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How to Use Fancy Font in a Theme 

How to Use Fancy Font in a Theme

Do you want to add a unique style font to your website? You can use the fancy font in a theme to gain more attraction from your clients. 

You can create a unique brand language with a new form theme. These designs are beautifully crafted to impress the target audience. It allows you to improve typography with traditional font or its pair without slowing down the website. 

The WordPress font plugin allows you to access any type of typeface from its list, but you can create your own custom font in a more fancy way as per your requirements. 

The techniques mentioned in this short guide will be helpful for you, so stay tuned.

Where to Find Custom Fonts? 

There is plenty of access to custom fonts from different resources. You can choose your favorite typefaces within these directories and easily use them on your website to add beauty to your content.

The most popular typeface in these directories is fancy fonts which can be easily accessed from these resources.

The major resources of these typefaces will be addressed here: 

Easy Google Fonts 

Of course, the most popular source to access these directories is Google. They have a massive collection of typefaces that can be easily moved to any platform without any obstruction.

You can comfortably choose your favorite fancy stuff from this directory and effectively integrate them with your platform.  

There are different versions of this source that can be updated from time to time. These updates are introduced according to user experience and demands from the current trends.

Freepik – Fonts

With hundreds of different available styles, you can find the perfect font for your next project without spending hours scouring through websites. From modern minimalistic looks to retro and vintage style fonts, Freepik free fonts has it all.

Choose from a selection of serifs, sans-serifs, script fonts, decorative fonts, and more for your project. In addition, you can use them for commercial purposes for free.

WP Google Fonts 

You can also use the WordPress plugins to access fancy typefaces according to your needs. There are tons of options in this directory, too, which can be retrieved and assigned to any content.

If you are specific to this WP Admin’s CSS elements, you never need any knowledge of code or development for this purpose. It is just a drag-and-drop setup that can be adopted quickly from this directory. 

Use Any Fonts 

If you never find your favorite fancy stuff from the first two options, you can use Any Font, which provides multiple formats to add to your website. 

This plugin can be uploaded to any platform and can easily change the classic typeface into fancy font without any difficulty.

There are more than 100,000 plugins in Any Font, containing different elements and styles in every option. You can easily assign single or multiple options from them and change your content into a fancier one.  

Custom Fonts 

Custom Fonts provide a unique way to change your traditional content style into fancy fonts. This custom option is always present from multiple resources and will allow the designers to craft their imagination into real-world scenarios.   

How to Add Custom Fonts – 3 Easy Steps

Custom fonts can be implemented on any website with the help of three easy steps. This method works best for most designers, and the pro designers adopt them in their routine practice. Let’s get inside these steps: 

1. Edit your Theme’s File

If you don’t like adding fancy font or uploading it in your font file manually, you can import them into your theme file and show this fancy stuff to your audience.  

The steps are simple enough for designers; just open any option from the front page and click on the select option.

You will see the font list on the right top corner; you can include the fancy font with this theme’s folder or directory with the drag and drop option. 

The child theme’s stylesheet will be added in this new font. You will see this file in the header.php file directory which can also be accessed for future use.  

2. Insert the Font File to your Theme’s Folder 

Uploading this typeface file to your website can be done in milliseconds. You will never feel this loading time, enabling you to include this font file in your theme’s folder quickly.  

There is a dedicated typeface folder, which the FTP client creates. You can place this file without your themes directory and keep track of it for later use.

Now just upload this font file to the new folder. This file is placed in the child theme’s stylesheet, which can be called via a snippet.  

You can configure the new font or replace it on any text with all its elements in one or more places in your website theme.  

3. Use a Plugin 

You can now implement this font file by installing the plugin on your WordPress platform. Now you have lots of options to add the custom fonts here. You can use Google Fonts or even WP Fonts from this WordPress plugin.

This tool will automatically be activated from the entire directory, and you can add these custom fonts to the website theme from this font file.  

You can see these uploaded files from your website’s dashboard and customize them again as per your requirements. 

Include Custom Fonts by Using Elementor 

If you are looking to upload these custom fonts as standard file formats to your website, you can use Elementor of your WordPress. It will ease your job of uploading these custom web font formats according to your choice.

The Elementor option is present in the WordPress Dashboard, which can be operated by just clicking on the ‘Add New’ button. You can upload many font files as per your desire to support different browsers and platforms. 

Once you have uploaded these custom font files in this Elementor, it allows you to access these typefaces in the future as well.

You can see a heading with the name ‘custom font’ in the list of this Elementor option. You can also add new fonts to this list, which can be used in the future.  

Useful Tip – Never Slow Down your Website 

The most important tip to remember here is don’t let yourself down with these font files. The site’s design may contain tons of directories and files that slow down the site to some extent.

It is better to control the page load time of these web font files.  

If you never care about this issue, it negatively impacts the website, especially its page load speed. You have to keep the content font simple and add some fancy stuff in its title font. This idea will definitely work for you.

It is better to add some modern blockquote styles in different places to implement it in the right way. It will surely increase the web page load time, even if you are using hundreds of web fonts on your website. 

The Bottom Line 

Now you can easily convert and present your traditional font in a fancier way in your website theme. These custom fonts add beauty to your website and increase the user experience with your content.

Most business owners use these fancy fonts on their brand website as their marketing strategy. These typefaces will surely increase attraction, and the viewer will focus more on fancy stuff than a classic one.  

You can share your own experience and thoughts in the comments section here!