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Developers Guide to Use Supreme Font in Mobile Apps

Developers Guide to Use Supreme Font in Mobile Apps

The right kind of font is all that you need to make your website a considerable success. Have you ever gone through a site that used the wrong font and instantly made you switch to another site where the font is used correctly? It happens when you do not look out for the little things that make a huge difference later.

I am here to briefly discuss one of the most favored fonts, i.e. supreme font is getting acknowledgment, mainly for the mobile site. Let’s talk about why it has become the talk of the town for developers or what specialty it holds.

What is the Supreme Font?

Supreme is one of the biggest brands in New York. After seeing the logo one must wonder that they use a different kind of font that has never been used before. However, it is totally the opposite. The font used on the logo of Supreme is the variant of Future that was released many years ago and has been used in a wide list of places.

From skateboards to clothing, this brand manufactures almost every other accessory. Their logo did seize a lot of attention for all the good reasons. Despite using the Heavy Oblique Futura variant, they choose the font that fits the context.

Supreme Logo

Why Use Supreme Font in Mobile Apps?

Do you know that supreme font is rapidly increasing with time after being used on the logo? One might wonder why we should go for this font, especially in mobile apps, or what advantage we get after using this font. Let’s talk about a few things that depict why this font is the talk of the town, and you must go for it for your future projects.

It Enhances Readability

For any developer or designer, readability is the primary concern because if the reader is unable to apprehend your point of view, your site is a giant failure. Supreme Font or Futura font is known for its readability score. The persistent thickness of each letter and the simple design make the context easy to acknowledge.

Not only Futura but all its versions make the site easily comprehensible. The variant Supreme uses is also great for advertisement intents due to this understandability feature.

Good for Brands

If you are running a brand, you need to get your hands on the right font that makes the text look sharp so that people can know what this brand is about and what services it provides to the clients. When it comes to building a brand authority it’s crucial to pick the right font. This version of Futura has thin strokes that make the text look more observable with sharp edges; that’s why people select it significantly for this reason.

Used By Big Brands

Do you know that numerous leading brands have used this variant of Futura font all these years, which has enhanced the prominence of this font? Now people do not assume for a second before operating this font in their logo maker. Everyone has used it in their logos, from Dominos to Nike to other brands, and the rest is history. In short, Futura font is not only linked to Supreme as many other notable names are also associated with it.

Versatile Font

What can be better than using a versatile font on your website that contains different strokes and designs of typefaces? This is what it is best at. This modified version of Futura is versatile and adjusts to different types of designs quite nicely. For different mobile apps, you can easily give them a try without any doubt.

Supreme Logo

Different Alternatives to Supreme Font

There are different alternatives to this font that you can also think about if you are going to launch a new mobile app or planning to start a new business but are unable to find the best font in this regard. A few alternatives this font contains are.

Didact Gothic Font

It is a sans-serif font that has a standard and minimal design. Unfortunately, you won’t find any bold version, so keep this font safe only for standard layouts. You might have noticed this type of font in classes, but they can quickly be published on the boards. On the other hand, it is one of the great alternatives to everyone’s favorite Supreme font.

Poppins Font

Here comes another alternative that is also sans-serif. The thickness of this font is relatively thin, while the width is tiny as well. Amazingly, you can get a lot of characters in Nepali and Indian languages. The capital letters of this font are of the same length and height. The only difference you will encounter between the Poppin and Supreme font is the thickness level.

Nunito Sans Font

Talking about the thickness, it s quite similar to the Poppin font, but other than that, you will not find any significant difference between Numito and Supreme font. Both sans-serif fonts can be used in different projects. It contains two different versions, so you can select it as per the requirement. You can get all the primary Latin characters in this font.

ITC Avant Garde Gothic Font

Let’s talk about the last alternative, which is ITC Avant Garde Gothic. This sans-serif has been making waves since 1970, and today, one can never inquire why you should regard it. It also comes with numerous versions, so you have different options to avail of. From the Alberta logo to Netflix’s popular drama serial, this font has been used everywhere.

Trademarked Supreme Font Logo

The supreme company had to struggle a lot in order to trademark the brand logo. Not only the logo, but they also had to work hard on the description as well. Many years ago, they met with different controversies, including the lack of distinct characters in the font. Many legal battles were held, and in the end, they managed to get their logo trademarked.

Despite the many hardships they had to face regarding the trademark, another issue arose regarding the logo’s originality, as many people claimed it to be a copy. It was said that Barbara Kruger is the main person behind the design used on the logo. The creator of the Supreme kept defending and declared all the allegations false.


As a developer and designer, picking the right font always confuses you because you have to manipulate a lot of things besides deciding on the accurate font. The main concern is for mobile, where the font selection is more delicate because the user often checks your site or design from mobiles, and if there is a readability problem, you can miss a chance to gather maximum traffic.

This guide is about Supreme Font, why you should use it, and common alternatives. In short, you can find all the details of this font that will be helpful if you look forward to using it in your next project. There are many big brands and names spread all across the globe that have used this fantastic and popular font in their designs, so I am sure you would not miss this chance.

This amazing variant of Futura font is all that you need for a successful project. I hope this article will guide you enough so that you can decide whether to opt for it or not.