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How an Essay-Writing App Can Affect Students’ Performance

How an Essay-Writing App Can Affect Students Performance

Essay writing is a fundamental part of the college experience. Nevertheless, a lot of students struggle with it. That’s why it is pretty common to look for ways students can make it easier for themselves. Today there are plenty of apps and solutions that offer essay writing help. But how can they affect academic performance? In this article, you’ll find all the important aspects of this topic.

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Technology vs. Human in Paper Writing

The main question is always the same – can an algorithm or an app truly write an essay? There are different perspectives on that. Some solutions offer AI-based writing that claims to get things done in minutes. But none of them is perfect, and some are not even close to being called usable.

Academic writing requires an advanced set of skills and an understanding of this craft in general. Despite the rapid technological progress, no algorithm is capable of beating humans in this regard. It is pretty easy to distinguish a text written by a human from a computer-generated one.

Students might start wondering, “so no one is going to help me write my papers then?” Do not worry; there is help, but it is provided by professional academic writing platforms. Such services offer qualified assistance from experienced authors. They can write, proofread, and edit any type of college paper. Such services assist all students in need, whether they lack confidence in their skills or struggle with meeting college deadlines.

Working with experts ensures excellent results, unique papers, and guidance to develop those advanced skills. This is also a great learning opportunity for students as well as a way out of trouble if it appears.

There is nothing better than expert assistance when it comes to crafting original, logical, and thought-provoking papers. But does it mean that apps cannot help with academic writing at all? The answer is more complex. It depends on the type of writing app and the offered help.

Types of Apps Available

Although there is a huge amount of them, they can be separated into several big categories:

  • Text-generating solutions
  • Proofreading apps
  • Productivity apps
  • Note-taking and document management solutions
  • Research assistance
  • Formatting and referencing apps

All of them serve different purposes. The least effective ones are text-generating solutions. They offer an algorithm that is going to generate the test for you. Although they make various claims, none of them is actually efficient.

Usually, such solutions generate basic sentences based on the keyword you type in. They are very generic and do not have the required research depth and style for a decent grade. So even if a student gets some sort of text out of such an app, it is almost of no value. After all, there are no miracle solutions for academic papers. Otherwise, everyone would use them.

However, other types of applications can be quite useful for students. They do not claim to help with crafting a text. They assist with other aspects like proofreading, formatting, and focusing on the task. Such solutions will not do the job for you, but they will help to do it faster and easier. Also, they can help develop crucial student skills like organization, time management, and attention to detail. These programs can affect academic performance in a good way.

Helpful Applications for Essay Writing

So what are these useful programs students can integrate into their workflow? Here are the best ones out there to try and make essay writing easier.



This is one of the most popular grammar-checking tools out there. The reason behind such popularity is simple – it is one of the best as of today. Students can use it as a browser solution or as a desktop app. It checks spelling and grammar errors pretty well, so proofreading becomes much faster.

Of course, students still need to proofread their papers manually for logical flow, transitions, and argumentation. But when it comes to typos, small errors, or word misuse, Grammarly is quite amazing. It also has a premium version, but it is rather suitable for professionals or those who are looking for writing job opportunities. It deals with style, tone, target audience, readability, plagiarism, and vocabulary.



This is a pretty simple browser solution that assists with the readability of the text. It highlights complex sentences, passive voice, and prepositions that make writing hard to comprehend. It is free to use, which is great for students. And it teaches one to be more precise with words.



This program is designed for focused and productive writing. There is a built-in spelling checker that also covers grammar and punctuation. Also, it evaluates abbreviations and their correctness. It has a simple and elegant interface that ensures more concentration on the task. And it is also free to download and use.

Write or Die

The main goal of this solution is to keep you on track with work. Students can set goals, and if they fail to perform, they are going to get a punishment. It serves as a gamification aspect, which adds motivation to finish the task. There is also a reward system in the app, so students can get a dopamine boost when they meet the set objective.

But be careful – if you do not continue working, the program will delete your text. Yes, it might seem harsh, but it is extremely effective for those who tend to procrastinate or postpone things.

In Summary

Essay writing applications can be helpful when it comes to automating some processes or making the task easier. However, there is no technology yet that can do all the work for you. No algorithm is as powerful as a human brain. So students need to be careful with the tools they use to make sure their academic performance is top-notch.