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Everything You Need To Know About Website Development Services

Everything You Need To Know About Website Development Services

Your business’s physical location may be thriving. Inventory is flying off of the shelves. However, you may still be missing out on potential consumers if you don’t have an active, usable, and functional website

While there are countless online tools, some even free, to help you design a website, it often seems like something is missing. Your website isn’t getting traffic, and this means it’s not benefitting your business—this is exactly when you want to turn to website development services. Whether you’re looking to hire a web developer or work through it independently, there are decisions to be made. 

Did you know there is more than one type of website development service? So, how do you know which one you need?

What is Website Development

So, what is website development? The term covers everything that is included in building a website, from coding and configuring networks to CMS development. A website developer uses a combination of technical expertise, knowledge of programming languages, and design applications to create a functional and appealing online platform.

The developer may also be responsible for maintaining the website, but not always—this will depend on the scope of their job for the particular job at hand.

Website Development Services vs. Online Tools

Every though you can create a professional-looking website using online tools, you’re still missing out. A professional website developer will ensure your site is built to industry standards, follows all of the best practices, and gives users an exceptional experience.

If your website processes customer payment information, the developer will ensure your platform adheres to all security and personal information standards and protocols. Depending on your business, protecting consumer privacy may be a compliance standard, as failure to do so may result in expensive fines and other penalties. A professional website development service can also ensure the site accurately represents your brand.

Which Type of Website Development Service Is Right for Your Business

There are several types of website development services out there today. Some services offer everything necessary to get your website up and running, while others focus on specific skill sets.

Perhaps you need a developer to help you create a business website from scratch or even to finish up what you’ve already started. Before you dive into the different types of development services that are out there, it’s important to note that certain skills are related to specific industries. For example, some developers only work on website design, while others may focus on desktop or mobile software development.

Front-end Developers

The front end refers to what visitors to your site see, and front-end website developers work on building interfaces that make navigation easier. They’re responsible for the site’s visual aspects, including navigating from page to page, the layout, and graphics. The graphics they craft can include images, banners, and even the page’s background color.

Back-end Developers

While front-end developers work on what you can see, back-end developers stay behind the scenes. However, this does not make them any less vital to the success of your website.

When it comes to designing the operating system and databases, the back-end developers shine. They also create and manage the site’s architecture and are responsible for coding for security. Since both front and back-end developers are necessary for a website to function smoothly, they typically work together to build a functioning website.

Full Stack Developers

You may need a website development service that can perform the job of both a front and back-end developer. In this case, you want to look for a full-stack developer. However, due to the years of experience necessary to master both skill sets, be prepared to pay a slightly higher fee.

With that being said, the expense is well worth the final result. You get a visually appealing website that is a breeze to navigate and functions optimally, which means your website won’t have any lags or other hiccups that can turn users away. Full stack devs can also catch any issues that can negatively affect your website, like a frozen screen or, even worse, a crash.

Desktop Developer

Do you want a website that only runs on a selected device? If you don’t want your website running live online, you want the services of a desktop developer. Even though the website isn’t live, it can still benefit your business.

You can use the site to help you track inventory, profit margins, and other business-related details.

Mobile Developer

Maybe you only need a website for mobile devices like smartphones and tablets. Imagine a scenario where your standard website looks great on traditional browsers but may look a little wonky on mobile devices.

If you’re currently wondering why your existing website isn’t translating so well to mobile devices, there’s likely a difference in rendering engines. Mobile devices often use a different rendering engine in their browsers than laptops and desktop computers.

A mobile developer will create the code using the correct programming language so you can reach your customers on any type of web-enabled device.

Game Developer

Okay, so not every business will need a service that develops gaming websites. However, if this is more of your niche, then you’ll need a game developer. It’s important to note that this type of website development service does not design the games—that’s your job. 

However, the developer will write the code so your games run on everything from a PlayStation and Xbox to a smartphone and laptop. Since mobile devices are often included, you may want to use a service that offers both mobile and traditional game development.

Security Development

Website security is always a priority, even if you’re not processing payments or storing consumers’ personal information. Hackers are always looking for a way in, typically through a backdoor in the website’s database or the server’s operating system.

For some businesses, a security breach can be devasting. Brand reputation can take a significant hit, and there is also the risk of incurring non-compliance fines and penalties in the process. A security developer will create systems that locate and close potential breaches, ensuring your website is safe for everyone to use.

Hiring a Website Development Service Makes Sense For Your Business

You may not need to utilize every service that a website development service provides, but chances are your business will benefit from at least one or two services offered to help meet your web dev needs. 

Whether you’re building a website from the ground up or just want to improve security, it makes sense to utilize an experienced website development service to help you. 


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