will discuss the features Edusmart template has, this will help you to understand the features of the theme and make decisions accordingly.

Have a look at the review of Edusmart.

Retina Ready and Full Responsive

Edusmart is retina ready and full responsive. The majority of the traffic on your website comes from mobile devices. Thus, it is important for your website to be responsive and mobile ready. Overall design, images, user navigation, etc. needs to be optimized across all devices. Edusmart is a retina ready and responsive theme. If you use this theme to design your website, your visitors will have the same quality experience irrespective of the device they are using. This is one of the most important features for any theme.

Related Features

Edusmart comes with many features that are suitable for an online course. You can create the list of different courses, sign up and put a countdown for individual online courses. The simple interface will make it easier for your visitor to understand the entire journey. With the help of this theme you can create online events on your website easily. This feature is very important for a website of online courses. You can easily use these features in order to kick start your online education website. Along with that, collecting subscribers for newsletters, creating blogs and more. 


Faster Loading Time

Many of the free themes have issues with loading speed of the website. However, in the case of Edusmart theme it is not the same. This theme ensures fast loading for the website. Your visitors can navigate through the different pages smoothly and quickly. This is a very good feature coming from a free theme such as Edusmart. With the fast loading time, you can reach out to the students and learners who are interested to take part in the online courses.

Smooth User Experience

If you use Edusmart theme for a website, it will have a super smooth user experience. The overall design of the theme has been done creatively. The users can navigate through the different pages and have a very easy experience. Along with that, the process of enrolling into courses are also quite easy and flexible. In terms of outlook and design, the website has a very simple, creative and upbeat look. Students and learners from different walks of life will be able to get benefited from the website. The smooth user experience is an added advantage for the theme.

Information Focused

As Edusmart template is best suitable for online education, it has to communicate with all the necessary messages with the visitors. The theme is creatively crafted with many options that communicates about all the information you need for an online course. In the course details section of the page you can put all the necessary information, modules, breakdowns, reading materials and so on. This theme is designed to meet all the basic needs if you are planning to come up with an online education website.


Edusmart comes with many options for customization. You can either get stated with the theme by importing the demo, or uploading your downloaded theme in WordPress. Along with that, you have room for customization and modification of the theme. With the help of these modification options and customization you can easily create a website in no time. There are many demo templates that you can use to design and craft your article just the way you want to.

These are the overall features of Edusmart. Edusmart will be a good choice if you are planning to start a website with online education, courses and many more. Online education has a bright future as part of the new normal. You can easily capitalize on that and create your own website with the help of a simple and effective template like Edusmart.  Checkout more free WordPress themes like Edusmart and more here.

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